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But we are lingering here,
With sin and care opprest;
Lord, send Thy promised Comforter,
And lead us to our rest.

2 Thou art gone up on high;
But Thou didst first come down,

Through earth's most bitter misery
To pass unto Thy crown;
And girt with griefs and fears
Our onward course must be;
: But only let this path of tears
Lead us at last to Thee.

3 Thou art gone up on high;
But Thou shalt come again,

With all the bright ones of the sky
i Attendant in Thy train.

Lord, by Thy saving power

So make us live and die,
That we may stand in that dread hour

At Thy right hand on high.

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1 nOME, Thou Holy Spirit, come, \J And from Thine eternal home

Shed the ray of light Divine; Come, Thou Father of the poor^ Come, Thou Source of all our store

Come, within our bosoms shine.

2 Thou of comforters the best,
Thou the soul's most welcome guest,

Sweet refreshment here below!

In our labour rest most sweet,
Grateful shadow from the heat,
Solace in the midst of woe!

3 O most Blessed Light Divine,
Shine within these hearts of Thine,

And our inmost being fill;
If Thou take Thy grace away,
Nothing pure in man will stay,

All our good is turned to ill.

4 Heal our wounds; our strength renew;
On our dryness pour Thy dew;

Wash the stains of guilt away:
Bend the stubborn heart and will,
Melt the frozen, warm the chill,

Guide the steps that go astray.

5 On the faithful, who adore
And confess Thee, evermore

In Thy sevenfold gifts descend;
Give them virtue's sure reward,
Give them Thy salvation, Lord,

Give them joys that never end.

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HEN' God of old came down from heaven, In power and wrath He came; Before His feet the clouds were riven, Half darkness and half flame:

2 But when He came the second time, He came in power and love; Softer than gale at morning prime

3 The fires that rushed on Sinai down,

In sudden torrents dread,
Now gently light, a glorious crown,
On every sainted head.

4 And as on Israel's awe-struck ear

The voice exceeding loud,
The trump, that angels quake to hear,
Thrilled from the deep, dark cloud;

5 So, when the Spirit of our God

Came down His flock to find,
A voice from heaven was heard abroad,
A rushing, mighty wind.

6 It fills the Church of God; it fills

The sinful world around;
Only in stubborn hearts and wills
No place for it is found.

7 Come Lord, come Wisdom, Love, and Power,

Open our ears to hear;
Let us not miss the accepted hour;
Save, Lord, by love or fear.

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L. M.

1 ILL hail, adored Trinity!
2x All hail, eternal Unity;

0 God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Spirit, ever One.

2 Behold to Thee, this festal day,
We meekly pour our thankful lay;
Oh, let our work accepted be,

That sweetest work of praising Thee.

3 Three Persons praise we evermore,
One only God our hearts adore;
In Thy sure mercy, ever kind,
May we our true protection find.

4 O Trinity l O Unity!

Be present as we worship Thee;
And with the songs that angels sing
Unite the hymns of praise we bring.

88 L- u.

1 T)ARENT of all, whose love displayed
I Still rules the world Thy bounty made,
Fain would we raise the hymn to Thee,
In substance One, in person Three.

2 Fain would we chant to Thee the song,
Which through the ages all along

Is chanted by Thy heavenly train,
And earth resounds to heaven again.

3 Taught by Thy word, this festal day
Our homage of true faith we pay:
Oh, in that faith preserve us still,
And shield us evermore from ill:

4 That still our lips Thy praise may show, And with Thy holy Church below, Above with Thy angelic host,

Sing Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

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(general Ppms.

C. M.

LL ye who seek for sure relief
In trouble and distress,
Whatever sorrow vex the mind,
Or guilt the soul oppress:

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2 Jesus, who gave Himself for you,

Upon the cross to die,
Opens to you His sacred heart;
Oh, to that heart draw nigh.

3 Ye hear how kindly He invites;

Ye hear His words so blest,— "All ye that labour, come to Me, And I will give you rest."

4 O Jesus, Joy of saints on high,

Thou Hope of sinners here,
Attracted by those loving words,
To Thee I lift my prayer.

5 Wash Thou my wounds in that dear blood

Which forth from Thee doth flow;
New grace, new hope inspire, a new
And better heart bestow.

88 c. M.

1 1 ALMIGHTY Father, God of grace,
j[j. We all, like sheep astray,

In folly from Thy paths have turned,
Each to his sinful way.

2 Sins of omission and of act

Through all our lives abound:
Alas! in thought and word and deed, . ..
No health in us is found.

3 Oh spare us, Lord, in mercy spare;
• Our contrite souls restore,
Through Him who suffered on the cross,

And man's transgressions bore.

4 And grant, O Father, for His sake,

That we, through all our days,
A just and godly life may lead,
. To Thine eternal praise.

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