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“Is he true?“Is he sincere ?"-in that hour the flood-gates of his soul were unlocked and a great, broken-hearted child of nature wept over a brokenhearted world. The auditors who were swept by his sobbing eloquence rendered their own silent verdict and the deepening conviction of the passing years has confirmed it.

3. Beware the hour of Destiny! Let it not pass without a noble decision. Thomas Carlyle was boarding in Edinburgh and dreaming of a literary career when, to use his own words : “ All at once there arose a thought within me, saying, "What art thou afraid of ?'And then he adds: “From that moment I began to be a man.” A noble decision is a glittering jewel set in the golden ring of destiny.

When Mary, Queen of Scots, had decided to go to England and Aling herself on the mercy of Queen Elizabeth, the Archbishop of St. Andrews followed her to the middle of the stream dividing the two kingdoms, and holding her horse by the bridle, said, in wooing tones: “Come back ! Come back! Come back !” That was an hour of destiny for Queen Mary—beautiful, wayward, fascinating, willful, impulsive and misguided child of fate. An evil decision is like an ink-stain on the printed surface of a beautiful volume which sinks in like a black shadow and finds its grave in a hundred blackened pages.

Oh, hesitating soul, decide ! Imitate the noble action of Admiral Foote when, walking the deck of his vessel on a dark and starless night, he suddenly exclaimed : “Henceforth I live for God !"


THE LAW OF THE UNSEEN The Possibility of Communication With the Spirits

of Loved Ones Who Have Passed On

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HAT a wonderful age is ours! Almost everything that we have wished for,

hoped for, or imagined, has happened, or is happening-wonders of the telescope; wonders of the microscope; wonders of the spectroscope ; wonders of electricity ; wonders of radium; wonders of discovery; wonders of invention; wonderful conquest of land, sea and air.

Edison, that modern magician, who, had he lived three hundred years ago, would certainly have been regarded as a wizard, affirms that in ten years airships will be carrying passengers across the ocean and over the sea at a speed of two hundred miles an hour. Scientists tell us that wood can be melted and poured into any mould like liquid gold. Perpetual motion is almost within our reach. A radium electroscope has been invented which works automatically and can be trusted to keep a bell ringing -ringing-ringing—for thirty thousand years. So be it !

In our modern inventions and investigations we are verging upon the mysteries and powers of the unseen world. We have made two great discoveries. First, we have discovered that man is a spirit, and second, we have discovered that we are living in a spiritual universe.

Man is a spirit. There is a natural body and there is a spiritual body. The spiritual body is the cause and the natural body is the effect. The eye cannot see, the ear cannot hear, the brain cannot think, the hand cannot handle, the body cannot move. All these organs but register and reflect the will and desires of an unseen personality. Tolstoy has congested the whole thing in a nutshell when he says: " It is necessary to have a soul."

We are living in a spiritual universe. Whatever is, is double. Behind every material thing there is a spiritual force. Matter is spirit in its lowest and slowest manifestation. Everything which exists is the manifestation of an unseen energy. Yonder giant oak of the forest, cut down and cast into the furnace, will leave only a handful of ashes. All else was sunshine, moisture, air, spirit, soul, and life. The fire liberated the spiritual elements, but they still exist.

The world will eventually be ruled by spiritual forces. The great discoveries of the future will be in the spiritual realm. The last achievement of science will be the conquest of spiritual elements. In the comprehension of the laws which govern unseen forces will be found the solution of all the problems which confront the intellect and puzzle the spirit.

Fifty thousand persons die for every hour of the day and night. And herein is to be found “the riddle of the universe." In the presence of this great mystery I am prone to repeat four questions asked by a well-known writer: First, are the dead alive? Second, do they ever return to the earth? Third, if so, can they speak to us? Fourth, if they can speak to us, is their message reliable ? Oh, for an answer! The greatest scientist of the future will be the man who will reduce spiritualism to a science, thus answering the greatest questions of the human heart. Immanuel Kant spoke for the race when he said: “If any man can prove for me the immortality of the soul, that is the man I want to meet."

And, first of all, we turn to the Bible to discover, if possible, the secrets of the unseen world, and to find a solution for our problem. Any man of honest mind must acknowledge that there is a science of spiritualism to be found in the Bible. Angels black and angels bright hover over its pages. The lowest manifestation of Scriptural spiritualism is to be found in the gloomy incident of the Witch of Endor; the highest manifestation in the glorious event of the transfiguration of Jesus. One is as real as the other. The secret of a spiritual science is the crown jewel of Scripture. The great characters of Scripture were sensitive souls, mystics, dreamers and visionaries. Every great Biblical character wears the garland of the spiritual. Read the roll call of heroes in the eleventh chapter of Hebrews. Every hero is a man of faith and faith is the faculty by which we sense the unseen.

John on the Isle of Patmos exclaims : “I heard a voice"_“I was in the spirit on the Lord's day and heard behind me a great voice.” Paul, shipwrecked and storm tossed, proclaims: “There stood by me this night the angel of God, whose I am and whom I serve.” Isaiah registers a notable experience in his life when he chronicles the fact : “In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord, high and lifted up, and His train filled the temple.” These are psychological experiences reflected through the pages of Holy Writ.

But the Bible reveals two kinds of spiritualismgood and bad. There is an evil kind of spiritualism against which we are warned. " There shall not be found among you an observer of times, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer, for all that do these things are abomination unto the Lord.Moses found it necessary to warn a superstitious people against the snares of a low type of spiritualism. The great apostle to the Gentiles is confronted with the same problem. Listen to his warning : “Now the spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils." Hear also the stinging words of Isaiah: “Them that have familiar spirits, wizards that peep and mutter." It is safe to have these Scriptural warnings ringing in our ears when we turn aside to inspect the claptrap of modern spiritualism. Although it may be that all is not claptrap.

We do not close our minds to a full and frank dis

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