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better than me, if any Thing in them be valuable or not every man being apt to be biafled in far your of his own Productions, which oftentimes may be good for little.



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a geometrical and mechanical Constructions of Problems, with the after-written Title, which I intend to publish, if I can meet with suitable Encouragement, and can get enough Hands to defray the Expence, by Way of Subscription, from Gentlemen who delight in this Study, and are willing to promote such a Work.--The Book will be an Detapo, and its Price not more than Six Shillings. But the Subscribers need not pay down any Thing till the Book be delivered.

Gentlemen may see a Specimen of this Work, and subscribe for it, at Mr. Payne's, Bookseller.


enlarged, and its Practice made easy.


The Constructions of many useful Problems, plain,

solid, and linear ; pointed out by the Nature of the Problems themselves, without the Help of Algebra, or any great and burthensome Remembrance of the Nature and Properties of Figures, either plain, curve-lined, or solid, except a few of Euclid's Propositions, and half a Dozen of the principal Properties of the Three Conick Sections; and executed by a few simple and common Instruments, without Reference to any other Treatise.

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E RRÀ T A. Page 3. line 41. for Def. 5. 4. Def. 6. P. 25. 1. 7. fora

the Angle ACD, r. the Angle BCD. P. 27. 1. 15. r., Centre. P. 28. 1. 9. r. Euclid. P. 64. 1. 17. for DF, r. EF. P. 65. 1. 2. for des, r. Sides. P. 108. 1.9. for right-angled, r. right-lined. P. 127. 1. 12. for the Angle ADC, r. the Angle ACD. P. 150. 1. 13. for Angle, r. Angles. P. 158. 1. 23, 24. for opposites, r. opposite. P. 216. 1. 17. the Letter M wants a Stop after it. P. 225. 1. 16. r. magnitudes, P.411. 1. 2. for xx* r. 3**.

427. 1. 26. for Triangle, r. Triangles. P. 429. at the Bottom, dele the word without. P. 434. I. 23. 31. for Equimultiples, r. Multiples. P. 436. 1. 13. 25. 27. for Equimultiples, r. Multiples. P. 444. for Addition, r. Additions. P. 447. the Letter E is wanted in the Fig. P. 448. 1. 21. for Figures, r. Figure. P. 451. I. 18. for solid similar, r. Similar solid. P. 441. at the Top for Book III. r. Book VI. P. 443. at the Top, ri Book XII. P. 446,447, 448. at the Top, r. Book VI. P. 452, 453. at the Top, r. Book XI.



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