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quial and literary powers of the amiable instructive and entertaining work, enauthor, and we have no hesitation to titled “ Letters from England, by Don declare, that her multifarious reading, Manuel Alvarez Espriella. Translated sound judgment, correct, perspicuous, from the Spanish by an English Gen. and Auent style claim for any book that tleman. she may compose, a candid and atten.

This interesting work is a great cutive perusal.-Port Folio.

riosity. Remarks on England by a stu

dent from the University of Alcala, are ESPRIELLA'S LETTERS FROM ENG- quite a novelty in the literary world ;

but the most extraordinary circumMessrs. Munroe & Francis, of Bos stance remains behind. ton, are publishing, in one* duode After a very careful perusal of these cimo volume, an elegant, and very letters, we have acquired the right to

declare, that it is the most accurate de. * The English edition' very diffusely printed in three. One of the principal advantages we description of English scenery and manrive from the repablication of british books is, a ners, that in the form of a tour has yet portable size, and consequent

cheapness. The appeared. We have not access to the the illiberal, disgraceful, and absurd imposts of original, but the English translation is our government, nearli interdict Literature from extremely spirited and elegant. Ibid. our country. Learning should never be taxed, and Genius disdains the idea of a manacle.


Sunt oor.a, sunt quædam mediocria, sunt mala plura.-Mart.


-The second number is in a state of An Essay on the life of George Wash. preparation for the press and will soon ington, commander in chief of the A- be offered to the publick. It will conmerican army through the revolutiona tain the consummation of the introduce ry war, and the first President of the tion; an Essay on Iron, wrought Iron, United States. By Aaron Bancroft, Steel and canstruction of French Iron A. A. s. Pastor of the Congregational Guns. The English construction of Church in Worcester. 8vo. pp. nearly Brass and Iron Guns, all that relates to 600. $3,50 boards. Worcester, Isaiah French and English Mortars, Howit. Thomas, jun.

zers, &c. The 3d number will contain A compendious system of Universal the Field Horse and Mountain Artillery. Geography, designed for

The Philadelphia Medical Museum, Compiled from the latest and most dis. Vol. IV. No. III. By John Redman tinguished European and American Cox, M. D. 8vo. Philadelphia, Thomtravellers, voyagers, and geographers.

as Dobson. By Elijah Parisli, A. M. minisicr of Bye Ira and Isabella or the Natural Chilfield, Massachusetts. Newburyport. dren. A novel founded in fiction. A Thomas and Whipple.

posthumous work. By the late Wil. No. I of Volume 1st, of the Ameri. liam H. Brown, of Boston. can Artillerist's Companion, or Ele 118. Boston, Belcher & Armstrong: inents of Artillery. Translated and Ethick Diversions. In four epistles extracted from the best memorials, and to Emphasion, K. T. To which is ad. most recent publications on this import- ded, the Convent. By Restore Estlock. ant branch of Military Science, in five 12mo. pp. 79. New York, T. & J. numbers, with upwards of Thirty six Swords. 1807. 62 cts. Copperplates, carefully engraved. By The Militia's Guide ; exhibiting a Louis Toussard, Member of the Society more comprehensive explanation, than of Cincinnati, late Lieut. Col. Adjutant before published of the posts and duto the General Staff in the Armies of ties of the several officers on a review, H I. and R M. late Lieut. Col. of the from a general to a sargeant ; designed Second Regiment and Inspector of Ar for the instruction of a young, and un. tillery of the United States. Price disciplined militia. By Larned Lamb, two dollars per number. Philadelphia, Lieut. Col. in the state of Vermont. .C. & A. Conrad and Co. Subscriptions A Summary of Christian Doctrines receired at the Boston book-store and Duties : designed principally for

12mo. pp.

those inhabitants of new settlements Bunyan. Boston. Lincoln & Edmands. who have not the opportunity or means 1807. of procuring books upon religious subjects. Concord. George Hough.

NEW EDITIONS. The Domestick Chaplain. Being fifty-two short lectures, with ap. propriate hymns, on the most interes. Vol. I. of Howell's History of the Biting subjects, for every Lord's day in ble. 8vo. Price $2,25. Philadelphia, the year, designed for the improvement Woodward, of families of every Christian denomin. Domestick Medicine ; or a treatise ation. By John Staniford, A. M. New on the prevention and cure of Diseases York. T. & J. Swords.

by Regimen and simple Medicines; A Letter to Dr. David Ramsay, of with an appendix, containing a dispenCharleston, S. C. respecting the errors satory for the use of private practitionin Johnson's Dictionary, and other Lex ers, &c. By William Buchan. First icons. By Noah Webster, Esq. 12mo. Charleston edition, enlarged, from the pp. 28. New-Haven, Oliver Steele, & author's last revisal. 8vo. Charleston, Co. 12 cts.

