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October, 1880.





*»* Any Booh in this Catalogue, not too large to go by mail, uriU be tent pottage prepaid, on receipt of the price.

The End of a Coil. A Story. By the author of the "Wide Wide World." 717 pp. $1.75.

My Desire. A Tale. By the author of the "Wide Wide World." $1.75.

Christie's Old Organ, Saved at Sea, and Little Faith.

In one volume. $1.00.

Christ and His Religion. By Rev. John Reid, author of "Voices of the Soul," &c. $1.50.

The Sun, Moon, and Stars. By Agnes Gilberne. '-"Hustrated. 12mo. $1.50.

The Gentle Heart. By Rev. Alex. Macleod, D.D., author of "Wonderful Lamp," &c. $1.25.

The Cup of Consolation; or, Bright Messages for the SiekBed. $1.25.

In Christo. By J. R. Macduff, D.D.

Family Prayers. By J. Oswald Dykes, D.D.

Voices of Hope and Gladness. By Ray Palmer, D.D $1.50.

Modern Scottish Pulpit. Sermons by Scottish Ministers. 8vo. $1.60.

• Murdoch's Mosheim's Ecclesiastical History. A cheap edition. Three volumes in one. 1,461 pp. $3.00.

Nora Crena. By L. T. Meade. $1.26.

Andrew Harvey's Wife. By L. T. Meade. $1.25.

• Pool's Annotations. 3 vols. Eoyal 8vo. 8,077 pages. In cloth.

Price, $7.50. (Half the former price.)

"Pool's Annotations are sound, clear, and sensible; and, taking for all In all, I place hi m at the head of English commentators on the whole Bible." — Rev. J. C. Byte.

• Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Bible. 5 vols.,

quarto. (Sheep, $20.00.) Cloth, $15.00. Another edition in 9 vols., octavo. Cloth, $20.00.

Rev. C. H. Spnrgeon says: "First among the mighty for general usefulness wo •rebound to mention the man whose name is a household word,—Matthew Henry. He is most pious and pithy, sound and sensible, suggestive and sober, terse and trustworthy. ... I venture to say that no better investment can be made by a minister than that peerless exposition."

• Dr. McCosh's Works. New and neat edition (reduced from

$15.00). 6 vols., 8vo., uniform, $10.00. Comprising: —

1. Divine Government. 8. Thb Intuitions or The Mind.

2. Typical Forks. 4. Defence or Fundamental Truth.

5. The Scottish Philosophy.

Any volume told separately at $2.00.

"Thousands of earnest, thoughtful men have found treasures of argument, illustration, and learning In these pages, with which their minds and hearts have been enriched and fortified for better work and wider Influences." — N. T. Observer.

Dr. Mccosh's Logic. 12mo $1.50

Christianity And Positivism. 12mo . . 1.75

• Dr. Merle D'Aubigne's History 13 vols., uniform, $12.60,


History Of The Reformation In The Sixteenth Century.

5 vols. Brown cloth. In a box. $4.50. » History Of The Reformation In The Time Of Calvin. 8 vols. Brown cloth. In a box. Reduced from $16.00 to $8.00.

"The work is now complete; and these later volumes, together with the original five, form a library relating to the Reformation of incalculable value and of intense Interest The pen of this master of history gave a charm to every thing that be touched. — If. T. Ooterver.

Guide to Family Devotion. By the Rev. Alexander Fletcher, D.D. Royal quarto, with 10 steel plates (half morocco, $7.50; Turkey morocco, $12.00), cloth, gilt, and gilt edges, $5.00.

11 The more we look over the volume the more we admire ft, and the more heartily feel to commend it to families and devout Christians. It is emphatically a book of devotion, from the standpoint of an Intelligent, broad-minded Christian minister, who has here expressed many of the deepest emotions and wants of the soul. The selections of Scripture and the hymns are all admirably adapted to increase devotion; and the prayers are such as can but aid the suppliant, even when not uttered from his precise standpoint, and are especially valuable to many heads of families who find it difficult to frame words for themselves in conducting family worship." — Journal and Messenger.

The A. L. O. E. Library. In 55 vols., 18mo, in a neat wooden case, $40.00.

"All these stories have the charm and pure Christian character which have made the nameW A. L. O. E. dear to thousands of homes." — Lutheran.

"The writings of this author have become a standard, and the mystic imprint, A. L. O. E., is ample assurance that the truth of the Gospel is beneath." — Episcopalian.

Bickersteth (Rev. E. H.). Yesterday, To-day, and Forever. A Poem. Pocket edition, .60; 16mo, $1.00; 12mo, $1.50.

"If any poem is destined to endure in the companionship of Milton's hitherto matchless epic, we believe it will be 'Yesterday, To-day, and Forever.'" — Lor don Globe.

Butler (Rev. William Archer). Sermons. 2 vols., $2.60. Lectures on Ancient Philosophy. 2 vols., $2.50.

