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10. The renovation of all things. 11. Floods remind us of our mutable and Reflections on the story of the Ethiop. mortal condition. Under a general ian eunuch. 12. God to be worshipped sentence of mortality on the nation of in the beauty of holiness. 13. The im- Israel, Moses said, “Thou carriestportunate friend, or the efficacy of them away as with a flood.', prayer. 14. Avarice and dishonesty Time, like a stream, is rolling on, covered with the pretexts of prudence nor stops its course by day nor by night, and charity. 15. The wisdom and im Yea, it rushes forward with rapidity portance of religion. 16. The turning like a river swelled to a flood. sinner's supplication to God. 17. The Streams bend their course in varit good man lying down in peace, and ous directions ; but all, whatever direcsleeping in safety. 18. The saint ein tion they take, tend to the ocean, where ployed in his morning devotions. 19, their waters are swallowed up and lost. 20. The shortness of time illustrated. Men have their different objects and 21. The pernicious effects of an inflam- pursuits ; but all are alike hastening to ed tongue. 22. Noah's thankful egress the grave ; all are pressing forward to from the ark. 23, 24. Impiety of offer the world of eternal retribution. ing to God that woich costs nothing. All the rivers run into the sea, and 25. Joseph discovering himself to his would soon cease, were they not con-, brethren. 26. Abstaining from evil. tinued by a succession of waters. The 27. Doing good.

buman race is preserved by a succes Second separate Vol.

sion of mortals. One generation passes Ser. 1. The fear of God. 2. The away, and another comes. Thus the duty of speaking to the young.

3. inhabitants of the earth abide from age Youth invited to the Lord's supper. 4. to age. The race is called the same, Early piety the comfort of old age. 5. but the mortals, which compose it, like The infirmities and comforts of old age. the waters which constitute a river, are 6. Dry bones restored. 7. Birds and changing every day and every hour. beasts preaching to men. 8. Joab laving It would be wise for us often to rehold on the horns of the altar. 9. No. flect on our transient condition. We thing to bc refused, when the Lord are passing away like the floods ; we hath need. 10. The gate of heaven have no abiding place on earth. Let us strait, and many shut out of it. 11 not set our affection on things below, The causes why many, who seek, can but look forward to that world, to not enter at the strait gate. 12. The which we are going. Would a man awful condition of those, who shall be hurried down a rapid stream, exult in excluded from the kingdom of heaven. his riches, because he passed along in 13. Pilate's inscription ou the cross of sight of meadows, fields, groves and Christ. 14. The disciples gazing after houses? Would he call these his own, their ascending Lord. 15. The rain because he beheld them, and only just bow around the throne. 16. No tem- beheld them with his eyes? Why ple in heaven. 17. Universal praise for should we, who are hurried through redemption. 18. The wheels of prov. life, and carried away as with a flood, idence. 19. The temper of a christian glory in the worldly objects, which ps with regard to moral good and evil. see, as we pass along, but scarcely lat! 20. Moral reflections on foods. 21. The time to possess ? impiety of alleging God's promise, as a We are changing our condition, and reason for the neglect of duty. 22. our relation to things around us. We The anointing of the spirit a sure evi are passing from place to place, from dence of our title to eternal life. 23. object to object, from scene to scene, The death of the young lamented and like men floating down a stream. This improved. 24. Ezekiel's affliction in moment flies, the next succeeds, and the death of his wife, and his behaviour goes off like the former, giving place under it.' 25. The universal obligation to a successor. One enjoyment, or a. of religion. 26. True religion pure musement departs, and another 'comesa and simple. 27. Polly conspicuous in One design, or employment, is defeated a virtuous character.

or laid aside, and another taken up. We marked many extracts, for Here we hope for better success.

Here, again disappointed, we change insertion, but have only room for

our purpose, We walk in

n a vain show: the following:

we are disquieted in vain. Like the


A Traverse Table to compass of thentick documents. By a Foe to Cal& Philadelphia, Thomas Dobson, 1807.

thrownribution a food, we struggle for no firm object by which we can hold,
#hore ; we ipant for rest'; we seize the no solid ground on which we can stand.
twig Hit breaks ; we are driven with the anchor of our hope must be fixed
- the stream'; we grasp the leaf, we in the grace and goodness, the promise

sink'; we pass from human sight, and and faithfulness of God.
Ture soon forgotten. , on?

pp. 298. 2d sep. vol.
21 There is nothing stable here below ;

Sunt bona, sunt quædam mediocria, sunt mala plura.-MART.

and she wing the fallacy and incompe

tency of Deism, as a rule for the regu. A Journal of the Voyages and Trav- lation of human conduct.'' By Peter els of a Corps of Discovery, under the R. Maison. New-York, H. G. Southcommand of Captains Lewis and wick. Clarke, of the Army of the United! Some Thoughts on the present dis. States, from the Mouth of the Missouri pute between America and Great Brit. through the Interiour parts of North-ain. By Thomas Green Fessenden. America, to the Pacifick Ocean, during 8vo. New-York." Price 38 cts.

