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chief to my nerves, if I do drink tea, chester, South Carolina, &c. &c. and to my comfort, if I do not,

Charleston, printed for the aun * Net Testy. You may cry with Mar. tial,.....Nec TEA-cum possum vivere,

thor by J. Hoff, 1807. Entered nec sine TEA.'

according to act of Congress,

&c. &c. &c. &c. &c. &c. &c. It will be remembered by the readers of the Spectator, that the

RARE stuff this ! But as Mr.original line is rendered by Addi- Joor must have had his brains son, “ There is no living with thee, blown out in this same battle, it is nor without chee." Of the En- pot so bad. Like the productions glish puns it may perhaps be said, of learned goats or pigs, or of those « far-fetched and little worth,” yet beings, who write and sew with from Dryden's Alexander's feast their toes, and cut wood with their we find one or two very palatable. teeth, it excites our admiration. But to extract excellencies might The errors and absurdities, with be endless.

which it abounds, the wait of comTne American Edition appears mon sense, and the want of a plot, very neat, and we hope it is as cor are all very pardonable. We rerectly printed, as the London copy, commend it to · The Republicans which has not offended us with any of South Carolina in general, and to faults during some months ac

those in particular, who were liber. quaintance.

al and patriotic enough to bestow on

it the meed of unbounded applause,' ART. 15.

as the rarest dish of gallimaufry, The Battle of the Eutaw Springs, and that we have ever yet seen. Το

Evacuation of Charleston, or ihe these gentlemen the unhappy auglorious 14th of December, 1782, thor has already presented it in his a national drama in five acts. By dedication, and to them, we most William Joor, of Su.George, Dor- cheerfully commit it.



For MARCH, 1807.
Sunt bona, sunt quædam mediocria, sunt mala plura.-MART.



District. Part I. Vol. I. By William

W. Hening, and William Munford, The Fifth Volume of the Life of Esquires. Richmond, Virg. $1,50 in George Washington, commander in

boards. 1807. chief of the American forces during the The Echo ; consisting of burlesque, war which established the indepen. political and literary productions, in dance of his country, and first president

8vo. With elegant plates, deof the United States. By John Mar. signed by Tisdale, and engraved by shall. 8vo. with maps, &c. Philadel. Leny. Price 2 dollars 50 cents. Porphia, Caleb P. Wayne.

cupine press, and for sale by Brisban Reports of Cases, argued and deter. & Brannan, New York. mined in the Supreme Court of Appeals The Trials of William S. Smith and of Virginia, decided by the Superiour Samuel G. Ogden, for misdemeanours, Cout of Chancery for the Richmond had in the circuit court of the United

States, for the New-York district, in French Hononysms, or a collection July, 1806: with the preliminary ac of words, similar in sound, but differ. count of the proceedings of the same ent in meaning and spelling. By John court, against Messrs. Smith and Og. Martin, Professor of Languages in den, in the preceding April Term. By New York. $1. New York, Collins Thomas Lloyd, Stenographer. New and Perkins. York. I. Riley & Co. For sale by The Mysteries of the Castle ; or, The Brisban & Brannan.

Victim of Revenge. A drama, in five A faithful Report of the Trial of the actsBy John B. White, author of cause of Philip I. Arcularius vs. Wm. Foscari, &c. 8vo. 50 cts. Charleston, Coleman, Gent. being an action for a li

S. C. Negrin. bel, tried at the sittings before his hon. Rules of the Supreme JudicialCourt, our Judge Livingston, on Saturday, and sundry acts regulating the admisJanuary 30, 1807 ; containing the ar. sion of Attornies. 8vo. Portland, guments of counsel, and decisions of Thomas B. Wait. the court upon the points of law and An Oration, delivered on the Com. evidence which arose-also the sum mencement, at Brown University, Sepming up of the judge at full length, tember 3, 1806. By John Reed, jun. a taken in short hand, by William candidate for second degree. Publish. Sampson, Esq. and given to the publicked by request. 8vo. Providence, John at the request of some of his friends. Carter. New York, Bernard Dornin.

A Print of Thomas Jefferson, engraHamilton's Advice, or an inquiry ved by Robert Field, from a Picture by into the propriety and consistency of Gilbert Stuart. $1. Boston. Governour Lewis being supported by Strictures on the establishment of the federalists, while they oppose the Colleges ; and particularly St. Mary's, election of all his friends, by a Friend of in the precincts of Baltimore. By difGen. Hmilion.

ferent writers. Price 25 cents. " Aut cume honore vivemus,

Baltimore. For the Booksellers.
Aut voriamur honore.”
Or let us nobly rise,

The peaceful Reflections and Glori.
-Or nobly fall.

ous Prospects of the departing Saint. New Yurh. Svo. Price 25 cents.

