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The former Edition of this Manual contained only the extracts from Ovid, and the Notes which are appended. In reprinting them, it has been considered expedient to add a similar selection of passages from Virgil. The learner will thus have at one view a course of reading in Heroic, as well as Elegiac verse. The addition of Notes upon the latter would have inconveniently increased the size of the Work, and therefore they have been omitted. Professor Anthon's edition will amply supply the explanations and illustrations which may be required.

The following observations were prefixed to the original edition :

The Extracts from Ovid are taken from the Books of the Fasti, the most unexceptionable, and by many considered the best written, of the works of that poet. They certainly contain subjects of more varied interest, and of a more pure and manly character, than the Epistles, and therefore are better suited for the tuition

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