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Second Series, which, in addition to the acknowledged excellence of the First Series, has this advantage-instead of lithography, the finest engravings on steel have been adopted, at a large outlay; the publisher trusting to the extensive patronage of the profession to repay him this additional expense. The following detailed list will show the important matter contained in this Volume, and its superiority over some similar works, which have been got up without an editor, from the combined feeling of miserly economy and presumptuous ignorance.

[blocks in formation]

7.-Bridge at Cheltenham, Birmingham and Gloucester Railway. Captain Moorsom. 8.-Ditto, ditto.

9.-Bridge No. 35, Bredon contract, ditto, ditto. 10.-Tewkesbury Depôt, ditto, ditto. 11.-Ditto, ditto.

12.-Swing Bridge, London Docks. H.R.Palmer. 13.-Ditto, ditto.

14.-Elevation of the Stockport Viaduct, Manchester and Birmingham Railway. G. W. Buck.

15.-Congleton Viaduct, ditto, ditto. 16.-Ditto, ditto.

17.-Viaduct across the Vale of Fleury, Paris and Versailles Railway. M. Perdonnett. 18.-Bridge over the River Cart, Glasgow, Greenock, and Paisley Railway. J. Locke. 19.-Bridge over South Croft Street, ditto, ditto. 20.-Bridge over Cook Street, Glasgow, ditto, ditto.

21.-Bridge over Cook Street, Glasgow, ditto, ditto.

22.-Bridge over the Pollack and Govan Railway, ditto, ditto.

23.-Ditto, ditto.

[blocks in formation]

30.-Details of construction of ditto, ditto. 31.-Forth and Cart Junction Canal, details of lock. J. Macneill.

32.-Ditto, ditto.

33.-Details of lock-gates to ditto, ditto. 34.-Details of lower lock-gates to ditto, ditto. 35.-Ditto, ditto.

36.-Embankment wall of the New Houses of Parliament. J. Walker and A. Burgess. 36.-Swing Bridge, St. Katharine's Docks. T. Telford.

37.-Ditto, ditto.

38.-Ditto, ditto.

39.-Ditto, ditto.

40.-Ditto, ditto.

41.-Ditto, ditto.

42.-Ditto, ditto. 43.-Ditto, ditto.

44.-Bridge over the Rochdale Canal, at Scowcroft, Manchester and Leeds Railway. T. L. Gooch.

45.-Ditto, ditto. 46.-Ditto, ditto. 47.-Locomotive Engine constructed for the London and Southampton Railway. G. and J. Rennie, 48.-Ditto, ditto. 49.-Ditto, ditto.

50.-Quay wall, Grangemouth Harbour. J. Macneill. 51.-Ditto, ditto.

52.-Timber pier, ditto, ditto. 53.-Ditto, ditto.

54.-Bridge over the river Soad, at Stamford, Midland Counties Railway. C. Vignoles. 55.-Details of construction of ditto, ditto. 56.-Bridge for road from Banbury to Luterworth, London and Birmingham Railway. R. Stephenson.

57.-Details of iron-work to ditto, ditto. 58.-Ditto, ditto.

59.-Bridge over the Cramlington Railway, Sechill Railway. R. Nicholson.

60.-Ditto, ditto.

61.-Lock upon the river Cam.

The FIRST SERIES of RAILWAY PRACTICE can be had uniformly bound with the Second-either Plain or Coloured.

In 1 handsome 4to Volume, nearly 40 Sheets of Letter-press. Illustrated with Six large Working Drawings, beautifully engraved on Copper, by KELSALL, of Hawthorne's Paris and Versailles Locomotive Engines, and Descriptions.



Consisting of a copious Abstract and Glossary of the Evidence on the several Railway Bills when before Parliament, properly digested, abbreviated, and arranged, with the Marginal Notes.

Now Ready, in 1 Volume, 8vo. cloth gold lettered, dedicated by permission to the President and Council of the College of Engineers.





This book, on an entirely original plan, will be found of extensive utility in every class where Mathematics form a part of the student's instruction.

