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Eng, which reqaires freeholds in counties of cities, &c.
to be assessed to some land tax aid, has been already
stated, ante p. 24. The clauses of the 35Geo 3. c.29. Ir. .
37 Geo. 3. c. 47. Ir. 40 Geo. 3. c. 80. Ir. and 45 Geo, 3.
c. 59. I. which have been already abridged, provide as
well in respect to freeholders in counties of cities and ..
towns, as in counties at large ? .

The statutes which regard the elective franchise of freemen l be freemen in cities and boroughs are next in order. The 3 months before Geo. 3. c. 15. s. 1. Eng. enacts, that no person shall vote election. as a freeman at any election of members for any city, town,

3 Geo 3. c. 15. port, or borough, in England, &c. unless such person shall have been adınitted to his freedom 12 calendar months before the first day of the election; and every person who shall vote as a freeman, not being so qualified, shall forfeit £100. to any person who shall sue for the same, and such vote shall be void : But by s. 2. no. 2. %. thing herein shall extend to any person entitled to his freedom by bicth, marriage, or servitude, according to

Previso. . the custom of such city, &c. By s. 3. if any mayor or other officer of any corporation, or other person, snall. wilfully and fraudulently antedate, or cause to be ante- Penalty of antedated, anv admission of any freeman, such mayor, &c. sion. shall forfeit £500. to him who shall sue for the same, And by s. 4. the mayor, bailiff, sheriff, town-clerk, or S. to officer of any corporation, having the custody or power

Books, &c. of over the records of the saine, shall, upon the demand of admission of

fi cemen to be any candidate, or his agent, or any 2 freemen, on pay-even to inspeca ment of is, permit such candidate, &c. between 9 in Con of candithe morning and 3 in the afternoon, at any time before. and within one month after any such election, to inspect . the books and papers wherein the admission of freemen . shall be entered, and to have copies or minutes of the Copies to be admission of so many freemen as such candidate, &c. given.

all think fit; upon paying to such officer a reasonable . charge for writing the saine ; arid such books, &c. sbail, Books, & if demanded by such candidate, &c. be produced by be prorlu such mayor,&c. at any election, and be referred to in . case any dispute shall arise touching the right of any person to give daisi vote zsand if such mayor, &c. shall : refuse to such candidate, &c.! the inspection of such


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books, on ta have copies or minutes thereof, or shall Penalty for de refuse or neglect to praduce such books, &c. at any Jauit.

election, if demanded and paid for as aforesaid, such

mayor,. &c. shall forfeit £100. to him who shall sue for the 6. 5. & 6. sáme. By s. 5. the penalties in this act shall be recovered, Wow ani when with full costs, by action of debt, &o. in any court of recovered.

record at Westminster: Provided (s. 6.). that the prose

cution be cainmenced within a year. By s. 7. the returnAct. proclaimed, ing officer shall read, (or cause, &c.) openly, this act at the

time of the election of members for cities, &c. where the night of election is in the whole or in part in freemen, immediately after reading she 2 Geo. 2. C. 25. Eng.

against bribery. By-s, Si this act shall not extend to London and London or Norwich."- And the 35 Geo. 3. c. 29. Ir in Norwich ercepta

a similar manner providesz: (8. 29.) that no person shalli 35 Geo. 3.c.29. vote as a freeman et'any election of a inember, &c, whose 6. 29. Ir

freedom. shall not have come to him by service, birthFreumen to be right, or marriage, unless he shall have been admitted to admillads Gacho lendor months

onths his freedom, or his freedom shall have been granted to before teşte of him, 6 calendar months before the teste of the writ. And writ.

by. s. 736 any mayor or other officer of any corporation $ 73,

slially upon the demand of any candidate, on payment Candidate, te of 2s, ' 6dpermit such candidate, agent, or freeman, to be permittent io inspect entry between de bours of 12 at noong and 3. in the afternoon, of admission.

at any time before and within one month after such election, to inspect the books and papers wherein the

admission of freemen shall be entered, and to have copies . Andsto take or minutes of the admission of so many freemen as such copies. candidate, &o. shall think fits upon payment of 28. och

for every admission, and such books shall; if demanded. Books to be prop by such candidate, &c. be produced by such mayor,

&c. and if such mayor, &c. shall refuse, such candidate,

&c, the inspection of such books, &c. at any election, if

..demanded and paid for as aforesaid, he shall forfeit £50. Penalty fur de- to him who shall sue for the same as in-s, 75 &r.78. post, faull.

The 26 Geo 36.c. 100. Eng. enaats, thigtino person shall Posters in right of inhabitancy be admitted to vote at elections for cities and boroughs 266e0,3.c.100. in England and Walesy, as an iphabitant paying scot and $. I. Eng.

lots as an inbabitant house-holder, house-keeper, and potrwalter, legally settled, or as an inhabitapthouse holder, house-keeper, apd.pat-waller, or as an inbabitant