13 the years 1804, 1805, and 1806. By Constitution of the New-England asPatrick Gass, one of the persons em sociation of Inventors and patrons of ployed in the expedition. With Ge useful arts. 8vo. pp: 24. Boston, E. ographical and Explanatory Notes by Lincoln. ' ' 1807. the publisher. Price one dollar.

The Trial of the Hon. Maturin Lir. The Manures most advantageously ingston, against James Cheetham, for a applicable to the various kinds of Libel;' held before the Hon. Judge soils; and the cause of their beneficial Spencer. Taken in shorthand, by Wiil. effects. By Richard Kirwan, F. R. S. iam Sampson, Esq: counceNor at law.

and M. R. 1. A. author of the Elements 8vo. pp. 64. New-York, s. Gould.
of Mineralogy, &c. Price 37 cents. 1807,
Philadelphia, Kimber, Conrad and Co. A complete Refutation of the eal.

Politicks for farmers. Coarse copies, umnies, which have been circulated to price 25 cents. Philadelphia, w. traduce the 'cotrrage of Hon. George Duane.

Cranfield Berkeley, grounded on au

12. 9 York Morizon. By Mr. Garnett.“ Price 75 ed for the author. 1807.81 ni pozisy cents. New York, E. Sargeant.

The Trial of Alpheus Hitchcock, American Register or

or General before the Hon. William W. Van Ness, Repository of History, Politicks, and Esq. for the murder of his wife by poi. Science, for 1806-7, Vol. I. Published son, at a court of oyer and terminer at by Conrad & Co. Philadelphia, &c. and Sullivan, Madison

county, New-York, and G. Palmer,

printers. 8vo. pp. 220. Richards, jun, 8vo. pp. 52. Utica, 1807

printed for G. Richards, jun. 1807. Thoughts on the Scripture account Constitution of the first Society of of Faith in Jesus, and Life through his Unitarian Christians in the city of Phiname; in a series of Letters. By ladelphia, adopted August 23, 1807. Thomas Dobson. 12 mo. 75 cts, bound. With explanatory observationis. nia Svo.

PP. 24. Philadelphia, Bartram and Rey

, in this last pamphlet; entitled "Examina peace or wars of thoughts on our

tion of the Passages in the New Testa foaffairs with England. By James Cheetment, quoted from the Old, and called ham. 8vo, pp. 44. New York, Maprophecies concerning Jesus Christ, thias Wärd, 149 Pearl-street. 180T.

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A Book.

Travels in the year 1806, from Italy Je n'ai pas de nom.

to England, through the Tyrol, Styrla, Je vous prie de m'en donner un. Bohemia, Gallicia, Poland, and Livonia;

Duc D'Orleans. containing the particulars of the libera. Nonem non est nobis.

tion of Mrs. Spencer Smith, from the

Duportail hands of the French police, and of her 8vo. pp. 24. New-York, Ezra Sargeant. subsequent flight through the countries

A Sermon, preached at Belleville, abovementioned ; effected and written in the 4th parish of Newbury, Nov. 24, by the Marquis De Salvo, member of 1807, at the dedication of the new the academy of sciences and literature Meeting-house in that place. By Rev. at Turin, &c. First American edition, James Miltimore. · Newburyport. with a likeness of the marquis. '12mo.

Crito's Letters on the commercial 88 cts. bds. Troy, N.Y. Wright, Good. representation and the seat of Govern. enow, & Stockwell. ment. 25 cts. Philadelphia, S. F. The Discarded Son, or Haunt of the Bradford.

Banditti ; a tale, by Regina M. Roche, The French Tutor, containing rules authoress of the Children of the Abbey. and exercises intended to exemplify the 2 vols. 12mo. $2 bound. New-York, the French Syntax : By Du Moutin, Alsop, Brannan & Alsop, sworn interpreter of the French lan To-morrow; or the Danger of Delay, guage, of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, by Maria Edgeworth, Price 31 cents. Hopkins and Co.

