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POPE JOAN: A Dialogue between a Protestant and a Papist; manifestly

proving, That a Woman, called Joan, was Pope of Rome; against the

surmises and objections made to thg contrary, by Robert Beilarmine and

Caesar Baronius, cardinals; Floriroondas Rsemondus, N. D. and other

popish writers, impudently denying the same. By Alexander Cooke.

London, printed by John Haviland, for William Garrat; and are to be sold

at his shop in Paul's Church-yard, at the sign of the Bull's Head. 1635.

Quarto, containing one hundred and forty pages . . -9

The Baths of Bath: Or, A necessary compendious Treatise concerning the

Nature, Use, and Efficacy of those famous hot Waters; published for the

benefit of all such as yearly, for their health, resort to those baths. With an

advertisement of the great utility that Cometh to mau'a body, by the taking

of pbysick in the spring, inferred upon a question moved, concerning the

frequency of sickness and death of people, more iu that season than any

other. Whereunto is also annexed a Censure concerning the Water of St.

Vincent's Rocks, near Bristol, which begins to grow in great request and use

against the stone. By Tho. Venner, doctor of physick, in Bath. London,

printed by Felix Kyngston, in lGcs. Quarto, containing twenty-six pages no

A Letter concerning some Observations lately made at Bath. Written to his

much honoured friend, Sir E. G. knight and baronet, M. D. in London.

By Thomas Guidott, M. B.

Facilius ducimnr, quam trahhnur. Senec.

London, printed in 1674. Quarto, containing twenty pages. . .125

Considerations touching a War with Spain. Written by the Right Honourable

Francis, Lord Verulam, Viscount of St. Albau's. Imprinted 1629. Quarto,

containing forty-eight pages ..... 133

A Chronological Catalogue, or short Remembrance of the Princes Electors

Palatine of the Rhine, that have been of the house of Bavaria unto this day,

together with their succession and lives. The second edition. Loudon,

printed by William Jones, dwelling in Red,Cross,Street, 1031. Duodecimo,

containing thirty-eight pages. Consecrated and dedicated to the most high

and peerless Princess, Elisabeth, Princess of Great-Britain, Queene of

Bohemia, Duchess of Bavaria, Princess Palatine filectress, &c. By her

Majesty's most aflectionated and bound in all humble duty, W. H . . 155

An Historical Account of the Life and Tryal of Nicholas Anthoine, burnt for

Judaism, at Geneva, in the year 1632. Quarto, containing fifteen pages . 168

Some small and simple Reasons, delivered in a hollow,tree, in Walt ham Forest,

in a lecture, on the thirty-third of March last. By Aminadab Blower, a

devout bellows-mender of Pimlico. Shewing the causes in general and par-

ticular, wherefore they do, might, would, should, or ought, except against

and quite refuse the Liturgy or Book of Common Prayer. Printed, anno

millimo, qniUimo, trillimo. Quarto, containing eight pages . . 177

The great and famous Battle of Lutzen, fought between the renowned King

of Sweden and Walstein. Wherein were left dead upon the place between

five and six thousand of the Swedish party, and between ten and twelve

thousand of the Imperialists; where the king himself was unfortunately

slain, whose death counterpoised all the other. Pappenheim, M erode,

Isolani, and clivers other great commanders were offered up like so many

aacrifices on the Swedish altar, to the memory of their king. Here is also


inserted an abridgement of the king's lite, and a relation of the King of Bo-

hemia's death, faithfully translated out of the French copy. Printed 1633.

Quarto, containing forty-five pages .... 183

The King's Majesty's Declaration to his Subjects, concerning lawful Sports

to be used. Imprinted at London, by Robert Barker, Printer to the King's

most excellent Majesty; and by the assigns of John Bill, 1633, Quarto, con-

taining twenty pages . . . . . .901

The old, old, very old Man: Or, the Age and long Life of Thomas Purr, the

son of John Parr, of Wilmington, in the parish of Alberbury, in the county

of Salop (or Shropshire) who was born in the reign of King Edward the

Fourth, in the year 1483. He lived one hundred and fifty-two years, nine

months, and odd days, and departed this life at Westminster, the fifteenth

of November, 1635, and is now buried in the abbey at Westminster. His

manner of life and conversation in so long a pilgrimage; his marriages, and

his bringing up to London, about the end of September last, 1635. Where-

wito is added a Postscript, shewing the many remarkable accidents that
happened in the life of this old man. Written by John Taylor. Loudon,
printed for Henry Gosson, at his shop on London,bridge, near to the Gate,
l635. Quarto, containing thirty,two pages. . . . 904

A Brief Relation of certain special and most material Passages and Speeches

in the Star-chamber; occasioned and delivered June the fourteenth, 1637,

at the censure ot'those three worthy gentlemen, Dr. Bastwicke, Mr. Burton,

and Mr. Prynne, as it hath been truly and faithfully gathered from their

(wit mouths, by one present at the said censure. Printed in the year lb38.

Quarto, containing twenty-eight pages .... 220

Theeves falling out, True Men come by their Goods 1 Or, The Bel-man

wanted a Clapper. A peale of new villanies rung out: being musical! to

all gentlemen, lawyers, farmers, and all sorts of people that come up to the

tearme: shewing, that the villanies of lewd women doe, by many degrees,

excel! those of men. By Robert Greene.

'Go not by me, but buy mc, and get by me.

London, printed for Henry and Moses Bell, 1037. In black letter, Quarto,

containing forty-eight pages ..... 239

The Anatomy of a Woman's Tongue, divided into five parts: A medicine, a

poison, a serpent, fire, and thunder. Wherennto is added divers new epi-

grams never before printed. The fifth edition, with more new additions.

London, piloted for Richard Harper, and are to be sold at his shop, at the

Hospital-gate, 1638. Duodecimo, containing eighteen pages . .967

A Second and most exact Relation of those sad and lamentable Accidents,

which happened in and abont the parish church of Wydecombc, near the

Dartmoora, in Devonshire, on Sunday, the 3lst of October last,

Come, behold the works of the Lord, ic/iat desolations he hath

made in the earth. Psalm xhi. 8.

Imprimatur Thomas Wyke, R. P. Episc. Lond. Cap. Domest. Printed at

London, by G. M. for R. Harford, and arc to be sold at his shop in Queen's

Head Alley, in Paternoster-Row, at the Gilt Bible, 1638. Quarto, contain-

ing thirty-seven pages . ..... 286

The Marquis of Huntley's Reply to certain Noblemen, Gentlemen, and

Ministers, covenanters of Scotland: sent from their associates, to signify

unto him, that it behoved him either to assist their designs, or to be carried

to prison in the castle of Edinburgh, the 90th of April, 1639. Now pub-

lished, because of a false copy thereof lately printed without authority, or

his own consent. Quarto, containing four pages . . . 20,7

A Question of the Cock, and whether his crowing affrights the Lion? Bring

one of those questions handled in the weekly conferences of Monsieur

Renaodot's Bureau d'Addresses, at Paris. Translated into English, anno

1640, in six qnarto pages . . . 2Qj

A Question, Whether there be nothing new? Being one of those questions

handled in the weekly conferences of Monsieur Renaudot's Bureau d'Ad-

dsesses, at Paris. Translated into English, anno 1640. Quarto, containing

tix pages. London, printed by R. B. for Jasper Emery, at the Eagle and

Child, iu St. Paul's Church,yard', near St. Augu>tone's Gate . .301

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