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Keith's (Thos.) Elements of Plane Trigonometry, 8vo. 14s

Keith's (Thos.) Complete Measurer, 12mo. bd. 5s

Keith's (Thos.) Key to ditto, by Maynard, 12mo. bd. 4s 6d Lardner's Steam-Engine Explained and Illustrated, plates, 8vo. 7s 6d Lardner's (Dr.) Cabinet Cyclopædia, published in Monthly Volumes, foolscap 8vo. each 6s

Mechanics, 1 vol., by Captain Kater,

and Dr. Lardner

Outlines of History, by Thomas Keightley, Esq., 1 vol.

Preliminary Discourse on Natural Phi-
losophy, 1 vol., by Sir J. S. Hers-

Hydrostatics, &c. 1 vol., by Dr. Lardner
Treatise on Optics, 1 vol., by Sir David

Treatise on the Manufactures in Metal,
Vol. 1, 2, and 3, 18s

Treatise on Chemistry, 1 vol.
Treatise on Heat, by Dr. Lardner,
1 vol.

Treatise on Astronomy, by Sir John
Herschell, 1 vol.

History of Natural Philosophy, by
Professor Powell

Lives of Eminent Literary and Scien-
tific Men, Vol. 1

Leithead's Treatise on Electricity, foolscap 8vo. 8s

Lyell's Elements of Geology, 12mo. 10s 6d Lyell's Principles of Geology, plates, last edition, 4 vol. 12mo. bds. 17 16s M'Adam's (John L.) Remarks on the pre

sent System of Road Making, 8vo. 7s 6d

M'Adam (John L.) on the Management of

Trusts for the Turnpike Roads, 8vo. 6s M'Culloch's Dictionary, Practical, Theo

retical, and Historical, of Commerce and Commercial Navigation Maltebrun's System of Geography, with an Index of 44,000 names, complete in 9 vol., 8vo Maltebrun's Principles of Geography, in

1 vol. 8vo., 2nd edition improved by the editor, of the most recent Information derived from various sources, boards. 15s

Marratt's (W.) Theory and Practice of Mechanics, plates, 8vo. 12s. Boston Mahan on Civil Engineering, by Barlow,

4to. 14s

Matthews' (W.) Hydraulia, an Historical and Descriptive Account of the Water Works of London, several Plates of Plans, Details, &c., 18s.

Matthew's (W.) Historical Sketch of the Origin and Progress of Gas Lighting, 12mo. 7s 6d

Matthew's (W.) Compendium of Gas Lighting, plates, 12mo. 4s 6d Matthew's (W.) Gas Lighting Projects, Facts of New Schemes, &c. 8vo. bd. Milne (J.) on the Steam-Engine, 1 vol. 8vo. 1/ 1s

Milne's Plans for the Floating of Stranded Vessels, plates, 8vo. 3s

Milne on the Tidal Currents, at Leith, plan, 1s

Milne's Two Views of the Steam-Engine, on a roller, 17 10s Mitscherlich's Practical and Experimental

Chemistry, by Stephen Love Ham-
mick, M.D., 100 woodcut illustrations,
cloth lettered, 10s 6d

Moseley's Mechanics applied to the Arts,
2nd edition, post 8vo. 6s 6d
Moyle's (S.) Report for a Breakwater in
Plymouth Sound, plates, 4to. 5s
Nesbit's (A.) Treatise on Practical Land
Surveying, plates, 8vo. 12s

Nesbit's (A.) Treatise on Mensuration, 12mo. bd. 5s

Nichols, Priestly, and Walker's New Map

of the Navigable Rivers, Canals, and Railways of Great Britain, derived from Original and Parliamentary Documents, on 6 sheets

Plain, 37 3s

Coloured, 37 13s 6d

Ditto, on a roller, in case, 4l 14s 6d Nichols, Priestley, and Walker's Book of Reference to ditto, 4to. 27 2s Nicholson's (Peter) Practical Treatise on

the Construction of the Oblique Arch, with an Appendix

Nicholson's (Peter) New and Extended

Treatise on Projection, together with a complete system of Isometrical Drawings; the whole practically applied to Architecture, Building, Carpentry, Machinery, Ship-building, Astronomy, and Dialling, with numerous plates, 8vo. 17 1s Nicholson's (J.) Operative Mechanic and British Machinist, with Supplement, by Charles Taylor, plates, large thick 8vo. 17 11s 6d