Also, by the same Author,


Also, by the same Author. 4to. Price 30s.




ADCOCK'S Engineer's Pocket-book, for 1840, 6s

Alderson (M. A.) on the Nature and Application of Steam, plates, 8vo. new bds. 10s.

Andreossi (F.) Histoire du Canal du Midi,
Arcana of Science and Art for 1838-9-40,
5s each
Architectural and Engineering Chronicle

of Germany (The). Edited by Ar-
chitects and Engineers of all Countries.
The object of this work is to collect
and arrange the contemporary know-
ledge of Europe concerning Architec-
ture and Engineering, and by this
means enable different countries to
exchange ideas, forming one vast com-
munity of art.

Armstrong on Steam-Engine Boilers, 2nd edition, 8vo. 8s

Arnott on Warming and Ventilating, 8vo. cloth, 5s

Arnott's (Dr.) Elements of Physics, or Natural Philosophy; written for uni

versal use,
in plain or non-technical
language, 8vo. 5th edition, enlarged.
Vol. 2 (price 21s) has Treatises on
Mechanics, Hydrostatics (with an ac-
count of the Floating Bed, lately con-
trived by Dr. Arnott, for the relief of
the bed-ridden), Pneumatics, Acoustics,
Animal Mechanics, &c.; Vol. 2, part 1
(price 10s 6d), on Heat, Optics, &c. ;
and Vol. 2, part 2 (to complete the
work), on Electricity, Magnetism, and

"A useful and elegant work."- SIR J.

Arrowsmith's (A.) new General Atlas, containing the recent Discoveries of Ross, Parry, Franklin, Denham, Clapperton, &c. royal 4to. half bound, 11 16s Astronomical Observations at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, from 1765 to 1806, by Maskelyne, 4 vol. folio. Astronomical Observations, at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, from 1811 to 1835, by Pond, 9 vol. folio.

Attwood on Arches,

parts, plates, 4to.

1/ 3s Attwood (G.) on the Construction and Properties of Arches, 2 parts, plates, 4to. 17 4s. 1801-4.

Bailey's Account of Mechanical Machines, approved by the Society of Arts, thick folio, 100 plates, neat, 17s Bailly Histoire de l'Astronomie ancienne et moderne, 4 vol. 4to. Paris, 1781 Baines' (E.) History of the Cotton Manufacture in Great Britain, portraits and plates, large 8vo. cloth boards and gold lettered, 15s

Bakewell's (R.) Introduction to Geology, 4th edition, greatly enlarged with plates, &c. 8vo. 17 1s

Banks on Mills, plates, 8vo. 6s

Barlow's New Mathematical Tables, 8vo. 14s Barlow on the Strength and Stress of Timber, 16s

Barlow's Treatise on the Strength of Timber, Cast Iron, Malleable Iron, and other Materials, 16s Barlow's (P.) Manufactures and Machinery of Great Britain, to which is prefixed an Introductory View of the Principles of Manufactures, by Charles Babbage, Esq., F.R.S., &c., large and thick 4to. containing 87 plates, 31 3s. 1836 Bayldon's (J. S.) Arts of Valuing Rents and Tillages, 8vo. 7s

Bayldon's Treatise on the Valuation of Property for the Poor's Rate, &c. 8vo. 7s 6d Bayley's (Rev. John) Elements of Algebra, for the use of Eton School, 8vo. 8s Beaumont's (B.) Hints for preventing

Damage by Fire in the Construction and Warming of Buildings, 8vo. 3s. Bennett's Artificer's complete Lexicon, La

bour prices for Builder's work, 2nd edition, 8vo. 15s Bennett's Original Geometrical Illustrations, 55 plates, neatly bound in cloth, 1/ 1s

Bennett's Pocket Director for Millwrights
and Engineers, 18mo. 3s 6d
Bennett's Pocket Director for Carpenters,
Builders, and Cabinet Makers, 3s 6d
Bennett's Pocket Director for Bricklayers,

