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Bible has the inspiration of the lightning express-it

The Bible has the inspiration of yonder sweeping constellation of heavenly lights—the dear old book moves--and wherever it moves among men it moulds men mightily for God. It has the inspiration of genius! It has the inspiration of success! It has the inspiration of inspiration! The old man said he knew that the Bible was inspired " 'cause it inspired” him. I pity the man who is not inspired by the book which has inspired the greatest minds in two thousand years. How can a book which is adorned with the splendid proportions and irresistible features of the unmatched Galilean fail to inspire? He is the living incarnation of the central ideas of the world's literary masterpiece. The Bible is the master book and the mother of books. The Bible has produced the civilization which crowns it and crowns the civilization which it has produced.

The Bible is the best read book; the most thoroughly studied book. Jesus Christ is its greatest hero; His incarnation its greatest fact; His resurrection its greatest event; His return to earth its most glorious promise; sin its saddest fact; salvation its gladdest fact; sanctification its most glorious prophecy. Its history and prophecy, like a mighty chain, stretches from the dawn of creation to the last glad hour, when the fires of eternity shall flash in and light up this old time-worn earth. Like a mighty pyramid, its base as broad as history's first foundation stones, while its apex, robed in the flam. ing garments of prophecy, pierces the very splendours of God's throne.

All books are measured by The Book. All men are measured by The Perfect Man. All law finds its root in the Law of Moses.

“ Book of the ages! I love thy pages !

Bathed with the tears of those who sorrow,
Bleached with the sweat of those who labour,
Scorched by the fires of persecution,
Worn by the fingers of meditation,
Cut and cursed by those who abhor thee,
Kissed and caressed by those who adore thee,
Book of ages! I love thy pages ! "




The Scientific Basis For Prayer N the geography of the soul there are three places of power—"the Mount of Prayer—the

Desert of Meditation—the Island of Vision.” The Mount of Prayer stands forth most gloriously. It has a recognized position on the continent of history. There have been cities without walls, without books, without colleges, without hospitals, without markets, but there has never been a city without a house of prayer. A nation of atheists has never existed. The poet, the philosopher and the historian are united in their recognition of the fact of prayer in human experience. Tennyson sings :“ More things are wrought by prayer

Than this world dreams of. Wherefore let thy voice Rise like a fountain for me night and day; For what are men better than sheep or goats, That nourish a blind life within their brain, If, knowing God, they lift not hands of prayer Both for themselves and those who call them friend? For so the whole round earth is every way Bound by gold chains about the feet of God.” “ Bound by gold chains”-what a perfect poetic description of a great scientific fact! Every law is a law of gravitation and the law of gravitation which holds the earth in its grip is served by millions and quadrillions of invisible lines of light-unseen threads of power--which touch and pierce the earth at every point of surface exposure and thus “the whole earth is every way bound by gold chains about the feet of God.” The chains of gold which enwrap us and are felt in every wooing wind and tempest-sceptred cyclone are but feeble metaphors revealing to us, in the strange hieroglyphics of the material realm, the hidden fibres of certain universal spiritual forces which encircle the soul.

Poetry is the music of language, song is the music of sound, perfect blending is the music of colour, eloquence is the music of logic, a sigh is the plaintive music of sorrow-prayer, desire, aspiration, adoration—these are the music, the ascending music of the soul's incense—the atmosphere of the spirit encircling the throne of the infinite. The eye was made for beauty, the ear was made for melody, the hand was made for utility, the mind was made for knowledge, the heart was made for love, and the soul was made for God. The ivy creeps upward towards the light, and the heart panteth for the water brooks. The soul thirsteth for God—for the living God. We must pray. There can be no life without breath and no soul expansion without prayer.

“ Search the world through, we still shall find

That wide as spreads the ambient air
The common language of mankind,

In peril, want, or woe, is prayer." “Is prayer workable?" asks the practical man. " Has prayer a scientific basis ?" asks the cultured man. “Is there any use in praying ?” asks the discouraged man. Let us enter the realm of Common Sense. Common Sense is combined sense-a combination of all the mental faculties. God has given us five great books : The book of Reason ; the book of Nature; the book of Experience; the book of the Inner Consciousness; the book of Holy Writ. This is the divine library. Let Reason speak. Let Nature speak. Let Conscience speak. Let Scripture speak. Let every voice be heard. In a wise combination of all the results of knowledge, experience, logic and philosophy we shall find a reliable answer to the question of the discouraged soul, “Is it worth while praying?”

1.-We reason by the wonders of science. If the wonders of nature overmatch the mysteries of religion, why should we demur? Nature is robed in wonders. Radium reveals the miracle of matter; electricity, the miracle of the air ; telegraphy, the miracle of distance; the telephone, the miracle of sound ; the spectrum, the miracle of light; the microscope, the miracle of dust; the telescope, the miracle of space. Nature is robed in miracles. The astronomer has annihilated distance. He can predict the return of a comet whose wanderings necessitate an absence of three hundred years—he can predict the return of the prodigal planet with a scientific exactness which will indicate the precise day, hour, minute and moment of arrival. The scientist has discovered that the universe is simply a big room-one great, large room. God and man

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