South-Carolina, John Hoff. 1807. An Essay on the Rights and Duties Vol. VI. Part I. of The New Cyof Nations, relative to Fugitives from clopedia, or Dictionary of Arts and Justice ; considered with reference to Sciences. By Abraham Rees, D.D., the affair of the Chesapeake. By an F. R. S., editor of the last edition of American. 8vo. pp. 62. Boston, Da Mr. Chambers's Dictionary, with the vid Carlisle.

assistance of eminent professional gen. A Vindication of the Proceedings of tlemen First American edition, re. the First Church and Parish in Hing vised, corrected, enlarged, and adapted ham, in settling the Rev. Joseph Rich to this country, by several literary and ardson, A. M, as their gospel minister. scientifick characters. 4to. Price 8vo. pp. 80. Boston, B. Parks.

$4 for the balf-volume. Philadelphia, The Madmen's Chronicle : exempli. S. F. Bradford. Lemuel Blake, No 1, fied in the conduct of George 3d and Cornhill, agent in Boston. his ministers towards the United Vol. I of Buck's Theological DictionStates, from the conclusion of the trea ary. Price $2,24 per vol. Philadelty of peace to the present time. Το

phia, W W. Woodward. which are annexed biographick and The 2d volume of The Miseries of characteristick sketches of the king, Human Life, or the Last Groans of royal family, &c. 8vo. 25 cts. Philadel Samuel Sensitive, &c. with which are Thia, T. Reddish.

now for the first time interspersed VaModern Gratitude, addressed to rieties, incidental to the principal matRichard Raynal Keene, Esq. concern ter, in prose and verse, in nine addiing a family marriage. By Luther Mar- tional dialogues, as overheard by James tin, Esq. of Maryland.

Beresford, A. m. fellow of Merton ColThree pieces of musick for Thanks. lege, Oxford. 12mo. Boston, Belcher giving By Samuel Temple, A. M. & Armstrong Boston, Manning & Loring.

The Vicar of Wakefield, a tale. By The Massachusetts Collection of Sa Oliver Goldsmith. 12mo. Philadelphia, cred Harmony. By Elias Mann, pp. Hopkins & Co. 1807. 20Q Price $1. Boston, Manning & Nos, VII. VIII. and XI. of ShakesLoring:

peare's Plays, containing King John, On the Unity of Christ's Church. A Richard II. Henry IV. first and 2d Sermon, delivered in the townhouse in parts, Henry V. Henry VI. first and Middleborough, April 16, 1807, before 2d parts. 12mo. Boston, Munroe & Christians of several denominations. Francis. By Jos. Barker, A.M. Pastor of the Vol IV. of The Family Expositor, or First Church in Middleborough. Bos. a paraphrase and version of the Newton. Lincoln & Edmands, 1807.

Testament ; with critical notes, and a The Heavenly Footman; or a descrip- practical improvement of each section tion of the man that gets to heaven. containing the history of our Lord JeTogether with the way he runs in; sus Christ, as recorded by the four the marks he goes by; and Directions evangelists'; disposed in the order of how to run, so as to obtain. By John an harmony. By P. Doddridge, D. D

last parts.

M. B.

From the 8th London edition. To Wm. P. Farrand & Co. have which is prefixed, a life of the author. lately published an edition of a veBy Andrew Kippis. 8vo. Boston, ry valuable professional work entiEtheridge & Bliss.

tled Selwyo's Abridgement of the Mr M Carey, of Philadelphia, has Law of Nisi Prius, Part I.just published a neat edition of Junius's This work will be completed in Letters, price $1,12. Also a coarse

three parts nearly equal in size. odition, price 87 cts.

The second and last parts are in a The Poems of Shakespeare. To

state of forwardness. The Deciwhich is added an account of his life.

sions on the Statute of Frauds, PoFirst American edition.

12mo. pp. 248. $1 boards, Boston, Oliver &

licies of Insurance, and Promisso

ry Notes will be given under their Munroe,

Divine Authority of the Bible ; or, appropriate titles in the second and Revelation and Reason, opposed to So. phistry and Ridicule ; being a refutation of Paine's Age of Reason. By Ro. bert Thompson. First American edi. tion. 12mo. pp. 151. 50 cts. boards.

WORKS IN THE PRESS. Boston, E. C. Beals.

The Scholar's Arithmetick ; or Fed. cral Accountant. By Daniel Adams, The Tenth Volume of the Collec.

4th edition. Keene, N. H. John tions of the Massachusetts Historical Prentiss.

