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the end of my faith, even the salvation of soul, to the glory of thy grace. Amen.


THOU BLESSED JESUS, who, in the days of thy flesh, didst open thy disciples' understandings to understand the Scriptures, mercifully open the eyes of my understanding, that I also may understand them Thou who didst cause their hearts to burn within them, Lord, let me feel the same power from thee. May my soul see the light of truth, love it, rejoice in it, and praise thee for it.

Give me grace to search the Scriptures which testify of thee, oh Christ, and make me joyfully to know the things which belong to my peace. Teach me, oh God, the way of thy statutes, stablish thy word in thy servant, incline my heart unto thy testimonies. Take not the word of thy truth out of my mouth.

Let thy loving mercy come unto me, even thy salvation, according to thy word.

Oh divine Spirit, who hast caused all holy Scriptures to be written for our learning, grant that I may in such wise hear them, read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest them, that by patience and comfort of thy holy word, I may embrace and ever hold fast the blessed hope of everlasting life, which thou hast given us in our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.


OH HOLY LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, unto whom all hearts are open,

all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid, thou who art of purer eyes than to

behold iniquity, who searchest the heart and triest the innermost thoughts, I beseech thee to shew me to myself. Enable me to try myself by the standard of thy holy Word. Thou who alone knowest the heart, and who alone canst change it, create in me such a contrite heart as thou hast promised not to despise. Give me repentance for all my past sins, lively faith in Jesus Christ, and deep humility before thee. Pardon all that I have done amiss, and bring me at last to thy everlasting kingdom, for the sake of my blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.


Thus saith the Lord of hosts, Consider your ways.

Haggai i. 7. Commune with your own heart.

Psalm iv. 4.

1 Did I this morn devoutly pray,

For God's protection through the day? 2 Did I peruse his sacred Word,

To make my life therewith accord ? 3 Did I for any purpose try

To cover truth or tell a lie ? 4 Did I to all who came my way

Due courtesy and kindness pay? 5 Did I my thoughts with prudence guide,

Checking ill-bumour, anger, pride ? 6 Did I my lips from aught refrain

That might a fellow.creature pain ? 7 Did I with cheerful patience bear

The petty ills we all must share ?

8 And do I now the day is o'er

God's watchful care again implore ? The above questions for daily self-examination are inserted, as it is supposed they might be profitable for occasional use. Many a youthful Christian will prefer the mode suggested in the following extract from “Advice to a young Christian :"

“After all, the Word of God is the only true standard; and to one who is familiar with the sacred volume, it will not be an irksome task to select the passages

which he deems applicable to the work of selfexamination. Take the Bible in your hand, and pore over it with an intention to sift your evidence of christian character. Accompany that perusal with fervent application to God for light and knowledge, and you will experience a degree of satisfaction which no other mode can afford.”

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