Memoirs of Charles Lee Lewes: containing anecdotes, historical and biographical, of the English and Scottish stages, during a period of forty years, Volume 3

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Printed for R. Phillips, 1805 - Actors

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Page 206 - An Act for reducing the Laws ' relating to Rogues, Vagabonds, Sturdy Beggars, and Vagrants 'into One Act of Parliament, and for the more effectual 'punishing such Rogues, Vagabonds, Sturdy Beggars, and ' Vagrants, and sending them whither they ought to be sent,' as relates to common Players of Interludes; and another Act passed in the twenty-eighth.
Page 212 - ... ordained or provided, or any other matter, cause or thing whatsoever to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding. In witness whereof we have caused these our letters to be made patent. Witness ourself at Westminster, the twelfth day of March, in the sixteenth year of our reign. By the King, Howard.
Page 15 - ... living under the dominion of ambition and anger, was employed in continually rolling a stone up an eminence, because it perpetually descended again ; its descent implying the vicious government of himself; and his rolling the stone, the hard, refractory, and as it were rebounding condition of his life. And lastly he saw Tantalus extended by the side of a lake, and that there was a tree before him, with abundance of fruit on its branches, which he desired to gather, but it vanished from his view...
Page 92 - ... interlude, tragedy, comedy, opera, play, farce or other entertainment of the stage...
Page 211 - ... of our sacred authority and the preservation of order and good government. And it being our Royal will and pleasure that for the future our theatre may be instrumental to the promotion of virtue and instructive to human life: We do hereby command and enjoin that no new play, or old or revived play be acted under the authority hereby granted, containing any passages or expressions offensive to piety and to good manners, until the same be corrected and purged...
Page 207 - Current, according as the Exchange shall then be between our said Province and the City of London, to such Person or Persons as shall from Time to Time be appointed to Receive the same, AND in case of nonpayment...
Page 210 - England, may in any manner suffer reproach, strictly inhibiting every degree of abuse or misrepresentation of sacred characters tending to expose religion itself, and to bring it into contempt ; and that no such character be otherwise introduced, or placed in any other light, than such as may enhance the just esteem of those who truly answer the end of their sacred function.
Page 146 - An Act for reducing the Laws relating to Rogues. Vagabonds. Sturdy Beggars. and Vagrants into One Act of Parliament. and for the more effectual punishing such Rogues. Vagabonds. Sturdy Beggars. and Vagrants. and sending them whither they ought to be sent'. as relates to common Players of Interludes: and another Act passed in the Twenty-eighth Year of the Reign of King George the Third.
Page 16 - Hercules being purified by sacred initiations, and enjoying undefiled fruits, obtained at length a perfect establishment among the gods": that is, well knowing the dreadful condition of his soul while in captivity to a corporeal nature, and purifying himself according to the cathartic virtues, of which certain purifications in the mystic ceremonies were symbolic, he at length fled from the bondage of matter, and ascended beyond the reach of her hands. On this account, it is said of him, that He dragg'd...
Page 27 - Tack but a copper-lace to drugget suit, And there's a hero made without dispute: And that, which was a capon's tail before, Becomes a plume for Indian emperor. But all his subjects, to express the care Of imitation, go, like Indians, bare: Laced linen there would be a dangerous thing; It might perhaps a new rebellion bring; The Scot, who wore it, would be chosen king.

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