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The Publishers beg respectfully to inform the Clergy that

a number of the PASTOR'S ASSISTANT will be published

before the first day of every month, and that it may be obtained

at the usual time of other periodical publications by being ordered through any Bookseller in Town or Country. Those persons who wish to receive it regularly by Post, may do so by

remitting the amount of a Year's Subscription, with the addition of two shillings for postage, toMr. Shayler, Wonston, Whitchurch, Hants.A Post Office Order for Eight Shillings will be the easiest way of making this remittance. When this is

done the Numbers will be regularly sent so as to arrive on or

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JANUARY 1, 1842.



It is with much hesitation that the present work is respectfully offered by a clergyman of the Church of England, to his brethren in the ministry. The object proposed has been long contemplated; and the mode of effecting it has taken its present form through the operation of various circumstances. The difficulties experienced by the editor himself, in the commencement of a ministry now of more than twenty years continuance, originally gave rise to the plan; and an extensive observation of similar difficulties, especially in the early period of the ministry of young men, has led at length to the publication of The Pastor's Assistant.'

There is no profession in which so unreasonable a difference exists between the results expected from a young man on beginning his work, and the means afforded him for obtaining a practical knowledge of that in which he engages, as the profession of a parish Priest. The preparation for a degree at the University, whatever stock of theological knowledge it may afford,

VOL. 1.-NO. 1.

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