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nate to these all desire of material good. It is towards success in attaining true fellowship with Himself that God is ever giving promise of blessing. It is in full view of the transcendent value of a life of holiness, that the Supreme Ruler is daily condescending to stoop towards His children, that they may be helped in all that pertains to holiness of character and life. The Bible makes it essential to the government of the world, in harmony with fixed law, that God should be the hearer and answerer of the prayer of His intelligent creatures, always pointing to reliance on the Saviour's work as the test of the reality of the exercise, in the case of all who possess the written revelation of His will, in the giorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.




RELATIONS OF SCIENCE AND RELIGION. Page 34. He who contemplates the universe from the religious point of view, must learn to see that this which we call science, is one constituent of the great whole; and as such ought to be regarded with a sentiment like that which the remainder excites. While he who contemplates the universe from the scientific point of view, must learn to see that this which we call Religion is similarly a constituent of the great whole; and being such, must be treated as a subject of science with no more prejudice than any other reality. It behooves each party to strive to understand the other, with the conviction that the other has something worthy to be understood; and with the conviction that when mutually recognized this something will be the basis of a complete reconciliation.”—HERBERT SPENCER, First Principles, p. 21.


SPONTANEOUS GENERATION. Page 54. Professor Tyndall, describing his own experiments, says, “The experiments have already extended to 105 instances, not one of which shows the least counte

nance to the doctrine of spontaneous generation." Communicated to Royal Society of London, December 21, 1876.—Nature, vol. xv. p. 303.


ENERGY AND FORCE. Page 96. The term Force is by many authors used as equivalent to Energy, rather than as a distinct term for the amount of Energy. Force is thus used by Sir W. R. Groves. “The term Force, although used in very different senses by different authors, in its limited sense may be defined as that which produces or resists motion.”... “I use the term Force ... as meaning that active principle inseparable from matter which is supposed to induce its various changes." ... "All we know or see is the effect; we do not see Force—we see motion or moving matter.”The Correlation of Physical Forces, sixth edition, by the Hon. Sir W. R. Grove, pp. 10, 11.



PLAN. Page 131. “Biologists turn to the physical organization of man. They examine his whole structure, his bony frame, and all that clothes it. They resolve him into the finest particles into which the microscope will enable them to break him up. They consider the performance of his various functions and activities, and they look at

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