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4 Secure, substantial peace have they

Who truly love thy law;
No smiling mischief them can tempt,

Nor frowning danger awe.
5 For thy salvation I have hoped,

And, though so long delay'd,
With cheerful zeal and anxious care

All thy commands obey’d.
6 Thy testimonies I have kept,

Ånd constantly obey'd;
Because the love I bore to them

Thy service easy made.
7 From strict observance of thy laws

I never yet withdrew;
Convinced that my most secret ways

Are open to thy view.

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C. M.

- 1 To my request and earnest cry,

Attend, gracious LORD;
Inspire my heart with heav'nly skill,

According to thy word.
2 Let my repeated prayer at last

Before thy throne appear;
According to thy plighted word,

For my relief draw near.


3 Then shall my grateful lips return

The tribute of their praise,
When thou thy counsels hast reveal'd,

And taught me thy just ways.
4 My tongue the praises of thy word

Shall thankfully resound;
For thy commands are right, thy laws

With truth and justice crown'd.
5 Let thy almighty arm appear,

And bring me timely aid;
For I the laws thou hast ordain'd
My heart's free choice have made.

6 My soul has waited long to see

Thy saving grace restored;
Nor comfort knew, but what thy laws,

Thy heavenly laws afford.
7 Prolong my life, that I may sing

My great Restorer's praise ;
Whose justice, from the depths of wo,

My fainting soul shall raise.
8 Though like a sheep that 's lost I've stray'd,

And from thy ways declined,
Do thou, O LORD, thy servant seek,
Who keeps thy laws in mind.

PSALM 98. C. M.

From the cxxi. Psalm of David.

1 TO Sion's hill I lift my eyes,

From thence expecting aid; From Sion's hill and Sion's GOD,

Who heaven and earth has made. 2 He will not let thy foot be moved,

Thy guardian will not sleep; Behold, the God who slumbers not

Will favor'd Israel keep.
3 Shelter'd beneath th' ALMIGHTY's wings,

Thou shalt securely rest,
Where neither sun nör moon shall thee

By day or night molest.
4 From common accidents of life

The LORD shall guard thee still ; 'Tis even he that shall preserve

Thy soul from every ill.
5 At home, abroad, in peace, in war,

Thy God shall thee defend;
Conduct thee through life's pilgrimage,
Safe to thy journey's end.

PSA L M 99. C. M.

From the cxxii. Psalm of David.

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1 O’T WAS a joyful sound, to hear

Our tribes devoutly say,
Up, Israel, to the temple haste,

And keep your festal day!


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2 At Salem's courts we must appear,

With our assembled powers,
In strong and beauteous order ranged,

Like her united towers.
3 ’T is thither, by divine command,

The tribes of God repair,
Before his ark to celebrate
His Name with praise and prayer.

4 O, ever pray for Salem's

For they shall prosp'rous be,
Thou holy city of our God,

Who bear true love to thee.
5 May peace within thy sacred walls

A constant guest be found;
With plenty and prosperity

Thy palaces be crown’d!
6 For my dear brethren's sake, and friends

No less than brethren dear,
I'll pray-May peace in Salem's towers

A constant guest appear.
7 But most of all I 'll seek thy good,

And ever wish thee well,
For Sion and the temple's sake,

Where God vouchsafes to dwell.


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1 HAD not the LORD, may Israel

On Israel's side engaged,
The foe had quickly swallow'd us,

So furiously he raged.
2 Had not the Lord himself vouchsafed

To check his fierce control,
The adversary's dreary flood

Had overwhelm'd our soul.
3 But praised be our eternal LORD,

Who left us not his prey;
The snare is broke, his rage disarm’d,

And we again are free.

4 Secure in God's almighty Name

Our confidence remains ;
The God who made both heaven and earth,

Of both sole monarch reigns.

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PSALM 101. C. M.

From the cxxv. Psalm of David.
1 WHO place on Sion's God their trust,

L Like Sion's rock shall stand;
L Like her immoveably be fix'd

By his almighty hand.
2 Look how the hills on every side,

Jerusalem enclose;
1 So stands the LORD around his saints,

To guard them from their foes.
3 Be good, O righteous God, to those
Who righteous deeds affect;

The heart that innocence retains,

Let innocence protect.
4 All those who walk in crooked paths,

The LORD shall soon destroy;
Cut off th' unjust, but crown the saints

With lasting peace and joy.

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3 Supplies of life, with ease to them,

He on his saints bestows;
He crowns their labors with success,

Their nights with safe repose.

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1 THE man is bless'd that fears the LORD,
k Nor only worship pays,
But keeps his steps confined with care

To his appointed ways.
2 He shall upon the sweet returns

Of his own labor feed;
L Without dependence live, and see

His wishes all succeed.
3 Who fears the LORD shall prosper thus;

Him Sion's God shall bless,
And grant him all his days to see

Jerusalem's success.

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PSA L M 104. S. M.

From the cxxx. Psalm of David.
1 FROM lowest depths of wo
L ᄂ
To God I sent my cry;

LORD, hear my supplicating voice,
And graciously reply.

frow *2 Shouldst thou severely judge,

Who can the trial bear?
But thou forgiv'st, lest we despond

And quite renounce thy fear.
3 My soul with patience waits
For thee, the living LORD;

My hopes are on thy promise built,

Thy never-failing word. 4 My longing eyes look out LL

For thy enliv'ning ray,
More duly than the morning watch

To spy the dawning day.
5 Let Israel trust in God,
LL No bounds his mercy knows;
Ým. The plenteous source and spring from whence

Eternal succor flows :
6 Whose friendly streams to us

Supplies in want convey;
A healing spring, a spring to cleanse

And wash our guilt away.

L ᄂ



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