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A.D. 1793

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The full maturity of the French Revolution,

by the murder of the king and queen, and other atrocities; commencing what is called the “reign of terror.”

1. The first termination of the 2520 years of the Fifth Period."

2. The first termination of the Seventh or great Periodof 1260 years.

3. The pouring out of the Second Vial; which is symbolically described to have been on the sea, which became as the blood of a dead man.

[Infidelity now commenced its bloody and licentious course of action, as the Assyrian army had done 2520 years before, and as Popery had done

1260 years before.] The rise of the Emperor Napoleon, and the

beginning of the wars of the Republic against the chief seats of Popery.

The pouring out of the Third Vial, “ on the rivers and fountains of waters, which become blood.The Emperor Napoleon became the seventh

head of the Roman Empire, by the abdication of the Emperor Francis II., of the sixth head, which had existed ever since the time of Augustus Cæsar.

The pouring out of the Fourth Vial, on the sun," which was to "scorch men with fire." The reverses of Napoleon, the Infidel or

seventh head, commenced, with the loss of his immense army in Russia.

The pouring out of the Fifth Vial,“ on the seat of the beast ; by which his kingdom became full of dark

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[The victorious progress of the Assyrian army, under Sennacherib, was stopped in a similar remarkable manner before Jerusalem, exactly “seven

times,” or 2520 years, previous.] The final cessation of the destructive wars of

Europe, and an end put to the commotions occasioned by the French Revolution, by the decisive battle of Waterloo.

1. The opening of the Seventh Seal, having the character of silence.

2. The pouring out of the Sixth Vial, consisting of two silent operations; one of which concerns the overthrow of the Eastern Empire, and the other that of the Western Empire. It also leads us to expect the coming of Christ and the great battle of Armageddon ; and is accompanied by an earnest exhortation to watch

We are therefore living-

1. Under the silence of the Seventh Seal, or the cessation from all wars.





2. During the time of the ceasing of the Sixth Trumpet, or the drying up of the Turkish Empire.

3. At a time when the three conflicting principles of Despotism, Liberalism, and Popery are strengthening themselves, and each trying for power and authority.

4. When “ the King of the South” has again come into view by the setting up of the kingdom of Egypt.

5. The present time is characterized by“ many running to and fro, and knowledge being increased."

6. During the present period, we are told, that the elect of God are gathering in from every part of the world, and sealed for a special deliver

7. Another character of the present time is, the Gospel being preached in all parts of the world, as a witness to all nations.

8. It is further characterized by a warm interest being felt in behalf of the Jews; and

9. It is a time when we are all especially exhorted to watchfulness. The first great event to which Prophecy

appears to direct the attention of the church, as what is next to happen, is the three years and a half great persecution, mentioned both by Daniel and St. John; and which is immediately to precede the termination of the 1260 years, or “the time of the end.” First. The final termination of the 2520 years of the Fifth Period, in its application to the kingdom of Israel.

An unprecedented time of trouble.— The end of the times of the Gentiles.The time when Michael is said to stand up for the Jews." Time no longer,"

or the end of the seven times.' Second. The first termination of the above

period of 2520 years, in its application to the house of Judah and the throne of David.

The Gentile monarchies, represented by the vision of the Great Image smitten on the toes.

The same monarchies, represented in the vision of the Wild Beasts, succeeded by the sitting of the

Ancient of days.'
Third. The termination of the Sixth Period,

of 2300 years, mentioned in the vision of
the Ram and He-goat.

The fall of the little horn" of Mohammedanism.The cleansing of the Jewish Sanctuary.

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Fourth. The full termination of the Seventh
Period, or the great period of 1260 years.

The sitting of the judgment on Popery to destroy it. (First Aspect of this Period.)

The overthrow of the dominion of the len Papal nations. (Second Aspect.)

The great deliverance of the church from her long
state of depression. (Third Aspect.)
Fifth. The end of the period of the 391 years
of the duration of the sixth trumpet.

The fall of the Mohammedan dominion, or the
Turkish empire.
Sixth. The sounding of the Seventh Trumpet.

The mystery of God finished.The kingdoms of the world given to Christ. -A revolution.--A most de

structive northern invasion. Seventh. The pouring out of the Seventh Vial.

A very great revolution.- A northern invasion. Eighth. The resurrection of the two wit

in some transcendantly glorious manner.

A revolution and great slaughter.
Ninth. The partial resurrection described by


Twelfth. The seven thunders begin to utter

their voices, respecting which it was said
to the Apostle, “Write them not.”

[The intervening space between the years 1793 and 1843, corresponds to the same space of time between the years 727 and 677 B. C., 2520 years backwards; and likewise to the space between the years of our Lord 533 and 583, 1260 years backwards.-During the first fifty years the church was brought under the power of the Gentile Monarchies, in which state it exclusively continued the first half of the “ seven times.” During the second fifty years it was brought under the dominion of Popery, in connection with the Gentile Monarchies, in which it continued the latter half of the “seven times.” During the present fifty years, of which forty are already passed, the operation is going forward, which, for the last three years and a half of its continuance, will bring the church under the power and dominion of Infi

delity, “the beast out of the bottomless pit.”] ...... The termination of the second duration of

the Seventh Period, consisting of 1290 years.

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First, The full termination of the Fifth

Period, in its application to the Throne of David and the Tribe of Judah. Second. The termination of the third duration of the Seventh Period, consisting of 1335 years, which is considered, from its being said Blessed is he that waiteth and cometh to" this period, to be the commencement of the Millennium.


Page 177, line 16 from bottom: for season ” read “reason.”

185, line 4 from bottom : for “not that they” read not--they."
246, line 12 from bottom : for “ Destruction ” read “ Distinction."
314, line 7: for “and” read of the.”

APR 15 1915

G. Ellerton, Printer, Gough Square, London.

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