Stone Masons, and Plasterers, 3s 6d Bennett's Pocket Director for Plumbers, Painters, Glaziers, and House Decorators, 3s 6d

Bidder's (George, the celebrated calculator), Tables, showing the contents of Excavations, for Estimating Public Works. On a Card, for the Office, 4s 6d-as a Book, 3s 6d-on Paper, 2s 6d Billington's Architectural Director, 2nd

edition, 8vo. enlarged, and illustrated by nearly 100 plates and tables, 11 8s "A work of Standard reputation on the Theory and Practice of Architecture; it is very handsomely got up, and very cheap."-Mechanic's Magazine. Birkbeck's (Dr.) Lecture on Timber, by Kyan's Patent, plates, 8vo. 1s Bland (W.) on Arches, Piers, &c., 8vo, 7s Brett's (W.) Principles of Astronomy, part 1, containing Plane Astronomy, 8vo. 10s

Brett's (W.) Principles of Astronomy, part 2, containing Physical Astronomy, 8vo. 10s

Brewster's Encyclopædia, 18 vol., plates, 4to., half-russia, 187 18s.

Bridgen's Views of Canton Bridge, erected

over the new line of the Birmingham Canal, at Smithwick, in the county of Stafford,in 1826, large size, india paper, 5s

Bridge's (Rev. B.) Treatise on Algebra, 8vo. 7s

Brayley's Graphic and Historical Illustrator, 150 cuts, 4to. 8s. cloth, 3s 6d Bright's Tables for Calculating the Value of Estates, post 8vo. 10s 6d Brougham's (Lord) Dissertations on Science, forming the concluding vols. of Paley, 2 vols. 18s

Brunton's (R.) Compendium of Mechanics, 12mo. 3s 6d

Brunton on Excavating Ground and forming

Embankments for Railways, 8vo. 2s 6d Butler's (Dr. S.) Atlas of Modern Geography, consisting of 23 coloured Maps, from a new set of Plates, with a complete index of all the Names, halfbound 12s

Butler's (Dr. S.) Atlas of Ancient Geography, consisting of 22 coloured Maps, with a complete accentuated Index, half-bound, 12s

Butler's (Dr. S.) General Atlas of Ancient

and Modern Geography, 45 coloured Maps and 2 Indexes, half-bound, 1/ 4s Buchanan on the Teeth of Wheels, 8vo. 5s Buchanan on Mill-work and other Machinery, by T. Tredgold, 2 vol. plates, 8vo. 1/ 4s

Buchanan on the Shafts of Mills, 8vo. bds, scarce, 9s 6d

Buck on Skew Arches, as applicable to Railways, &c., 14s.

Burr's Elements of Practical Geology, with its Application to Mining, Engineering, Architecture, &c. 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d

"A simple, clear, and useful Manual; portable and cheap."-Metropolitan Magazine.

Cambridge Mathematical Journal Camus on the Teeth of Wheels, 8vo. plates, bds. 8s 6d

Claxton's (T.) Hints to Mechanics, foolscap. 8vo., cloth, 4s

Conversations on Chemistry, plates, 2 vol.

12mo. 14s

Conversations on Natural Philosophy,plates, 12mo. 10s 6d

Conversations on Mineralogy, 2 vol. 12mo. Courtenay's (E. H.) Elementary Treatise

on Mechanics, translated from the French of Bourcharlat, neat in calf, plates, 14s 6d. New York, 1833 Crocker's (A.) Elements of Land Surveying, 12mo. bd. 9s

Cumming on Suspension Bridges, plates, 8vo. 4s

Cumming's Works on Clock and Watch Making, and other Sciences, thick 4to. half-bound, 12s

Daniels' (W.) Views of the New Docks in

the Metropolis, in 6 large plates, ele-
gantly coloured, comprising Panoramic
Views of the surrounding Country,
5s 6d each.

The Subjects are: the London Docks; the
East India Docks; the Commercial
Docks, at Rotherhithe; the Brunswick;
the New Dock, at Wapping; and the
West India Docks.

