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sends its rich red blood to give quality to the complexion, colour to the cheek, spiritual splendour to the eye, and tenderness to the face. Tenderness maketh a man's face to beam.

Thomas Carlyle had a very practical habit of placing before him, in full view, a photograph of the hero whose biography he was perusing. Thus the character became real to him in the hour of his meditation, and inspirations were kindled which otherwise would have been unknown. It is with the hope of even a higher inspiration that I present to you a divine portrait-the sweetest face I ever saw—"The glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”

“Gaze for one moment on that face whose beauty wakes the world's great anthem.” I present to you to-day a beautiful Christ, concerning whom oldfashioned saints used to speak as “The Lily of the Valley,” “The Rose of Sharon," " The Chief Among Ten Thousand,” and “ The One Altogether Lovely.” “Oh, voice, oh, chime, oh, chant divine !” “The sea hath its pearls, the heavens hath its stars, but my heart, my heart, hath its love.” “No mortal can with Him compare among the sons of men.”

“Jesus, the very thought of Thee

With sweetness fills my breast;
But sweeter far Thy face to see
And in Thy presence rest."



THE LAW OF HOPE The Soul's Guarantee of Immortality \HE most startling question ever asked by

the philosophers of ancient history is ex

pressed in eight words : “If a man die, shall he live again ?”

Next to life, the most universal thing is death. Dead cities. Dead nations. Dead empires. Dead civilizations. Death is universal. This is the world of the dead. Two million persons died on this continent last year. Fifty thousand "pass over" for every hour of the day and night. Death ruleth! Death reigneth !

We stand at the black door of Death in the midnight of our sorrow and ask, "What does it mean?" We repeat to ourselves the question asked by Robert Browning, “What does death mean; is it total extinction or a passage into life?" Ingersoll repeats the interrogation in another form : “What is death; is it a door or a wall ?" Oh, how stupendous the question! "If I believed in immortality, I would never worry about anything in this world,” said Harriet Martineau. “I had always supposed that there was no hereafter," said the dying sensualist to me. Shakespeare gathers up the fears of the race and expresses them in those noble, oft-quoted words, “For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come, when we have shuffled off this mortal coil."

But we have found an answer to the question of the ages. That which is universal must be beneficial. The outline of the darkest shadow leads to the light. By the logical supremacy of certain universal laws we reason out, to our own satisfaction, the final and everlasting survival of the soul.

No man can, logically, reason himself away from the thought of immortality. We propound such tests as these :What does the Bible say? What does science say? What does common sense say? What is the verdict of the soul? In answer, I bring you the logic of ten universal laws.

1.-We reason by the law of a progressive development in nature. Everything in nature points upward. Upward towards the final. Upward towards the invisible. Upward towards the spiritual. Nature is divided into realms. Each realm is a kingdom. The lower a realm is, the coarser and more material it seems to be. The higher a realm is, the finer and more spiritual it seems to be. Follow nature's evolution upward-upward towards the invisible--and you have matter, solid, liquid and atmospherical. In the atmosphere you have light, heat, and energy. Energy-or force—is ine visible. Nature always leads to the invisible. Fol. low nature and you will find the invisible. First ice, then water, then steam-vapour-force, energy, invisibility! Study yonder plant on your sitting. room window-sill. Analyze it: Plant, stem, branch, bud, blossom, bloom, fragrance. The finest thing about a flower is its perfume-subtle, all pervasive, -and-invisible. Try again. Follow the great outlines of the natural world : (1) The Material realm. (2) The Vegetable. (3) The Animal. (4) The Mental. The mental realm is the realm of thought. Thought is invisible. Thought is spiritual. Thought is silent. Thought is the essence of power. Everything points to the invisible. There are three realms below man: matter, vegetable, and animal ; why should there not be three realms above man: angel, cherubim, and seraphim ? Paul had a wonderful experience. At the beginning of his experience he was "cast down" by a blaze of solar energy "above the brightness of the sun." In riper years he was

caught up”“caught up to the third heaven.' The mathematics of the spiritual match the outlines of the visible world. The universe is a unit.

II.-We reason by the law of the human mind. How wonderful is the mind of man; nothing will satisfy it but eternities, divinities, infinities and immortalities. The finite mind of man-how infinite ! What height and depth! What heavens and hells ! What boundless fears and boundless hopes Where did this thought of immortality come from? It is rooted in the very soil of the soul and inwrought into the very fabric of the mind. An ambitious father brought his son to Sir Joshua Reynolds, and requesting that the youth might be granted a student's space in the studio of the famous artist, remarked : “He can paint the backgrounds for you." Sir Joshua replied : “ The person who can paint the background can paint the picture.” Reason as you will, but the mind of man has Eternity for its background. Whence this thought of eternity ? “O Eternity! Eternity! Thy locks white with the ages! Thy voice announcing stupendous destiny ! Thy great long arms reaching out over all the past and over all the future! Thy heart beating with raptures that never die and agonies that never cease! O Eternity ! Eternity !” Immortality is the sweetest note that ever leaped from the key-board of human aspiration or thrilled the harp of human sympathy. Immortality!

Immortality! Everlasting thy chimes ]

“Oh, the clanging bells of Time !

Night and day they never cease;
We are wearied with their chime

For they do not bring us peace :
And we hush our breath to hear,

And we strain our eyes to see,
If the shores are drawing near-

Eternity! Eternity!


III.-We reason by the law of hope. Hope is the strongest and most persistent quality in human thought. Hope is the anchorage of every sane mind. Without hope the affairs of the world would come to a standstill in one hour. Hope is the prophecy of immortality. If life without hope is an impossibility, a universe without a future-a spiritual future for a spiritual faculty-would be an absurdity. Time is eternity, dealt out in atoms called

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