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Works by Messrs. Stevens and Hole. THE GRADE LESSON-BOOKS, embracing Reading,

Spelling, Writing, Arithmetic, and Exercises for Dictation : especially adapted to meet the Requirements of the Revised Code. Complete in Six Standards, price 5s. 3d.

STANDARD I. pp. 96, price 6d. STANDARD IV. pp. 160, price 9d.
STANDARD II. pp. 128, price 9d. STANDARD V. pp. 224, price 1s. 3d.

STANDARD III. pp.160, price 9d. STANDARD VI. pp. 224, price 18.3d. ** The First Standard may now be had in Two Parts, price 4d. each; and Standards II. and III. in Two Parts, price 6d. each.

ANSWERS to the ARITHMETICAL EXERCISES in Standards II. III. and IV. price 4d. in Standard V. price 4d. and in Standard VI. price 3d. or complete price 1s, cloth.

This series of reading-lesson books is now in very general use. It has been found of especial service in Schools where the teaching power is limited, and where recourse is therefore necessarily had to monitors, whose labours in class-teaching the Grade Lesson Books greatly facilitate. THE ADVANCED LESSON - BOOK, consisting of

Reading Lessons in History Geography, Literature, and Science; together with a complete Course of Examples in the higher parts of Arithmetic and Mensuration, A SEQUEL to the Grade Lesson-Books, for the use of advanced classes in Schools and Institutes. 12mo. price 38.

* This book is well adapted for the class, in advance of the Sixth Standard, now eligible for the increased Grant in Schools under inspection. THE GRADE LESSON - BOOK PRIMER, for the use

of Infant Classes : introductory to the Grade Lesson-Books.' With Ten

attractive Woodcuts, price 3d. FIRST LESSONS IN READING, for the Class Teaching

of Infants in Schools or Nurseries. Comprising Twenty-four folio sheets of Lessons printed in bold legible type, and interspersed with numerous

attractive Woodcuts. Price 48. 6d. in quires. THE COMPLETE READER; or, a carefully Graduated

System of Teaching to Read and Spell by means of attractive and instructive
Lessons. Especially designed for Upper and Middle-Class Schools. In
Four Books :-

I. The PRIMARY READER, crown 8vo. price 18. 6d.
III. The EXEMPLAR of STYLE, price 2s.6d.


CARDS, WORD EXERCISES in ARITHMETIC, in Eight Sets, each Set consisting of Twenty-four Cards, with Answers separately printed, price ONE SHILLING per Šet. For Ex

aminations and Home Lessons in Public and Private Schools.
A. Simple Addition and Subtraction. E. Practice and Bills of Parcels.
B. Simple Multiplication and Division. F. Vulgar and Decimal Fractions.
C. Compound Rules (Money).


and Compound Proportion. D. Compound Rules (Weights and Mea- H. Interest, Stocks, and Miscellaneous sures).

This publication

chools receiving Govern. ment Grants, where

lations in Arithmetic by means of similar Card

London : I

rooster Row.

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