Daguerre's History of Photogenic Drawing, 8vo. 2s 6d

Darby's Student's Algebra, bd. 3s 6d
Davies' (T. S.) Solutions of the Principal
Questions of Dr. Hutton's Course of
Mathematics, forming a General Key
to that Work, 8vo. 17 4s
Davy on the Safety Lamp, 8vo. 5s
Day's Railway Calculator, foolscap 8vo. 5s
Dix's Complete Practical Treatise on Land

Surveying, 200 Diagrams, and a Plan
of an Estate, &c. 6th edition, with ad-
ditions, 8vo. 8s

Dodd and Hann's Mechanics for Practical Men, 8vo. 7s 6d

Douglas on Military Bridges, plates, 2nd edition, 8vo. 1/

Drewry's (C. S.) Memoirs on Suspension Bridges, 8vo. 12s

Civil Engineer and Machinist (The). Practi

cal Treatises on Civil Engineering, Engineer Building, Machinery, Mill Work, Engine Work, Iron Founding, &c., &c., designed for the use of Engineers, Iron Masters, Manufacturers and Operative Mechanics. By Charles John Blunt, consisting of Examples worked through their entire detail of fundamental principle, organization, and progress of execution, and being in

every case the known great works of British and Foreign Engineering complete, and at length accompanied by full Reports, Specifications, Estimates, and Journals of Progress, and illustrated by the formulæ, calculations, tables, &c. in use by the first authorities, 5 parts, price 21s each division. Edgeworth on Roads and Carriages, 8vo. bds., plates, 7s 6d

Elements of Algebra, for the use of Harrow School, 12mo. 3s 6d.

Emerson's Principles of Mechanics, plates, 8vo. 12s

Evan's Young Millwright, with additions by Jones, 8vo. 21 plates, 18s. Philadelphia.

Farey's (John) Treatise on the Steam Engine, Historical, Practical, and Descriptive, illustrated by numerous Woodcuts and 25 Copper-plates, engraved by Wilson Lowry, from Drawings by Mr. Farey, 4to. bds. 5l 5s

The present volume concludes at that part of the History of the invention of the Steam Engine, when it had been brought to that degree of perfection, in which all its principles of action were fully developed and realized in practice. The remainder of the subject will consist of technical descriptions of structure of such steam engines as are now in use; this, with their applications to various purposes, will form the subject of another volume, considerable preparations for which have been made, and for which most of the plates have already been engraved by the late Wilson Lowry.

Fairbairn's Treatise upon the Political Economy of Railroads, in which the new mode of Locomotion is considered, in its influence upon the affairs of Nations, 1 vol. 8vo. with cuts, 6s 6d Fulton on Canal Navigation, plates, 4to. 10s

Fuller's (J.) Essay on Wheel Carriages, 8vo.

Fyfe's (Dr. A.) Manual of Chemistry, chiefly for the use of Mechanics' Institutions, 12mo. 7s

Fourneau, l'Art du Trait de Charpenterie, 88 plates, 11 10s

Fox on the oblique Arch, royal 8vo. 2s 6d Frome on Military Surveying, 8vo. cloth bds. 10s 6d

Galloway (T.) on Probabilities, from the

Encyclopædia Brittanica, post 8vo. 6s Gallery of Practical Science, containing Mechanics of Fluids and Hydraulic Architecture, by Dr. Alexander Jamieson. The subjects contained in this Work have hitherto been considered as desiderata, in the Mechanics of En

gineering; with a view therefore of supplying these desiderata this Work is now published, entitled "Mechanics of Fluids," comprising Hydrodynamics and Hydraulic Architecture; illustrated by Practical Examples, and numerous Engravings in Wood and Copperplates, in 1 vol. 8vo., cloth, gold lettered, 17s

"It is a work," says Dr. Birkbeck, in a letter to the Editor, 18th March, 1837, "which will accomplish a great desideratum in practical science; for although there occurs much mathematical inves tigation, there is nothing which ought not to be easily understood and thoroughly known, by every individual who attempts any practical pursuit connected with the subjects which you have handled. Indeed I consider this publication an admirable text-book for engineers of every description; and also peculiarly adapted for the libraries and lecture-rooms of mechanics' institutions."

