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One, Two, Buckle My Shoe Lucille Enders 41

Solomon Grundy R. F. Babcock 42

A Was An Apple Pie Lucille Enders 43

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star Lucille Enders 44

Key To The Kingdom Lucille Enders 45

Down Tumbled Wheelbarrow Herbert N. Rudeen 46

A Jolly Miller Herbert N. Rudeen 47

Daffy-down-dilly Donn P. Crane 47

Rainbow In The Morning Iris WeddM White 48

Three Ships R. F. Babcock 49

Pease Porridge Hot Lucille Enders 50

Three Geese In A Flock Lucille Enders 51

One-ery, Two-ery, Ickery Ann Lucille Enders 51

Fiddlers Three Herbert N. Rudeen 52

Old King Cole Herbert N. Rudeen 53

Taffy Stole A Piece Of Beef Herbert N. Rudeen 54

Humpty Dumpty Lucille Enders 55

The House That Jack Built w R. F. Babcock 56

Juvenile Literature (Sub-title) HerleH N. Rudeen 61

The Frog Lucille Enders 63

The Fox And The Crow Lucille Enders 64

The Ass In The Lion's Skin R. F. Babcock -65

A Frog Lucille Enders 66

Up In A Swing Lucille Enders 67

The Sun's Travels Lucille Enders 68

The Gnat And The Bull Lucille Enders 70

The Hare And The Tortoise Lucille Enders 71

The Stork Could Not Get The Soup Herbert N. Rudeen 73

The Fox Could Not Reach The Meat Herbert N. Rudeen 74

The Mouse Gnawed At The Big Ropes R. F. Babcock 76

Red Riding Hood And The Wolf Mildred Lyon 79-

The Wolf In The Bed Mildred Lyon 81

Tom Thumb R. F. Babcock 84

A Raven Flew Away With Tom R. F. Babcock 88

Tom Thumb At Kino Arthur's Court R. F. Babcock 91

The Little Old Woman And Her Pig .... Herbert N. Rudeen 97

And Here She Is! Herbert N. Rudeen 105

Rain Lucille Enders 110

Hop-o'-my-thumb Dropped Pebbles R. F. Babcock 114

Hop-o'-my-thumb Pulls Off The Ogre's Boots . . . R. F. Babcock 125

Nurse Helps Me When I Embark Lucille Enders 127

Robert Louis Stevenson (Halftone) 128

Up Into The Cherry Tree Lucille Enders 130

The Fox And The Grapes R. F. Babcock 135

Three Little Pigs Herbert N. Rudeen 136

The Monkey Uses The Cat's Paw R. F. Babcock 143

The Land Of Counterpane Lucille Enders 144

The Cock And The Horse R. F. Babcock 146

The Hardy Tin Soldier Herbert N. Rudeen 148


A Voice Said, "the Tin Soldier!" Herbert N. Rudeen 153

Marching Song Lucille Enders 155

Jack Climbs The Beanstalk Mildred Lyon 159

Jack Takes The Money Baob Mildred Lyon 168

Jack Tricked The Welsh Monster Herbert N. Rudeen 181

Jack In His Coat Of Darkness And Shoes Of Swiftness

Donn P. Crane 185

Thunderdale Fell Into The Moat W. E. Scott 193

Old Gaelic Lullaby Lucille Enders 203

She Quietly Kissed TnE Delicate Leaves Marion Miller 208

Hansel And Grethel Following The Bird Mildred Lyon 216

"come Inside; No One Will Hurt You" Mildred Lyon 218

Hansel On The Duck's Back Mildred Lyon 221

Cinderella's Slipper Mildred Lyon'224

Cinderella Helped Her Sisters Mildred Lyon 227

Cinderella In ThE Fairy Coach Mildred Lyon 228

The Prince's Ball Mildred Lyon 235

Eugene Field (Halftone) 242

ThE Maiden Knelt By The Water Herbert N. Rudeen 249

The Castle Grew While The Maiden Slept Herbert N. Rudeen 251

Where Go The Boats? Lucille Enders 256

The Snow Image Lucille Enders 259

Wynken, Blynken, And Nod Lucille Enders 262

Geese Herbert N. Rudeen 268

The Hare Herbert N. Rudeen 269

The Fox Herbert N. Rudeen 270

The Lion Herbert N. Rudeen 272

The Hunter And The Dragon Herbert N. Rudeen 274

The Prince Shows The Dragon's Tongues . . Herbert N. Rudeen 288

The Drummer On The Brim Of The Giant's Hat . . Donn P. Crane 307

The Drummer And Princess Reunited Donn P. Crane 315

The Palace At End Of Avenue Of Trees Roy Appel 321

The Chest Of Jewels Lucille Enders 327

Beauty's Room Lucille Enders 330

Beauty Took The Prince By The Hand Lucille Enders 337

The Owl And The Pussy-cat Lucille Enders 339

The Enchanted Stag R. F. Babcock 341

The Golden Blrd Donn P. Crane 352

Feather Donn P. Crane 353

The Fox Aids The Youngest Brother Donn P. Crane 355

The Bird Screamed Donn P. Crane 357

The King's Son Rode Away With The Maiden And The Bird

Donn P. Crane 361

The King Welcomed His Youngest Son Donn P. Crane 365

Brock At The Forge Donn P. Crane 371

Brock Gave The Hammer To Thor Donn P. Crane 375

The Flax Mildred Lyon 378

The Duel Lucille Enders 384

Atalanta Stooped For The Apple Iris Weddell White 391

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