Albertus Wallenstein: A Tragedy

Front Cover
Charles Baldwyn, Newgatestreet., 1824 - 72 pages

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Page 62 - I'll make me bracelets of his golden hair; His glistening eyes shall be my looking-glass; His lips an altar, where I'll offer up As many kisses as the sea hath sands; Instead of music I will hear him speak; His looks shall be my only library...
Page xi - Italy : 0 that I had a charm to keep the winds Within the closure of a golden ball ; Or that the Tyrrhene sea were in mine arms, That he might suffer shipwreck on my breast, As oft as he attempts to hoist up sail ! 1 must prevent him ; wishing will not serve.
Page 58 - Such bow, such quiver, and such golden shafts, Will Dido give to sweet Ascanius. For Dido's sake I take thee in my arms, And stick these spangled feathers in thy hat: Eat comfits in mine arms, and I will sing.
Page 53 - The Grecian soldiers, tir'd with ten years' war, Began to cry, " Let us unto our ships, Troy is invincible, why stay we here...
Page 29 - ... couldst thou give every virtue his encouragement, every art his due, every writer his desert; cause none more virtuous, witty, or learned than myself. But thou art dead in thy grave and hast left too few successors of thy glory...
Page 55 - Ran in the thickest throngs, and with this sword Sent many of their savage ghosts to hell. At last came Pyrrhus, fell and full of ire, His harness dropping blood, and on his spear The mangled head of Priam's youngest son...
Page 54 - Young infants swimming in their parents' blood, Headless carcasses piled up in heaps, Virgins half-dead, dragg'd by their golden hair, And with main force flung on a ring of pikes, Old men with swords thrust through their aged sides, Kneeling for mercy to a Greekish lad, Who with steel pole-axes dash'd out their brains.
Page 33 - Those words shall hardly be set down with ink Shall scorch and blast so as his could, where he Would inflict vengeance ; and be it said of thee, Shakespeare, thou hadst as smooth a comic...
Page 32 - looke and you shall find a grey haire for everie line I have writ against him ; and you shall have all his beard white too, by the time he hath read over this book.

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