Gauthey sur les Ponts et Canaux, 3 vol. plates, 4to. 37 10s

Guest's History of the Cotton Manufactures, plates, 4to. 6s 6d Gibbons' Law of Dilapidations, 8vo. cloth bds. 9s

Gibbons' Law of Fixtures, 12mo. 3s 6d Gordon on Locomotion, 2nd edition, plates, 10s 6d

Gregory's Mechanics, 3 vol. plates, 8vo. 17 16s

Gregory's (Olinthus) Lectures on Philosophy, Astronomy, and Chemistry, plates, 2 vol. 12mo. 14s Gregory's (Olinthus) Treatise of Mecha

nics, Theoretical, Practical, and Descriptive, 3 vol., 8vo. 21 2s

Grier's (W.) Mechanic's Calculator, portrait, 12mo. 5s 6d. Gwilt on Arches, 5s

Higgins' Experimental Philosopher, cloth lettered, 7s 6d

"A more useful work on questions of a Chemical and Scientific character has not for some time appeared."-Conservative.

Hill, on the Construction of Timber, from its early Growth, plates, 8vo. 4s. Hall's (Sidney) New General Atlas, of 53 maps, with the Divisions and Boundaries carefully coloured, constructed entirely from new Drawings, corrected to the present time, folded in half, and bound in canvas, 8l 18s 6d Hall's (Sidney) ditto, half-bound in russia,

97 9s

Hall's (Sidney) ditto, in the full extended size of the Maps, half-bound in russia,


Hall's (Sidney) ditto, with proofs on India paper, half-bound in russia, 147 5s

For favourable opinions of this Atlas,
see the Literary Gazette, Gentleman's
Magazine, the Sphynx (conducted by
J. S. Buckingham, Esq.), New Monthly,
Magazine, Globe, &c.

Hart on Oblique Arches, 2nd edition imp. 8vo. 8s

Hawkin's (J. J.) Treatise on the Teeth of Wheels, Pinions, &c., Translated from the French of M. Camus, carefully enlarged with the Details of the present improved practice of Millwrights and Engine-Makers, 8vo. plates, bds. 10s 6d

Hebert's (L.) Engineers and Mechanics' Encyclopædia, with woodcuts, 8vo. 1/ 16s

Hoppers' (F.) Practical Measuring made Easy, long 12mo., bd. 4s

Hort's (W. J.) Sciences and Arts, 2 vol. 8s Holliday (T.) on Land Surveying, 8vo. 10s Hutton's (Dr. C.) Tracts on Mathematical

and Philosophical Subjects, plates, 3 vol. 8vo. 21 8s

Hutton's (Dr. C.) Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary, plates, 2 vol. Hutton's (Dr. C.) Complete Measurer, 12mo. bd. 4s 6d

Hutton's (Dr. C.) Mathematical Tables, royal 8vo. 18s

Hutton's Recreations in Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, 4 vol. 8vo. plates, 1/ 14s. Hullmandel's Art of Drawing on Stone, new edition, 8vo. 7s 6d

Hughes' Practice of Making and Repairing Roads, 3s 6d

Inman's Report of the Committee of the

House of Commons on Ventilation, Warming, and Transmission of Sound, with notes, 8vo. 7s

Inwood's Tables for the purchasing of Estates, bds. 7s

Jackson's Course of Military Surveying, 8vo. 12s 6d

Jopling's (J.) Septenary System of generating Curves, by continued Motion, 8vo. 2s 6d.

Keith's (Thos.) System of Geography for

the use of Schools, on an entirely new plan, in which the recent Alterations in the Division of the Continent are carefully attended to, 12mo. bd. 6s Keith's (Thos.) Key to ditto, by Prior, 12mo. 2s 6d

Keith's (Thos.) Treatise on the Use of the Globes, 12mo. bd. 6s 6d

Keith's (Thos.) Elements of Plane Geometry, 8vo. 10s 6d

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