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Entered according to Act of Congress, in 1841, by CHARLES S. Francis, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Southern District of New-York.



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THESE “Scenes," it is thought proper to say, are purely fictitious, with no foundation whatever in historical fact, except where an obvious agreement will be found with the Scriptures. Wherever the story deviates from the straight course of the New Testament record, it is to be taken as imaginary - illustrative merely of the period chosen.

For the part assigned to Herod there is a show of authority; and it will be found to conflict with the conjecture of those who, to meet the difficulty presented by Luke, xv. 1, suppose the Tetrarch to have been absent from his dominions during all the early part of our Saviour's ministry, engaged in a war with the King of Arabia.

In respect to Scripture antiquities no more


has been attempted than not to do them violence. Geographical and Topographical details will be found to agree essentially with the best authorities.


PRAISE to the God of Abraham. The locusts are flown. The land which they found flourishing and verdant as a garden, they have changed to the barrenness of a desert. The cities and the villages, but now so full of people, are become the region of desolation and death. Even the very city and house of God are level with the dust, and the ploughshare has gone over them. And here, upon the hill of Olives, I sit, a living witness of the ruin. By reason of the wonderful compassions of God, which never fail, I am escaped as a bird from the net of the fowler. Yet I take little joy in this. For why should the days of one like me be lengthened out, when the mighty and excellent of the land are cut off ? I rather rejoice in this, that the spoiler is gone; the armies of the alien have ceased to devour; and they who are fled, and hidden in caves and dens



of the rocks, may come forth again to inhabit the land and build up the waste places. A multitude, which no man could number, have fallen before the edge of the sword, or by famine, and the air is full of the pestilential vapors that steam up from their rotting carcases. But a greater multitude remains; and it may well be that ere many years have passed, they shall fill the land as before, and gathered into one by him who, though long delaying, will come, pay back, and more, the measure they have received. That time will surely come. Even as the Assyrian could not finally destroy, but the hand of the Almighty was put forth, and the city and the temple grew again from their "ruins to a greater glory than before, so shall it be now. The Roman triumph shall be short. Messiah shall yet appear; and Jerusalem clothed in her beautiful garments shall sit upon her hills, the joy and crown of the whole earth.

But for me, my eyes shall not behold it. Before that day these aged limbs shall rest in the sepulchres of Beth-Harem, and these walls will have fallen and mingled with the common earth. It is not to-morrow, nor the day after, that the kingdom shall come. Impatient Israel will not wait the appointed hour; she will not remember that with the Lord a thousand years are as a day, and a day as a thousand years. She

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