New-York, E. Sargeant À Discourse delivered at Milton, Religious Pieces.: containing Pious September 9, 1807 ; being the day ap

Reflections for every dảy of the month, propriated for the dedication of the ac. by Fenelon, archbishop of Cambray : ademy in that place. By Thomas the Superiority of religious views, Thacher, A. M. minister of a church in by John Langhorn, D. D. ; the Choice Dedham. Published by request of the Criterion of Religion by the Rev. J. Academy. 8vo. pp. 23. Dedham, H. Moir, A. M.; on Gaining the Favour of Mann,

God, by Mrs. Chapone. Price 25 A Discourse delivered at the funeral cents. New-York, E. Şargeant. of Mrs. Mary Woodward, consort of

The Contrast. By Maria Edgeworth. the late Hon. Professor Woodward, in Price 37 cents. New-York, E. Sar. , the meeting-house near Dartmouth col- geant. lege, March 29, 1807. By Roswell

The Student's Chemical Pocket ComShurtleff, professor of Divinity in Dart. panion. By W. S. Jacobs, M. D. Phimouth college. Second edition. 8vo. ladelphia, Matthew Carey. 75 cts. bds. Hanover, Moses Davis,

Thomas : Dobson, Philadelphia, has published A Tour in Zealand in the WORKS IN THE PRESS. year 1802, with a historical sketch of

" the battle of Copenhagen under Lord

Vol III. of Boswell's Life of JohnNelson in 1801. *

Boston, Andrews and Cum



The Pharmacopæia of the Massachusetts Medical Society, 12 mo, Boston,

Greenough and Stebbins. Simple Tales, by Mrs. Opie. 2 vols. Saul, a poem by Sotheby. 12mo, 12mo. price two dollars in boards. Boston, David Carlisle.

Vol. VI. Part II. of The New Cyclo Wright, Goodenow and Stockwell pedia, or Dictionary of Arts and Scien- of Troy, have in the press, and will ees. By Abraham Rees, D.D., F.R.S., publish in January, “ Observations on editor of the last edition of Cham Abortion”; containing an account of the . bers's Dictionary, with the assistance of manner in which it takes place, the eminent professional gentlemen. First causes which produce it, and the methAmerican edition, revised, corrected, "od of preventing or treating it: by John

enlarged, and adapted to this country, Burns, Lecturer on Midwifery, and - by several literary and scientifick char. Member of the Faculty of Physicians acters. 4to.,, Price $4 for the half-vol." and Surgeons in Glasglow,” in one Philadelphia, S. F. Bradford, L.Blake, small neat volume duodecimo, from the No. 1, Cornhill, agent, Boston second London edition,


Wright, Goodenow & Stockwell, Bacon's Abridgment to press, with have in press, a new Medical Work, the addition of English and American entitled “ A view of the Nervous Tem. laws, since Mr. Gwillim's notes were perament ;" by Thomas Trotter, M. D. addeda

In the press, and to be published in Messieurs Westcott & Co. of Washnumbers at stated periods, illustrated ington City, have in the press “ A miby elegant copperplate engravings, the nute, accurate and impartial report of American Military Library, being a the Trial of Col. Aaron Burr, on an inrepository of all that is necessary to a dictment for high treason, before the due knowledge of the principles and

Circuit Court of the United States, held practice of modern tacticks, from the in Richmond, May term, 1807. Inclufirst elements of discipline, through all ding the whole of the testimony, the the details of maneuvre, and the com arguments of the counsel at length, bination of every species of troops that opinions of the court, and also all the constitute armies, particularly adapted proceedings during the examinations to the military of the United States, and on his trials for treason and misdecomprehending the whole of the mod meanour." The report of this case was ern French system of discipline. Phi- taken in short-hand by a stenographer ladelphia, Wm. Duane.

employed for the special purpose, and Alsop, Brannan and Alsop, of New who has been sworn to its fidelity and York, have in press the first volume of accuracy. The number of pages, which Schoale's and Lefroy's Reports of Cases the work will contain, cannot yet be argued and determined in the High ascertained ; but it is computed it will Court of Chancery, in Ireland, during be comprised in about 1500 pages of an the time of Lord Redesdale.

octavo size, It will be delivered to Alsop, Brannan and Alsop, have in subscribers in volumes, in boards, at press, and will shortly publish the fol- the rate of 50 cts. for each 100 pages. lowing works. Cruise's Digest of the Booth on real actions. Revised and Laws respecting Real Property, in 4 corrected, with references to the Ame. volumes royal 8vo. containing the seven

rican Decisions, and to the statutes of vols. of the London copy.

Natural New-York. By John Anthon, Esq. and Civil History of the Spanish Prov. counsellor at law. To which will be ince of Chili in South America, trans added, by way of appendix, a treatise on lated from the original Italian of the the nature of real actions, and particu Abbe Molina, with notes from the Span- larly on the action of Dower. By James ish and French translations, by an Emmett, counsellor at law, PoughAmerican gentleman-- volumes 8vo. keepsie. New-York, S. Gould. The History of Chili is now for the first time offered to the publick in an English dress. The original work is, WORKS ANNOUNCED. hell in the highest estimation by the foreign literati in whose respective lan-, John E. Hall, Esq. attorney at law, of guages it has appeared. An English Baltimore, has finished and will speedtranslation has long been a desideratum ily publish a translation of the Praxis'. to those acquainted with the Abbe Mo Supremæ Curiæ Admiralitatis, Francisa lina's merits. Curran's speeches-1 ci Clerke, prioribus omnibus Editioni. volume 8vo. with a portrait of the great- bus multo auctior atque emendatior, est forensick orator of modern times, una cum Indice et Notis nunquam anWalker's Critical Pronouncing Dic-' tehàc additis. Editio quinta emendata, tionary, abridged-1 volume square 1798. 12mn, Cains' Practice of the State of Mr. Dobson, of Philadelphia, proposNew-York.

