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The Fox And The Grapes 135

The Three Little Pigs 130

Little Birdie Alfred Tennyson 142

The Cat And The Chestnuts 142

The Land Of Counterpane Robert Louis Stevenson 144

The Cock And The Horses 140

The Brown Thrush Lucy Ixireom 147

The Hardy Tin Soldier Han* Christian Andersen 14S

The Bat And The Two Weasels 154

Marching Song Robert Louis Stevenson 155

Jack And The Beanstalk 150

Bed In Summer Robert Louis Stevenson 173

The Goose ThAT Laid The Golden Eggs 173

Jack The Giant-killer 174

Block City Robert Louis Stevenson 190

The Mice And The Cat 197

From A Railway Carriage ........ Robert Ijouis Stevenson 198

Fairy Bread Robert Louis Stevenson 198

The Town Mouse And The Country Mouse 199

A Riddle 202

Old Gaelic Lullaby 203

Sleep, Baby, Sleep 204

The Pea Blossom Hans Christian Andersen 205

Hansel And Grethel Wilhelm and Jakob Grimm 210

The Lion, The Fox And The Ass 223

Cinderella 224

Seein' Things Eugene Field 240

Eugene Field 242

A Riddle 245

Norse Lullaby Eugene Field 246

The Three Tasks Wilhelm and Jakob Grimm 247

Where Go The Boats? Robert Louis Stevenson 250

The Snow Maiden 257

Wynken, Blynken, And Nod Eugene Field 2G2

The Twin Brothers Wilhelm and Jakob Grimm 204

Industry And Sloth 300

Whole Duty Of Children Robert Ixniis Stevenson 301

The Tree Bjornstjcrnc Bjornson 301

Young NighT Thought Robert Louis Stevenson 302

The Drummer Wilhelm and Jakob Grimm 303

Stop, Stop, Pretty Water Mrs. Eliza Lee Follen 317

Beauty And The Beast 318

The Horse And The Stag 338

The Owl And The Pussy Cat '. Edward Lear 339

Time To Rise Robert Louis Stevenson 340

The Enchanted Stag Wilhelm and Jakob Grimm 341

Keepsake Mill Robert Louis Stevenson 349

Foreign Childhen Robert Ijouis Stevenson 351

The Golden Bird Wilhelm and Jakob Grimm 352



Cinderella And Her Godmother (Color Plate) Hazel Frazee Frontispiece

Nursery Rhymes (Sub-title) Lucille Enders 1

Rock-a-bye, Baby Lucille Enders 3

Pat-a-cake Lucille Enders 4

Five Little Pigs Lucille Enders 5

Bye, Baby Bunting Lucille Enders 6

To Market, To Market Lucille Enders 6

Up, Little Baby Lucille Enders 7

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep Iris Weddett White 8

Little Bo-peep Iris Weddell White 9

Hide A Cock-horse Herbert N. Rudeen 10

Dame Trot And Her Cat Lucille Enders 11

Lady Bird, Lady Bird Herbert N. Rudeen 12

Three Blind Mice Herbert N. Rudeen 12

Three Little Kittens Herbert N. Rudeen 13

There Was A Monkey Iris Weddell While 14

Great A, Little A Iris Weddell White 14

Ding, Dong, Beu Iris Weddell White 15

Poor Robin Iris Weddell White 16

Pcssy-cat, Pussy-cat Iris Weddell White 17

Sing A Song Of Sixpence Iris Weddell White 18

My Black Hen Iris Weddell White 20

Goosey, Goosey, Gander Iris Weddell White 21

Dapple Gray Donn P. Crane 22

Hey, Diddle, Diddle Herbert N. Rudeen 23

Old Mother Hubbard Lucille Enders 24

Here's A Leg For A Stocking Lucille Enders 26

Jack And Jill Iris Weddell While 27

Jack Be Nimble Iris Weddell White 28

Little Miss Muffet Iris Weddell White 29

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary Lucille Enders 30

Simple Simon Lucille Enders 31

Jack Horner And Tom Tucker Lucille Enders 32

Little Boy Blue Iris Weddell White 33

Jack Sprat Lucille Enders 34

Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe Lucille Enders 35

Cross Patch Lucille Enders 36

A Crooked Man '. . Lucille Enders 37

The Queen Of Hearts Lucille Enders 38

The Milk Maid Lucille Enders 39

Mother Morev And Jack Lucille Enders 40

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