Nicholson's (Peter) Architectural and Engineering Dictionary, very neatly halfbound in calf, 4l 10s Nicholson's Practical Builder, thick 4to. 17 18s

Nicholson's Student's Instructor for Drawing the Five Orders, 8vo. very neat, 6s 6d

Nicholson's Practical Treatise on Masonry,

and Stone Cutting, 43 plates, 2nd edition, royal 8vo. bds. 16s Observations on the Law of Copyright, 2s Pambour's (Dr.) Theory of the Steam-engine, 8vo. 12s

Parnel's (Sir Henry) Treatise on Roads, 8vo. 17 1s

Partington on the Steam-engine, plates, 8vo. 10s 6d

Pasley's (Col.) Observations on Limes and Calcareous Cements, 8vo. with numerous woodcuts, 14s

Penn's Tables for Cast and Wrought Iron Bars, &c. 2s

Perkins (J.) on the Explosion of Steam Boilers, plates, 8vo. Is 6d

Perry's (Capt. J.) Account of the Stopping of Daggenham Beach, large plan, 8vo.

6s Perronet's Great Work on Bridges and

Civil Engineering, 2 vol. 4to., and a large folio of plates, 61 6s Practical Engineer's Pocket Guide, 32mo. 1s 6d

Pryce's Treatise on Mining, the methods of working Tin, Copper, and Lead Mines, and an explanation of mining terms, folio, bds. scarce, 1l 5s. 1773 Principles of Warming and Ventilating Public Buildings, published at 16s, 6s 6d.

Provis' Scientific, Historical, and Descrip

tive Account of the Suspension Bridge constructed over the Menai Strait, in North Wales, with a brief Notice of Conway Bridge

Large Atlas folio, 17 very finely engraved plates, 47 14s 6d

A few copies only of proofs on india paper, 61 6s

Professional Survey of the Old and New London Bridges, and their approaches, 8vo. portrait of John Rennie, 2s Quetelet on the Calculation of Probabilities, translated by Beamish, 12mo. cloth bds. lettered, 4s 6d

Reid's Remarks on Arugo's Statements on the Steam-engine, 8vo. 2s 6d Reid (Colonel) on Storms, royal 8vo. cloth bds. 1l 1s

Repertory of Arts and Manufactures, complete

Richardson (C. J.) on Warming and Ven

tilating Buildings, 2nd edition, 12s 6d Rendel's New Work on Floating Bridges, Robert's Mechanics' Assistant, containing

Tables of Measures, Weights, and Powers, &c., &c. half-bound, 3s Robson's (T. C.) Treatise on Marine Surveying, 8vo. 10s 6d

Robson's (J.) Treatise on Geodesie Opera

tions, or County-Surveying and Levelling, plates, 8vo. 7s

Ross's (Sir John) Treatise on Navigation by

Steam, comprising an History of the Steam-engine, and a Essay towards a System of the Naval Tactics Peculiar to Steam Navigation, 4to. 17 1s Robinson's Mechanical Philosophy, 4 vol. 8vo. plates, very scarce

Rumford's (Count) Essay, 3 vol. 8vo. 174s Scott's Lessons on Machinery and Mechanical Drawing, plates, folio, part 1, 7s 6d Seaward's (J.) Observations on the Rebuilding of London Bridge and on Arches, plates, 8vo. 12s

Simm's (F. W.) Treatise on Pocket and Office Instruments used by Engineers and Architects, in the press

Simm's Practical Treatise on Drawing Instruments, 12mo. 2s 6d

Simm's Practical Treatise on Levelling, 8vo. cloth bds. lettered, 6s

Simm's Practical Treatise on Making of Roads, 8vo. sewed, 2s

Sopwith on Isometrical Drawing, 2nd edition, 8vo. cloth bds. 16s

Sopwith on Projecting and Parallel Rules, 2nd edition, mounted or bd. 3s 6d Sopwith's Account of Mining Districts, 12mo. plain bds. 4s 6d Sopwith's Geological Sections, 4to. 10s 6d Stalkartt's Naval Architecture, large Atlas

folio of plates, and crown folio text, 4/4s Stephenson's Scientific Description of the Locomotive Engine, medium 4to. cloth bds. ll 1s