Society, is in the press of Munroe & The Child's Assistant in the art of Francis of this town, and will be pub. reading. Being a collection of pieces, lished in February. suited to the capacities of children, in An Elementary Treatise on Pleading the early stages of education. Design. in Civil Actions, by Edward Lawes, ed as a Medium between the Spelling of the Inner Temple, is just put to

ok, and the American Selection of press by Messrs. Thomas & Tappan, Lessons, American Preceptor, and oth- Portsmouth, Newhampshire, in an Eve er books of a similar kind. By Sam- volume. uel Temple, A. M. author of an Intro. Munroe & Francis of this town have duction to Arithmetic. Third edition. in the press, and will publish in ten Boston Lincolo & Edmands, 1807. days, in a handsome 12mo. volume,

Rudiments of Geography ; being a Letters from England, by Don Manuel concise description of the various king- Alvarez Espriella. Translated from doms, states, empires, countries, and the Spanish. islands in the world ; together with Manning & Loring of this town have

their latitudes, longitudes, extent, in the press an 8vo) volume of Select boundaries, rivers, lakes, air, climate, Sermons, by the late Rev.Samuel Stillcold, produce, manufactures, chief man, D. D. late pastor of the 1st Baptowns, population, religions, and learn. tist church in Boston ing ; with an introduction explaining Wright, Goodenow, & Stockwell, of the astronomical part of Geograghy— Troy, have in the press, and will pubto which is added, a chronological ta lish about the middle of next month, a ble of the most important events which new and interesting work entitled have happened from the creation of the “ Travels in the year 1806, from Italy world to the present day. By John to England, through the Tyrol, Styria, Hubbard, Esq. Prof. Math. & Nat. Bohemia, Gallitia, Poland and Lironia ; Phil. in Dartmouth college. Third containing the particulars of the liberaedition, revised and improved. Thomas tion of Mrs. Spencer Smith" (sister in & Thomas, Walpole, N. H. & Wrightlaw to Sir Sydney Smith and daughter Goodenow, & Stockwell, Troy, N. Y. of the Austrian Ambassador at the Ot

The New Classical Letter Writer. toman Porte) “ from the hands of the The second edition. 12mo. Boston, French Police, and of her subsequent John M. Dunham,

fight through the countries above menThe Juvenile Instructor. In famil- tioned : effected and written by the iar colloquial discourses between a par. Marquis De Salvo, member of the Aent and child. Second edition, 12mo. cademy of Sciences and Literature at Boston, John M. Dunham.

Turin, 8c.--the first American Edition.

It will be comprised in a duodecimo ing the Pleasures of Human Life, volume of about 240 pages, printed with in one volume 12mo. a new and handsome type, on white vel. Russell & Cutler of this town lum paper, ornamented with an elegant have in the press a collection of likeness of the author, by Fairman. Delicate and Amatory Songs. Messrs. Conrads & Co. of Philadel.

Belcher and Armstrong of this phia have in the press The American town have put to press The PleasRegister, Volume 1, edited by C. B.

ures of Love, a poem. Brown. This work is to be continued

They have likewise issued prosemi-annually. A new and improved edition of posals for printing The Life and

Works of the late Thomas ChatModern Chivalry, &c. 2 vols, and

terton. This work will contain his The Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, part second of miscellanies and poems, together volume sixth.

with the poems attributed to RowMr. T. S. Manning of Philadelphia ley, and be comprised in an 8vo. has in the press The Lay of an Irish

voluine of about 600 pages, at $2,25 Harp,' and the third edition of the boards. Wild Irish Girl," by Miss Sydney Ow. Ephraim C. Beals, of this town, enson, the Mrs. Sheridan of Ireland. proposes to publish by subscription Both these works merit the attention an elegant English work entitled of the friends of female genius. Anecdotes, Historical and Litera

B.& T. Kite of Philadelphia have ry, or Miscellaneous Selections of in the press Chaptal's Chymistry, curious and striking passages from with improvements and additions by eminent modern authors. 12mo. James Woodhouse, M. D. profes- 300 pages ; 112 cts. extra boards. sour of chymistry in the University Snelling & Simons, of this town, of Pennsylvania, in two volumes intend publishing a new Song Book, octavo. They have also in the entitled, The Choice Entertainer, Press, a letter on the Innoculation and Amusing Companion. 12mo. of the Vaccine ; practised by Dr. 120 pages, 75 cts. Francesco Calcagni, translated Proposals have been offered in from the Italian, by Edward Cut this town for printing a monthly bush, M. D. A sketch of the char- publication, entitled The Useful acter, and an account of the Cabinet. This work will be conlast illness of the Rev. John Cow- ducted by the New-England Asper, A. M. written by his brother, 'sociation of Inventors and Patrons the late William Cowper, Esq. of of Useful Arts,' and its design will the Inner Temple.

be to collect and diffuse valaable Saul, a poem, by Sotheby, the knowledge in all the arts and scielegant translator of Oberon, is in ences, more particujurly of new inthe press of David Carlisle of this ventions and discoveries in Amertown. It is a blank verse epick, in ica. Each No. will contain 24 two parts, four books to a part. pages octavo, with one or more en

gravings, at 20 cts.