es printing by subscription, the History Thomas Kirk, of Brooklyne, has in of Baptism, by the Rev. R. Robinson the prese, the Discarded Son, a novel (of Cambridge, England) abridged by by Mrs. Roach.

the Rev. Samuel Jones, D. D. in 1 vol. Wm. P. Farrand and Co. of Philadel. 8vo. of 500 pages. Price in boards 2 phia, have in the press Douglass, Wil dollars. son, and Cowper's Reports"; Roberts Smith and Maxwell, Philadelphia, ire on Frandulent Conveyancing ; Kyd on preparing for the press, An Essay on Awards : and Watson on Partnership. the Manner and Genius of the Literary W.P.F. and Co. are preparing to put · Character, by D'Israeli.

Thomas Green Fessenden, Philadel States of America and the African State phia, is about publishing a work to be of Tripoli. By Ebenezer Eaton.-Cola entitled “ Register of Arts, or a Com- lected from the journals and notes of pendious view of the most useful Mod Richard O'Brien and William Eaton, ern Discoveries and Inventions.” In this Esquires, late Consuls to Algiers and work it is intended-1. To collect and Tunis, and under the inspection and in some instances abridge fromEurope guarantee of the latter. The work will an Philosophical Journals whatever may be comprised in 3 volumes of handsome be judged to be of practical utility in A. octavo, of pica, 300 to 400 pages each; merica, relating to Natural Philosophy, on fine paper,in the neatest modern style Chemistry, Agriculture and the Arts of printing ; and will be delivered to -2. To give a description of the most subscribers at 2 dols 33 cents each vol. important Inventions, Discoveries and ume, and to non-subscribers at 2 dols. Improvements in Philosophy and Arts, 50 cents in boards. which are the fruits of American ge

B. and T. Kite, Pluiladelphia, prus nius, &c. &c. The work will be prin pose publishing in one volume octavo, ted in a handsome 8vo. of about 400 Elements of Materia Medica and Phar. pages.

macy, by J. Murray--price 2 dollars 50 Proposals are issued by J. Milligan of cents. Georgetown, for publishing Malthus on Thomas Dobson of Phila telphia, proPopulation, in two volumes.

poses publishing by subscription a new Proposals have been issued in Phila- Translation of the sacred Scriptures, delphia, for publishing, by subseription, The old Testament from the Greek of the ancient and modern musick of Ire- the Septuagint ; and the new Testaland, with songs suited to the charac- ment trom the m st correct Greek ter and the expression of its beautiful Text; with occasional notes. By melodies. The work is to appear in Charles Thompson, late secretary to 4to. at $5 a volume ; the number of the Congress of the United States. It vols, not mentioned.

is proposed to print the work elegantly We understand that correct editions with a pica type, with great care and of the Classicks, and of Classical Dic- accuracy, in two large quarto volumes ; tionaries, are about to be undertaken and to those who subscribe before the by two literary gentlemen of New York prmting of it commences, it will be des - and we are authorized in saying that livered at $10 for each copy in boards I. M Mason, D.D. is one of the edit to be paid when the first volume is fic ors. It is expecred that a prospectus nished. will appear shortly. It is intended to Moses Davis, of Hanover, Newhampcommence with Virgil and Ainsworth's shire, proposes reprinting by subscrip Dictionary

tion a rare and valuable work, entiB B Hopkins and Co. Philadelphia, tled, The Religion of Nature Delineato wili shortly publish Dr. Reese's Domes ed. By William Wollaston. From tic Medical Guide, and Dr Andrew's the 8th London edition of 1759. This Elements of Logick.

work will be comprised in'one octavo Mr. Ebenezer Eaton, Danville, Vt? volume of between 3 and 400 pages, proposes to publish, A Historical Me- price to subscribers $2 bound. moir on the war between the United


casioned its suspension at that time, and Among the various works to which afterwards its final abandonment. Had the literary enterprize of modern times that work, however, been brought to has given birth, a complete & authentick its regular completion, its voluminous body of British Biography is still want. contents and inconvenient arrangement ing. The last edition of the Biographia: would have precluded it from answerBritannica, as far as it was published, is ing many important purposes which in many respects highly valuable ; but might be accomplished by a different its slow progress under the direction of plan. Dr. Kippis, and the circumstances una The form of a Dictionary hitherto. der which it was left at his death, oca, adopted seems to have nothing in its

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