A discourse delivered in the meetingThe Voters' Guide ; or, the power,

house of the First Baptist Church in duty, and privileges of the constitution. Boston, March 10th, 1807, at the inal voters in the commonwealth of Mas terment of the Rev. Samuel Stillman, sachusetts. To which are added, orig. D. D. late pastor of said Church. By inal remarks, with various extracts from Thomas Baldwin, D. D. pastor of the historians, and the writings and publick Second Baptist Church in Boston. speeches of eminent political characters Pp. 31. Boston, Manning & Loring. in this and other countries, tending to A Sermon, delivered before the New explain the causes of the rise and fall York Missionary Society, at their an. of republican governments. By Abijah nual meeting, April 3, 1804. By John Bigelow, attorney at law. Leominster, H. Livingston, D.D., S.T.P. To which S. & J. Wilder. 12mo. pp. 150. Price are added, an appendix, and other pa50 cents in boards.

pers relating to American missions. Marcus's Letters to De Witt Clin. Worcester, Thomas & Sturtevant. ton, Esq. 8vo. New-York. Samuel A Sermon, delivered Nov. 3, 1806, Stansbury.

at the funeral of Mrs. Mary Yates, The Political Farrago, or a miscel. consort of the Rev. Andrew Yates, laneous review of the politicks of the who died October 31st. By Abel Flint. United States ; from the administration Hartford. Hudson & Goodwin. of Washington to that of Jefferson in A Sermon, delivered Nov. 20, at the 1806. Including a short history of the dedication of the brick meeting house, Pittsburg insurrection, remarks on the in the north parish in Danvers. By Louisiana purchase, Mammoth cheese, Benjamin Wadsworth, A. M. Salem. federalism and republicanism, atheism Joshua Cushing: and deism, luminism and witchcraftism, Genuine Religion, the best friend &c. &c. Bv Peter Dobbins, Esq. R. C. of the people ; or the Influence of the

12mo. pp. 59. 25 cts. Brat Gospel, when known, believed, and tleborough-printed by William Fes experienced, upon the manners and senden, for himself. January, 1807 happiness of the people. By Archi

U. S. A.

bald Bonar, A. M. J. How. Charles- uel Blake, No. 1, Cornhill, agent in town. 1807.

Boston. A Letter on the subject of Episco Ewia IITEPOENTA. Or, The Diversions pacy, from Samuel Osgood, Esq. to a of Purley. Part II. By John Horre young gentleman of New York. 31 Tooke, A.M., late of St. John's college, cents. New York, Collins & Perkins. Cambridge. The first American edi

Sobriety, watchfulness, and prayer, tion, from the second London edition. illustrated and urged, in a farewel 8vo. pp. 2d part, 432. Philadelphia, sermon, delivered, Waterbury, Con. William Duane. Dec. 21, 1806. By Holland Weeks, Vol. II. of The Works of the Right A. M. late pastor of the first church Honourable Edmund Burke. Boston, in said place. New Haven. Oliver J. West, and Oliver Cromwell GreenSteele & Co. 1807.

leaf. Carlisle, printer. 8vo. $2 in The Christian's Magazine : Intend. boards. $2,50 after the 10th of April, ed to promote the knowledge and in

The Reports of the most learned fluence of Evangelical truth and order. Vol. I. No. I. To be published quar. Chief Justice of the Court of King's

Sir Edmund Saunders, Knt. late Lord terly ; 8vo. Price two dollars per an

Bench, in the time of the reign of his num. New-York. J. & T. Ronalds.

most excellent majesty Charles the

second. With three tables : the first NEW EDITIONS OF WORKS. with the names of the cases ; the se.

cond of the matters contained in the An account of the Life and Writings pleadings ; and the third of the princiof James Beattie, LL.D., late Professor pal matters contained in the cases. of Moral Philosophy and Logick in the The first American, from the third Marischal College and University of London edition, with notes and refer. Aberdeen,including many of his original ences to the pleadings and cases, by letters. By Sir William Forbes, of John Williams, serjeant at law. In 2 Pitsligo, Bart., one of the executors of vols. Vol. I. large 8vo. Price $6. Dr. Beattie. 8vo. pp. 559. $2,50 in Philadelphia, P. Byrne. [The second boards. New York, Brisban and Bran. volume of this work is in forwardness, nan. March, 1807.

as is the fourth volume of Dallas's ReVol. I. of Lectures on the Elements ports, and the fourth or new series of of Chemistry,delivered in the University Basanquet & Puller's Reports.] of Edinburgh ; by the late Joseph Collins's Quarto Family Bible, with, Black, M. D. Professor of Chemistry or without Maps and Engravings. in that University, physician to his Ma- Philadelphia. jesty for Scotland, Member of the Memoirs of the Life of Marmontel, Royal Society of Edinburgh, of the written by himself. 2 vols. 12mo. $2 Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris, bound. New-York, Brisban & Branand the Imperial Academy of Sciences

nan. February, 1807. at St. Petersburgh. Published from

Number II. of the second Boston edi. his manuscripts by John Robinson, tion of Shakespeare's Plays. ContainLL.D. Professor of Natural Philosophy ing Merry Wives of Windsor, Measure in the university of Edinburgh. First for Measuire, Comedy of Errors, with American, from the last London edi.

notes by Johnson, &c. 12mo. price 42 tion. 8vo. pp. 394. Philadelphia. cts. Boston, Munroe & Francis. Mathew Carey.

