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are born of ignorance and not of faith. God will not grant to New Testament saints Old Testament privileges. “Wilt Thou that we command fire to come down from heaven and consume them even as Elias did?New Testament fire does not consume -it purifies. They did not know what to ask for or what they were asking for: “Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of.” Ignorant prayers are answered by the divine refusal to take us at our word. We shall, some day, thank God for our unanswered prayers.

We have a temple—the human body. We have an altar—the human heart. We have a confessional -the human conscience. We have a great high priest, even Jesus Christ. In that temple, the temple of the soul, stand, and look up.

The swiftest thing in the universe is a mother's prayer. From London to Edinburgh in a flash! From Edinburgh to Montreal in a flash! From Montreal to Winnipeg in a flash! From Winnipeg to Vancouver in a flash! Oh, what a wonderful arrow of light, tipped with fire, aflame with love, winged with faith and vibrating with spiritual force. A mother's prayer is a thought of love passing through the universal heart of God and on its way from soul to soul. I seem

I seem to hear the reply of the Bishop of Hippo to the mother of Augustine, who came beseeching him to pray for her skeptical son:

Depart, good woman,” said he ; "the child of so many prayers cannot be lost!"


The Spiritualizing Power of Thought



FRENCH author has written a book entitled “John Ruskin and the Religion of

Beauty,” but Paul was nearly two thousand years in advance of Ruskin, for he marks a golden circle around the velvet bloom of all spiritual beauty when he uses that wonderfully descriptive and comprehensive phrase : “Whatsoever things are lovely."

We have plain indications in Holy Writ that God is in love with the beautiful. In the description of the architectural splendours of the temple of Solomon

ve these words, “On the top of the pillars there was lily work," and when we are asked to inspect the quality of the fabric woven into the veil of the temple we find the sacred curtain true to the divine specifications: “Thou shalt make a veil of blue and purple and scarlet and fine twined linen.” And we also remember that almost every precious stone is mentioned in the Bible : the diamond, the pearl, the emerald, the sapphire, the ruby, the topaz, the onyx, the jasper, the chrysolite and the amethyst. In fact so great is the emphasis placed on the things which are known as beautiful that the words, “Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness," could almost be reversed and made to read, “ Worship the Lord in the holiness of beauty."

God has more than one Bible. Nature, too, is a revelation of the divine thought, and nature is robed in beauty. As a famous English writer has said : “God's greatest gift to man is colour.” Gaze upon the autumnal splendours of this very hour-valleys, plains and mountains clad in purple, crimson and


" God's world is robed in beauty,

God's world is robed in light."

The rose on the cheek, the purple veined marble of the white brow, the pillared beauty of the well-formed neck, the ruby splendour of the lips, the spiritual glory of the eye, the stately carriage of the head—these, these are all the incarnation of divine thoughts.

God is in love with the beautiful. He paints the lily. He distills the dewdrop. He moulds the pearl. He arches the rainbow. He studs the starry night. He gems the ocean depths. He flecks the flowery fields. He robes the mountains in mist. He sends the clouds trooping in the snowy splendour through the blue fields of space. God is in love with the beautiful.

The purple of the bird's wing, the red of the rose, the stainless white of the lily, the golden glory of the sunset, the silver diadem of the night, the rippling surface of the sea, the waving gold of the boundless prairie-these, all these, tell me that God is in love with the beautiful !

seasons :

Our God is a God of beauty! Every circling veil of mist, ten thousand crystal bullets of rain, diamond dew, shimmering stream, fragrant spirits of forest and field are all His children. Heaven's dome of blue, earth's carpet of green and ocean's mosaic of sapphire are all the work of His hand. Tinting the ocean shell, painting the flower, silvering the leaf, purpling the grape, budding the branch, and crowning the hills with glory-yes, yes, our God is a God of beauty.

There is a beauty of the sea, a beauty of the mountains, a beauty of the morning and a beauty of the night. “Oh, thou art lovely, beautiful night!" What an expression of beauty we find in the passing

The tender loveliness of the spring. The full blown glory of the summer. The dying glory of autumn. The silent aspect of the winter.

. I have an answer for the atheist—it is the God-painted flower and nature robed in beauty.

Then, add to all these the sweet sadness of memory and the beautifying touch of the increasing years. Time is a great artist. There is a beauty of Age, History, Heroism and Association. Every mosque in India, every pyramid in Egypt, every monument in Greece, every sculptured form in Italy, every castle-crowned peak in Germany, every old palace in fair France, every ivy covered cathedral in England, every ancient battle-field in Scotland, every crumbling round tower in Ireland, -all these set the imagination on fire and reveal the touch of an age-defying beauty. They kindle glories in the realm of the

soul and feed the poetical instinct in the heart of man.

Beauty! Beauty! Beauty! What is beauty? Beauty is nature's approach to perfection. When God says “ Be ye perfect," He means, be round, fullorbed, well proportioned, even, symmetrical, perfectperfect as a cluster of ripe grapes, perfect as a golden orange, perfect as a full blown rose, perfect as the opening leaves of a floating pond lily, perfect as an apple, luscious, sweet and beautiful.

There is a beauty of form and there is beauty of action. Art is beauty in expression. Architecture is beauty in proportion. Culture is beauty in mind and manners. Eloquence is beauty of speech. Grace is beauty of action. But the highest manifestation of beauty is in the human face and form. The climax of all beauty is to be found in the human face, in its features, expression and character.

How the Greek sculptor searched the world for perfection in the human face and form. In one person he found a perfect arm; in another, a faultless brow; in another, finely chiselled lips; in another, a well rounded chin ; in another, a superbly arched neck; and in another a queenly pose. The historian affirms that one slight change in one feature of the face of Cleopatra would probably have changed the course of history ; but the Egyptian queen entered the realm of beauty and Shakespeare has immortalized her in the words :

Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale

Her infinite variety.”.

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