Dr. Waterhouse of Cambridge is WORKS ANNOUNCED. about publishing ' A continuation

of the progress of vaccination in

America ; together with a narraE. & J. Larkin of this town have tive tending to shew the importa issued proposals for printing An ance of Decorum in a young phyInquiry into the nature and causes sician.' of the Wealth of Nations. By Ad Proposals are issued by Samuel am Smith, LL.D. ; with notes, sup- Holyoke, A. M. for publishing a plementary chapters, and a life of new Collection of Sacred Musick, Dr. Smith, by William Playfair. entitled, “Harmonia Sacra, or the Two vols. octavo, at 6 dols.

Occasional Assistant, Vol. I.' conOliver and Munroe of this town taining pieces adapted to publick kave issued proposals for publish - occasions. 4to. pp. 200. $2.

with maps.

William Fessenden, Brattlebo- tories and the Scriptures. Also, a plea rough, Vt. has now in press, a neat against persecution for the cause of the edition of Jones' Law of Bailments conscience, grounded on Scripture, -12momon an entire new type, Reason, Experience, and the Testimoand fine vellum paper. He has al

nies of Princes and learned in press Stewart's Elements of This work will contain about 600 pages, the Philosophy of the Human octavo, ornamented with a copperplate Mind. This valuable book will be frontispiece, descriptive of some particprinted“ page for page” from the ularly cases of sufferings, price $2

bound. Philadelphia edition, on a new pica type, and good paper.

Buck's Miscellaneous Works, in Proposals are issued by Edmund three volumes 12mo., price $3, are M. Blunt, for publishing Brown's proposed to be published, by subDictionary of the Bible, from the scription, from the Theological and last London Edition, in 2 vols. 8 vo.

Literary Press of W. W. Wood

ward of Philadelphia. Mr. S. F. Bradford will shortly

Mr. Woodward has also issued publish a new and interesting work, proposals for publishing, in 6 duoentitled “ A Portraiture of Method

decimo volumes, si each, the ism," being an impartial view of complete Works of the Rev. James

Harvey, the rise, progress, dicipline, doctrine, and manners of the Wesley- liberal education, and who, we un

Mr. William Schultz, a Dane of an Methodists, by Joseph Nightin- derstand, is indebted for his sciengale. Proposals are issued in Philadel

tifick attainments to the Military phia for printing, in two octavo Academy of Copenhagen, proposes volumes,a new work,entitled, “The

to publish, by subscription, at "the Military Tutor,' to be delivered to

press of Messrs. Smith 'and Maxsubscribers in eight numbers, price well

, of Philadelphia, a translation -50 cents each. The work will con

from the Danish of an instructive tain 16 copperplate engravings, dents” in three parts. 8vo. Price

work, entitled “Philosophy for Stushewing upwards of 100 movements, as now in practice by the $2 to subscribers. Troops of the United States.

Proposals are offered in PhiladelMessrs. Birch & Small of Phila- phia, for publishing by subscripdelphia are about putting to press tion, in English and French, “The Works of St. Pierre, accompanied Economy of Human Life,” translawith Memoirs of his Life, and

ted from the English of the celeNotes, critical and explanatory, by brated Mr. Dodsley, into French, Francis Sobreil. This work will by J. Marie De Bordes, 1 vol. 18mo

Price 75 cts. be printed from the London copy of 1807.

Doct. James Ewell of Savannah, W.P. Farrand & Co. are preparing for has issued proposals for publishing press Bacon's ‘Abridgment with copi

a new work entitled the Planter's ous additions, comprising points of En.

and Mariner's Medical Companglish and American Law, since Mr.

ion. Gwillim's notes were added.

Proposals are issued by the Rev. Mr. Samuel Wood, of Philadelphia, William Price and Joseph Jones of proposes publishing by subscription, an Wilmington, Delaware, for reabridgment of the Book of Martyrs. publishing Gill's Expositions of the To which will be prefixed, a bricf col New Testament in 4 Volumes. lection of the most remarkable passares and living testimonies of the

ERRATA. - In the last No. of Silva, in the line Church of God, and faithful Martyrs, from Virgil, at the beginning, for fortibus' read in all ages ; and of the corrupt fruits of fontibus. in the oth line, by come unaccountable be false Church in the apostacy. There

inittake, the word · Adventurer' crept in, for

which read. Rambler;' and for furnitures read will be annexed to the work,an account . furniture-all op page 545 In a part of the of the just judgments of Góp on per- impreffions of the present No. p 615, tinc 15, for

'drooped' r. dropped ;' line 27, for "foliliquy's. ?catori, collected from Ancient His. Soliloquy."

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