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But let it in thy heart be known
That penitence is there.

3 Thy breast to beat, thy clothes to rend,

God asketh not of thee;
Thy stubborn soul He bids thee bend
In true humility.

4 Oh, let us then with heartfelt grief

Draw near unto our God,
And pray to Him to grant relief,
And stay the uplifted rod.

5 O righteous Judge, in mercy deign

To grant us all we need;
We pray for time to turn again,
And grace to turn indeed.

f)alm Sxmiim

69 7. 6. 7. 6.

1 A LL glory, laud, and honour it. To Thee, Redeemer, King, To whom the lips of children

Made sweet hosannas ring. All glory, etc.

2 Thou art the King of Israel,

Thou David's royal Son,
Who in the Lord's name comest,

The King and blessed One. All glory, etc.

3 The company of angels

Are praising Thee on high;'

And mortal men, and all things

Created make reply. All glory, etc.

4 Of old glad Zion's people

With palms before Thee went,
And we adoring anthems
WiU still, O Lord, present. All glory, etc.

5 To Thee, before Thy passion,

They sang their hymns of praise;
To Thee, now high exalted,

One melody we raise. All glory, etc.

6 Accept our grateful homage;

And while Thy servants sing,
Be present now to bless us,
Thou good and gracious King. All glory, etc.

70 L. u.

1 T) IDE on! ride on in majesty!
X\) In lowly pomp ride on to die!
O Christ, Thy triumphs now begin
O'er captive death and conquered sin.

2 Ride on! ride on in majesty!
The winged squadrons of the sky

Look down with sad and wondering eyes,
To see the approaching sacrifice.

3 Bide on! ride on in majesty!
Thy last and fiercest strife is nigh;
The Father, on His sapphire throne,
Expects His own anointed Son.

4 Ride on! ride on in majesty!
In lowly pomp ride on to die!

Bow Thy meek head to mortal pain;
Then take, O God, Thy power, and reign!

(foosfo Jfritrag.

71 C. M.

1 A NOELS, lament; behold, your God A Man's sinful likeness wears; Behold, upon the accursed tree

Man's sins the Saviour bears.

2 O Christ, with wondering minds we see

Did God consent to suffer thus,
And oh, shall man repine?

3 No, Saviour, no! the power of death

Thy cross hath overcome,
To save us, not from earthly woe,
But from the eternal doom.

4 The flesh may shrink; but we submit,

Whate'er our cross may be,
So Thou by grace enable us
To bear it after Thee.

5 Thy stripes have healed us, and Thy blood

Our guilty stains effaced;
Then may Thy name by sins of ours
Be never more disgraced.
72 8. 7. 8. 7. 4. 7.

1 TTARK! the voice of love and mercy
JO. Sounds aloud from Calvary:
Blest the word, though rocks be reading,

And at mid-day dark the sky!

"It is finished!"
Hear the dying Saviour cry.

2 Oh what joy to helpless sinners

These triumphant words afford!
Heavenly blessings without measure
Flow to us through Christ the Lord.

"It is finished!"
Let all hearts the truth record

3 Tune your harps anew, ye seraphs

Chant His praises, spread His fame ,
All in earth and all in heaven
Join the triumph to proclaim:

"It is finished!"
Glory to Emmanuel's name!

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73 • 7. 6. 7. 6. 7. 6. 7. 6.

SACRED Head, surrounded By crown of piercing thorn! O bleeding Head, so wounded,

Reviled, and put to scorn!
Death's pallid hue comes o'er Thee,

The glow of life decays,
Yet angel-hosts adore Thee,
And tremble as they gaze.

2 I see Thy strength and vigour

All fading in the strife,
And death with cruel rigour

Bereaving Thee of life!
Oh agony and dying!

Oh love to sinners free!
Jesu, all grace supplying,

Oh turn Thy face on me.

3 In this Thy bitter passion,

Good Shepherd, think of me
With Thy most sweet compassion,

Unworthy though I be;
Beneath Thy cross abiding,

For ever would I rest;
In Thy dear love confiding,

And with Thy presence blest.

74 7. 7. 7. 7.

1 QEE the destined day arise,
JO See a willing sacrifice:
Jesus, to redeem our loss,
Hangs upon the shameful cross.

2 Jesus, who but Thou had borne,
Lifted on that tree of scorn,

Every pang and bitter throe,
Finishing Thy life of woe?

3 Who but Thou had dared to drain,
Steeped in gall, the cup of pain;
And with tender body bear
Thorns and nails and piercing spear?

4 Thence poured forth the water flowed,
Mingled from Thy side with blood;
Sign to all attesting eyes

Of the finished sacrifice.

5 Holy Jesus, grant us grace
In that sacrifice to place

All our trust for life renewed,
Pardoned sin, and promised good.


75 7. 7. 7. 7.

1 "CHRIST the Lord is risen to-day,"

\J Sons of men and angels say;
Raise your songs of triumph high;
Sing, ye heavens; thou earth, reply.

2 Love's redeeming work is done,
Fought the fight, the battle won;
Lo! the sun's eclipse is o'er;
Lo! he sets in blood no more.

3 Vain the stone, the watch, the seal;
Christ hath burst the gates of hell;
Death in vain forbids His rise;
Christ hath opened Paradise.

4 Lives again our glorious King!
Where, O death, is now thy sting?
Once He died our souls to save;
Where 's thy victory, O grave?

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