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householder resiant, or as an inhabitant of such city or borough, unless he shall have been actually, and bona fide an inhabitant, &c. within such city, &c. 6 calendar months previous to the day of the election; and if any person shall vote contrary to this act, his vote shall be void, and he shall forfeit £.20 to any person who shall sue for the same by action of debt at Westminster; and in every such action the proof of inhabitancy shall lie upon the person sued, provided such action be cominenced within 6 calendar months after the cause of action accrued; but this act is not to extend to any person acquiring the possession of any house in any city, &c. by descent, devise, marriage, or marriage-settlement, or promotion to any office or benefice;-nor by s. 2. to any other description of persons who may claim to vote at such elections by any other title than as above, or by any other superadded qualification. In order the better to prevent perjury and occasional votes, the 35 Geo. 3. c. 29. s. 63. Ir. also provides, that no person 35 Géo. 3. c.29

: 8. 63. Ir. shall be suffered to vote at any election of members, in right of being an inhabitant, without having been regis. boroughs to be

registered. tered 12 calendar months before the teste of the writ," as therein mentioned, thereby referring to section 55, 255.; which enacts that every resident inhabitant claiming a right to vote as being an inhabitant of a borough, where the right of voting is in the inhabitants, or in the inhabitants and others, shall at some quarter-sessions, or adjournment thereof, in open court, before the justices of the county wherein such borough lies, take the following gath or affirmation. “I A. B. do swear (or if a quaker Outh. “ do affirm) that I am a resident inhabitant of * and householder in the borough of in the é county of— and that my house is situated in

(here naming the street, lane, alley, row, or, place) and that my neighbours are and " and that I have resided in said hoơse for 6 calendar 6 months last past, and that I am not an inmate or * lodger with any other person in the said borough, but 6 am really and truly a resident inhabitant of, and housekeeper in the said brough, and am answerable for



“ payment of the usual customary taxes and cesses in
“ said borough, as a resident householder therein, which
“ shall or may be legally demanded of me, and that my
“ 'said house, exclusive of my land annexed to or let
“ with it, except the ground whereon my house (with its
“ offices and back or other yard) stand, is, to the best
u of my knowledge and belief, worth the sum of £.5
“ yearly, and that I believe the same may be let for
“ said sum of £.5 yearly to a responsible tenant, and
" that I am, to the best of my knowledge and belief, of
the age of 21 years and upwards." So help me God
which oath, &c. shall be taken by every such inhabitant,

in all cases in which he shall be required to register his s. 56.

residence; and by s. 56. when any inhabitant of such Forms lo de ob- borough shall desire to have his residence registered, he served there. shall swear or affirm the aforesaid affidavit or affirmation,

which shall be then read aloud in open court, and the person so registering shall sign the same, or affix his mark thereto, before 2 witnesses, who shall also sign the same, and the court shall deliver it to the acting clerk of the peace, who shall immediately affix the paper containing the affidavit or affirmation, in a book to be by him kept for that purpose, and then the court shall sign it, and

date it according to the date of the month and year; s. 57.

and by s. 57. the names of the persons making such af

fidavits shall be alphabetically arranged in an index at Names alphabeticut in clerks the end of the same book, and the page where the afbook.

fidavit of the said inhabitant may be found, and such inhabitants names shall be so entered immediately after the corresponding affidavit, &c. shall have been entered in the registry book, without the intervention of any other business ; for the inserting which affidavit, &c.

entry or registry, and indorsing the same, 6d. fee shall s. 53. be paid to the acting clerk of the peace. By s. 58. the

-said book shall be kept by the clerk of the peace amongst Rooks kept by the mi clerk of the peace the records op die cour

ace the records of the county, and be preserved without adopen to inspec. dition or alteration, from one quarter session to another,

neither writing in the same, nor permitting any other -to write therein, but the same shall be open to the inspection of any registered inhabitant of such borough,



at any time between the hours of 12 and 2 o'clock in the day time, when such inhabitant shall require it, upon his giving 24 hours notice, except only on sundays and the greater feasts, be paying for the same 1s. for each inspection, but being debarred the use of pen and ink during the time; if however any person having or claiming a rote in such borough, shall require of the clerk of che peace to furnish him with a copy of the registry book, or any part thereof, he shall furnish such voter, within a reasonable time, with a true written copy thereof, charging for the same at the rate of 2d. for every 4 inhabitants so registered, contained in said copy including the index; and the clerk of the peace is thereby also required to furnish any person having or claiming to have a vote, with a copy of the index or any part thereof, within 8 days after demand, charging for the same at the rate of Id. for every 10 names. By s. 59. the acting clerk of s. 59. the peace on the last day of every quarter sessions, shall

Book kept by insert a true copy of such entries or registries, as he shall Church Sardens. have made during the course of the said quarter sessions, with an index thereto, in a book exactly similar to his own, to be kept by the church wardens of the parish or parishes wherein the borough lies, or by one of them, to be by them carried to every quarter sessions, and there intrusted to the acting clerk of the peace for that pur pose on the last day of each quarter sessions, and at no other time; and the church wardens shall preserve the said book without alteration, not writing in it themselves, nor permitting any other person to write therein, except the clerk of the peace as aforesaid. By s. 61. at si every quarter session held next after the 1st day of August in every year, for any county wherein there is Adjournment

"O of sessions for situated any borough or part of any borough, wherein registry. the right of voting is vested in the inhabitants in general, or in the inhabitants and others, the justices are required to adjourn the same to some convenient day, within 3 weeks from the holding of such sessions, to some convenient place in such borough, for the purpose of there registering the names of such persons claiming a right to Fote in such boroughs, as shall desire to be registered;


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