Stevens on the Pointing of Guns at Sea, 8vo. sewed, 1s 6d

Smeaton's Builder's Pocket Manual, 5s
Smeaton's (J.) Reports, Estimates, and
Treatises on Canals, Rivers, Harbours,
Piers, Bridges, Draining, Embanking,
Lighthouses, Machinery, Fire-engines,
Mills, &c. with other Papers, drawn up
in the course of his employment, 1
thick vol. 72 plates, 31 3s
Smeaton's Eddystone Lighthouse, folio,
many plates, very neat, 21 12s 6d
Smith on Cements, 8vo. with plates, 12s
Turnbull's Treatise on Cast Iron Beams

and Columns, 8vo. bds. 10s 6d Turnbull's Cast Iron Sections of Beams, 8vo. 4s 6d

Turnbull on the Strength and Stiffness of
Timber, 8vo. 8s 6d
Transactions of the Royal Society of Lon-

don, from its commencement in 1665
to 1800, abridged by Hutton, 18 vol.
4to. bds. and continued from that time
to 1817, by the Transactions at large,

in parts, in all 35 vol. 4to. 15/15s. London, 1809-18 Transactions of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 4to. Vol. 1, 17 10s-Vol. 2, 178s

Tredgold on the Strength of Cast Iron, plates, 8vo. 12s

Tredgold's Work on the Steam-engine, by Woolhouse, 41 4s

Tredgold's Principles of Carpentry, 3rd edition, 4to. 21 2s

Tredgold on Railroads, 8vo. 8s

Tredgold's Tracts on Hydraulics, plates, large 8vo. 12s

Templeton's Millwright's and Engineer's Companion, plates, 12mo. 6s

Telford's Rules for Roads, 8vo. 2s Thomson's Epitome of the Progress of Science, for 1838, 3s 6d

Topographical Views of the Antiquities, &c.

of Great Britain, comprising 1042 plates from the Beauties of England and Wales, arranged in Counties, 5 vols. 8vo. 5/ 5s

Waistell's Designs for Agricultural Buildings, with 12 engraved plates of Plans, Elevations, Views of Homesteads, &c., &c. 4to. bds. 1l 1s

Whishaw's Analysis of Railways, 8vo. 13s 6d

Whewell's Doctrine of Limits, 8vo. 9s Wiebeking's Civil Engineer, in German, large oblong folio

Wood's (N.) Practical Treatise on Railroads and Interior Communication in General, 8vo. plates, 18s

Year Book of Facts in Science and Art, foolscap 8vo. 5s

Yorke's Tables of the Weights of Square, Round, and Flat Wrought Iron, bds. 5s Young's Analytical Geometry, part 1, 12mo. 6s 6d


The Government Report on the Great Western Railway, now in progress Report on the Birmingham Railway Report on the Southampton Railway Report on the Hull and Selby Railway Various Reports on the Railways now before the Houses of Parliament Strickland's Reports on Canals, Railways, Roads, &c., oblong 4to. plates, very neat, 31 13s 6d

Reports on Highland Roads and Bridges, 2 vol. plates, 27 10s

Reports on the Caledonian Canal, 2 vol. plates, folio, 31 3s

Reports on the Holyhead Roads, by Thomas Telford, plates, folio, 17 11s 6d

Reports on Supplying Water to the 'Metropolis, 2 parts, plates, 1s 6d Reports on Lighthouses, maps, thick folio, 10s 6d

Reports on Gurney's Steam Carriages, folio, 2s 6d

Reports on Sewers of the Metropolis, fol. 6s Reports on Steam Navigation to India, folio, 10s

Railways, &c.