An Abridgement of the History of Vol. III. Part II. of The New Cyclo New-England, for the use of young perpedia, or Dictionary of Arts and Scien. sons. Now introduced into the princi. ces. By Abraham Rees, D.D., F.R.S., pal schools in this town. By Hannah editor of the last edition of Mr. Cham Adams. Second edition. Boston. bers' Dictionary, with the assistance Etheridge & Bliss. 12mo. pp. 188. of eminent professional gentlemen. A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, First American edition, revised, cor. and Expositor of the English Language. rected, enlarged, and adapted to this in which not only the meaning of every country, by several literary and scien- word is clearly explained, and the sound tifick characters. 4to. Price $3,50 of every syllable distinctly shewn, but for the half-volume. After the publi- where words are subject to different cation of the 5th vol. the price will be $5. pronunciations, the authorities of our Philadelphia, S. F. Bradford. Lem- best pronouncing dictionaries are fully

exhibited, the reasons for each are at Letters to a Young Lady, in which large displayed, and the preferable pro- the duties and character of women are nunciation is pointed out. To which considered, chiefly with a reference to are prefixed, Principles of English Pro- prevailing opinions. By Mrs. West, nunciation ; in which the sounds of author of Letters to a Young Man. letters, syllables, and words, are criti. 1 vol. 8vo. $2,50 bound. Albany, cally investigated, and systematically Parker & Bliss. arranged ; the influence of the Greek The Miseries of Human Life ; or and Latin accent and quantity, on the the. Groans of Samuel Sensitive and accent and quantity of the English, is Timothy Testy ; with a few supplethoroughly examined, and clearly de- mentary sighs from Mrs. Testy. In fined ; and the analogies of the lan twelve dialogues. First American, guage are so fully shown, as to lay the from the 3d London edition. 12mo. foundation of a consistent and rational pp. 220. Boston, Greenough, Stebbins, pronunciation. Likewise, rules to be & Hunt, and Belcher & Armstrong. observed by the natives of Scotland, The Columbian Orator, containing a Ireland, and London, for avoiding their variety of original and selected Pieces ; respective peculiarities ; and directions together with Rules, calculated to imto foreigners, for acquiring a knowledge prove youth and others in the ornamentof the use of this dictionary. The al and useful art of eloquence. By Cawhole interspersed with observations, leb Bingham, A.M. author of the Amer. etymological, critical, and .grammati- ican Preceptor, Young Lady's Accical. By John Walker, author of Ele. dence, &c. 7th edition. 12mo. Bosments of Elocution, Rhyming Diction ton, Manning & Loring, for the author. ary, &c. Price $3,50, bound. Phila. February, 1807. delphia.

The Wonders of Creation, natural The Wanderer of Switzerland, and and artificial, containing an account of other poems, by James Montgomery. the most remarkable mountains, rivers, 1 vol. 18mo. pp. 177. 75 cents, extra lakes, caves, cataracts, mineral springs, boards. Boston: Greenough, Stebbins, Indian mounds, and antiquities in the & Hunt, and James F. Fletcher.

world. In 2 vols. 12mo. Boston, The Biography and Letters of that John M. Dunbam. celebrated wit and beauty, Ninon de The Middlesex Collection of Musick; l'Encloys, translated from the French, or, Ancient Psalmody Revised. Conby Mrs. Griffiths, including also the taining a variety of plain psalm tunes correspondence between her and St. the most suitable to be used in divine Evremond, and also with the marquis service; to which is annexed, a num. de Sevigne. New-York, David Long- ber of other pieces of a more delicate worth.

and artificial construction, proper to be A Treatise on Malignant Intermit. performed by a choir of good musicians tents. By J. L. Alibert, Physician to occasionally, in schools and religious the hospital of St. Louis. &c. &c. assemblies. pp. 136. 75 cents.

