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of youth. The word Fasti originally signified the Days on which the law-courts were open, and ordinary business was transacted ; next, the Tables in which such days were noted ; in Ovid, the meaning is extended to the origin of religious rites and ceremonies, festivals and sacrifices; the dedications of temples, and other memorable events indicated in the Calendar of the Roman year; connected also with the sun's course in the zodiac, and with the rising and setting of the stars; a design which he has thus compendiously expressed in the opening lines of the Poem :

Tempora cum causis Latium digesta per annum,

Lapsaque sub terras ortaque signa cano.” The Poet has interspersed these dry details with beautiful descriptions of nature, of rural scenery, and of primitive simplicity ; with poetical fictions, mythological fables, and historical traditions. The selection now made from this source will, it is presumed, serve as a pleasing variety in the early stage of Latin reading, and furnish a suitable model for the first efforts in Elegiac verse. A few. brief and explanatory notes have been subjoined; but the learner has been directed to

l consult his Classical Dictionary for information connected with proper names.

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