Badnall's (R.) Treatise on Railway Improvements, 8vo. 7s

Barlow on Malleable Iron and on Iron Rails, 2 parts, 8vo. 10s. 1835 Barlow's Controversy with Dr. Lardner

on Gradients, in the Philosophical Magazine for January, February, and March, 1836, 7s 6d

Barlow's Answer to Lecount on Iron Rails, 2s 6d

Birmingham and London Railway, map, 12s. 1836

Birmingham and London Railway divided into two parts, one the London end, and the other the Birmingham, mounted on cloth and in a case, 1l 1s Birmingham and London Railway, mounted on cloth, in a 4to case, 17 5s Birmingham Railway (Extracts of the Evidence on the), 8vo. 1s. 1832 Brighton and London Railway Bills, Examination of Robert Stephenson, Esq., G. P. Bidder, Esq., Sir John Rennie, and Joseph Lock, Esq., 8vo. 7s. 1836 Concise History of Steam Carriages on Common Turnpike Roads, plates, 8vo. 1s 6d Cumming's (T. G.) Origin and Progress of Rail and Tramroads and Steam Carriages, plate, 8vo. 3s. 1824 Daglish (R.) on Parallel Rails and Pedestals, 2 large plates, 10s 6d. 1836 Fairburn's (H.) Treatise upon the Political Economy of Railways, 8vo. 8s 6d Gordon's (A.) Treatise upon Elementary Locomotion and Interior Communication, plates, 8vo. 10s 6d. 1834 Gibb's (of London) Report upon the several Proposed Lines for a Brighton Railway, large plan of the Projected Lines of Stephenson, Rennie, Cundy, Gibbs, Palmer, and Vignoles, 8vo. 5s. 1836

Gray (T.) on a General Iron Railway, or Land Steam Conveyance, plates, 8vo. 5s 6d. 1836

Gurney's Observations on Steam Carriages on Turnpike Roads, plates, 8vo. 1s

Lecount's (Lieut.) Examination of Profes

sor Barlow's Report on Iron Rails, plates, 8vo. 7s 6d. 1836

Lecount's (Lieut.) Letter from Jonah to Professor Barlow on Iron Rails, 8vo. 2s 6d. 1836 Liverpool and Manchester Railroad, plates, thick folio volume, 1825

London Grand Junction Railway, Evidence before the Lords' Committee, complete, 10 parts, folio, 12s. 1836 Maceroni (F.) on Steam Power, 8vo. 1s. 1836 Minutes of Evidence before the Lords on the Hull and Selby Railway Bill, 2 parts, folio, 3s. 1836 Minutes of Evidence on the Cheltenham and Great Western Railway Bill, 2 parts, folio, 3s. 1836

North Midland Railway, Evidence before the Lords' Committee, 2 parts, folio, all published, 3s. 1836

Steam Carriages (Report on), 8vo. 3s 6d. 1834

[blocks in formation]

London and Southampton Railway, Examination and Evidence, 20 parts, folio, 1834

Brighton Railway Bill, Evidence and Examination, 5 parts, folio, 1836 Sheffield and Rotherham Railway, Evidence and Examination, 11 parts, folio, 1835

North Midland Railway Bill, Evidence and Examination, with Report, 6 parts, 1836

Hull and Selby Railway Bill, Evidence and Examination, with Report, 6 parts, folio, 1836

Works published in America. Bartlett's Treatise on Optics, 8vo. 14s Bowditch's Méchanique Céleste of Laplace, translated with a Commentary, 4 vol.


Danas' Elements of Mineralogy, 8vo. 18s Davies' Treatise on Shades and Shadows, Linear Perspective, with plates, royal 8vo. 14s

Eastman on Topographical Drawing, 8vo. plates, 6s

Evans' Millwright's and Miller's Guide, 8vo. new edition, 18s

Maban's Elementary Treatise on Civil Engineering, with plates, 3rd edition, enlarged, 8vo. 14s

Shephard's Treatise on Mineralogy, 8vo. half-bound, 16s

Silliman's Elements of Chemistry, 2 vol. 8vo. 1/ 12s

Storrow's Treatise on Water-works, 12mo. 7s 6d

The American Journal of Science and Arts President Wayland's Work, Elements of Moral Science, 6th edition, 8vo. 9s

DRURY, 17, Bridgewater Square, Barbican, London.

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