Bos. Third edition, revised, corrected and ton, Manning & Loring. enlarged. Translated from the French, Salmagundi ; or, the whim-whams with an introductory discourse, occa and opinions of Launcelot Langstaff, sional notes, and an appendis. By and others. 18mo. New York, David Charles Caldwell, M. D. &c. Price Longworth. Subscriptions received $2 in boards. Philadelphia.

in this town by Etheridge and Bliss. Narrative of the Adventures of an American Navy Officer, who served WORKS IN THE PRESS. during part of the American Revolution under the command of Com. John Paul Ballads, by Walter Scott, author of Jones, Esq. It is proper to state, that the Lay of the Last Minstrel 12mo. ibis “ American Navy Officer" is Car. Boston, Etheridge & Bliss. tain Nathaniel Fanning, late command Vol. 3d of The Works of the Right er of Gun Boat No. 2, who died in Honourable Edmund Burke. Boston : Charleston, in the summer of 1805. John West, and Oliver C. Greenleaf. Philadelphia.

A volume of Sermons on the fol. An easy introcluction to Arithmetick; lowing subjects. A sermon to little by Thomas Randolph, Philadelphia. children ; the duty of speaking to the B. Johnson.

young; the young invited to the com

munion ; early piety the comfort of price to subscribers will be $2 per vol. old age ; discourse to the aged ; dry in boards ; $2,25 bound. bones restored; birds and beasts Robert Frazier's Journal from St. preaching to men ; Joab laying hold on Louis in Louisiana, to the Pacific the horns of the altar ; nothing to be Ocean, in one vol. 8vo. withheld when Christ has need; the The editor of the Companion, in gate of heaven strait ; the causes why Baltimore, has announced his intention many cannot enter the gate ; the aw of Publishing a weekly literary paper, ful condition of such as are excluded ; in an 8vo. form, to be entitled The ObPilate's inscription on the cross of server. Christ ; the disciples gazing at the as Cushing and Appleton, of Salem, cending Saviour ; the rainbow around propose to pub ish by subscription, the throne ; no temple in heaven ; uni a Poem on the restoration of learnversal praise for redemption ; the ing in the East ; which obtained wheels of providence ; the temper of Mr. Buchanan's prize. By Charles a Christian with regard to moral good Grant, esq. M. A. fellow of Magand evil; the impiety of pleading God's dalen college. To be printed in promise in excuse for neglecting plain 8vo. on fine wove paper, making duty-(and several others.) By Jo

from 40 to 50 pages ; price 38 cts. seph Lathrop, D. D. Pastor of the

stitched in ornamental covers. First Church in West-Springfield.

J. M. Dunham, of Boston, pro8vo. about 400 pages ; price $1,75 bound. Springfield, H. Brewer.

poses to publish Sermons by Hugh

Blair, D.D. F.R.S. late professor of A new novel, entitled, Ira and Isa. bella. By a Gentleman of Boston.

rhetorick and belles lettres in the 12mo. 75 cents, extra boards. Boston,

university of Edinburgh. In three Belcher & Armstrong.

volumes complete, from the 25th A new edition of Mackay's Naviga.

London edition of 5 vols. To which tion. Philadelphia

will be prefixed the life of that venerable author. Price $6 neatly

bound and lettered. WORKS ANNOUNCED. Proposals are issued in Phila.

delphia, for publishing a new work, William Andrews of this town, Pro. entitled The Young Seaman's Asposes to publish, by subscription, the sistant, or a guide to naval tacticks. works of William Paley, d. d. arch. Calculated particularly for young deacon of Carlisle ; with a Portrait of beginners, whether in the navy or the author. In four handsome octavo in the merchant's service, as well volumes, containing I. The Principles as for the occasional reference of of Moral and Political Philosophy. 11. those acquainted with navigation. a view of the evidences of Christianity. In three parts ; embellished with III. Natural Theology, or the Evidences nine copperplates, representing of the existence and attributes of the

some very interesting particulars Deity, collected from the appear. in naval tacticks. By Wm. Shultz. ances of nature. IV. A Charge deliv. Price $2. ered to the clergy of the Diocese of Car. Thomas Dobson, of Philadelphia, lisle. V. A Sermon preached before the proposes to publish an elegant ediUniversity of Cambridge. VI. A Ser.

tion of the New Testament, with mon preached at the Assizes at Dur.

those very full marginal references, ham. VII. Three Sermons on various

known by the name of Canne's occasions. VIII. Reasons for Content

Notes. To be printed on a superment. IX. Young Christian instruct

fine ed. X. Horæ Paulinæ ; or the truth

royal paper, with an elegant of the Scripture History of St. Paul

new type ; and will be comprised evinced by a comparison of the Epistles, in one large quarto volume of about whith bear his name, with the Acts of 700 pages ; price to subscribers 85. the Apostles, and with one another. If this undertaking meet with suitXI. The Clergyman's Companion. able encouragement, proposals will This work will be printed in 4 octavo be issued for printing the Old Tes. volumes, of 500 pages each, on a super. tament in the same manner. fine wove paper, and new type. The

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