"A few weeks ago we spoke of the reprinting, by Carter & Brothers, of the Sermons of Archer Butler, a body of preaching so strong and massive as to be really wonderful. The 'Lectures on Ancient Philosophy' that are now added, were delivered at the University of Dublin, about the year 1840, when the author waa scarcely thirty years old." — Watchman.

The Book and Its Story. 12mo. $1.50.

Fresh Leaves from the Book and Its Story. 12mo.


"Let any one who is inclined to think the bare Scriptures ' dry' reading, peruse them In connection with a volume like this, and they will be clothed to him with a new life. He will learn how the separate books of the Bible were, as it were, built into one another, and made to form a glorious whole: be will read intelligently and with deep interest." —Keystons.

Bonar (Horatius, D.D.). Hymns of Faith and Hope. 8 vols., I81110. $2.25.

Bible Thoughts and Themes. 6 vols. 12mo, viz. : —

Genesis $2.00 Acts, &c $2 00

Old Testament .. . . 2.00 Lesser . . . 2.00

Gospels 2.00 Revelation 2 00

"With no attempt at exposition, except what is found in comparing Scripture with Scripture, and drawing illustrations and means of impressing rich gospel truth from almost every source, the author proceeds with theme upon theme, giving floods of edifying and comforting light from beginning to end. It is a good book for the private Christian to have on his table for frequent use, and ministers will often tind iu it that which will be suggestive and useful." — Christian In»


Wat Of Peace . . $0.50 The Rent Veil $1.25

Wat Op Holiness . . .60 Mr Old Letters .... 2.00

Night Op Weeping . .50 Hymns Of The Nativity, gilt, 1.00

Viornino Of Joy . . .60 The Christ Of God . . . 1.25

follOw The Lamb . . .40 Truth And Error 60

The Everlasting Righteousness .... $0.60 Chalmers (Thomas, D.D.). Sermons. 2 vols, in one. $3.00. Cowper (Win.). The Task. Illustrated by Birket Foster. $3.50.

Cuyler (Rev. T. L.).

Pointed Papers $1.50

Thought Hives 1.50

Empty Crib 1.00

"Dr. Cuyler holds steadily the position which he reached years ago, as the best writer of pointed, racy, religious articles in our country." — Presbyterian.

Dick (John, D.D.). Lectures on Theology. 8vo. $3.00.

"It is, as a whole, superior to any other system of theology in our language." * Christian Jjurnal.

Dickson (Rev. Alexander, D.D.).

All About Jesus $2.00

Beauty For Ashes 2.00

"His book is a' bundle of myrrh,' and will be specially enjoyed by those who are in trouble." — Rev. Dr. W. M. Taylor.

"Luscious as a honeycomb with sweetness drawn from God's word " — Rev. Or. Cuyler.

Dykes (Oswald, D.D.), on the Sermon on the Mount.

3 vols., $3.00.

Abraham, The Friend Of God $1.60

"We are ever and anon surprised by some new view or fresh thought that never had occurred to us in this connection. The book (Abraham) is a thoughtful, scholarly production, in vigorous English." — N, Christum Advocate.

'Edwards (Jonathan). Works. In 4 vols., octavo. $6.00.

"I consider Jonathan Edwards the greatest of the sons of men." — Robert Hall.

Fraser (Rev. Donald). Synoptical Lectures on the Books of the Bible. 3 vols., $6.00.

11 Dr. Fraser has observed, like many others of ns, the mischief which results from cutting the Bible into fragments, and using it piecemeal. In these volumes he discourses of the Bible at large, indicates the scope of each book, and furnishes a brief digest of its contents. The design was in itself most laudable, and it has been well carried out." — Spurgcon.

Green (Prof. Wm. Henry, D.D.). The Argument of the Book of Job Unfolded. 12mo. $1.75.

"That ancient composition so marvellous in beauty, and so rich in philosophy, is here treated in a thoroughly analytical manner, and new depths and grander proportions of the divine original portrayed. It is a book to stimulate research" — Methodist Recorder.

Guthrie (Thomas, D.D.). Life and Works. 11 vols. $15.00.

"His pages glow with the deep piety, the Scriptural beauty, the rich imagery, and the tender pathos which breathed from his lips." —N. Y. Observer.

Hamilton (James, D.D.). Select Works. 4 vols. $5.00. Containing The Royal Preacher; Mount of Olives; Pearl of Parables; Lamp and Lantern; Great Biography; Harp on the Willows; Lake of Galilee; Emblems from Eden; Life in Earnest.

"Those familiar with the works of Dr. Hamilton will perceive that this set ot volumes contains the choice gold from the author's mine. They are put up in a neat box, and sold at the low price of $5 for the set." — Interior.

Hamlin (Cyrus). Among the Turks. 12mo. $1.50.

Hanna (Rev. William, D.D.). Life of Christ, 8 vols. 12mo. $4.50.

"We can heartily commend the ' Life of our Lord,' by Dr. Hanna." — Congregational Quarterly.

"Besides the beauty of the style and the careful scholarship which mark these volumes, we cannot too warmly commend them for their deep piety and hearty enforcement of the doctrines of Christianity." — N. Y. Observer.

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