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1 QWEET feast of love Divine!
j^ "Tis grace that makes us free

To feed upon this bread and wine,
In memory, Lord, of Thee.

2 Hero every welcome guest
Waits, Lord, from Thee to learn

The secrets of Thy Father's breast,
And all Thy grace discern.

3 Here conscience ends its strife,
And faith delights to prove

The sweetness of the bread of life,
The sun Thyself of love.

4 The blood that flowed for sin
In symbol here we see,

And feel the blessed pledge within,
That we are loved of Thee.

5 Oh, if this glimpse of love
Is so Divinely sweet,

What will it be, O Lord, above,
Thy gladdening smile to meet!

6 To see Thee face to face,
Thy perfect likeness wear;

And all Thy ways of wondrous grace
Through endless years declare!

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1 TfE followers of the Prince of Peace, I Who round His table draw, Bemember what His spirit was,

2 The love which His pure bosom filled

Did all His actions guide:
Inspired by love He lived and taught;
Inspired by love He died.

3 Let each His sacred law fulfil;

Like Hie be every mind;
Be every heart the home of love,
And every aetion kind.

4 Let none who call themselves His friends

Disgrace the honoured name,
But still by near resemblance prove
The title which they claim.

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1 rnHE voice that breathed o'er Eden,
JL That earliest wedding-day,

The primal marriage blessing,
It hath not passed away:

2 Still in the pure espousal

Of Christian man and maid
The Holy Three are with us,
The threefold grace is said.

3 For dower of blessed children,

For love and faith's sweet sake,
For high mysterious union
Which nought on earth may break,

4 Be present, awful Father,

To give away this bride,
As Eve Thou gav'st to Adam
Out of his own pierced side;

5 Be present, Son of Mary,

To join their loving hands,
As Thou didst bind two natures
In Thine eternal bands;

6 Be present, Holiest Spirit,

To bless them as they kneel,
As Thou for Christ, the Bridegroom,
The heavenly spouse dost seal.

7 Oh spread Thy pure wing o'er them,

Let no ill power find place,
When onward to Thine altar
The hallowed path they trace,

8 To cast their crowns before Thee,

In perfect sacrifice,
Till to the home of gladness

With Christ's own Bride they rise.

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1 "nROTHEE, thou art gone before us, J) And thy saintly soul is flown Where tears are wiped from every eye,

And sorrow is unknown.

2 From the burden of the flesh,

And from care and fear released, Where the wicked cease from troubling, And the weary are at rest.

3 The toilsome way thou'st travelled o'er,

And borne the heavy load;
But Christ hath taught thy languid feet

4 And there thou 'rt sure to meet the good

Whom on earth thou lovedst best,
Where the wicked cease from troubling,
And the weary are at rest.

5 "Earth to earth," and "dust to dust,"

The solemn priest hath said;

So we lay the turf above thee now,

And we seal thy narrow bed;

6 But thy spirit, brother, soars away

Among the faithful blest,
Where the wicked cease from troubling,
And the weary are at rest.

7 And when the Lord shall summon us

Whom thou hast left behind,
May we, untainted by the world,
As sure a welcome find;

8 May each, like thee, depart in peace,

To be a glorious guest,
Where the wicked cease from troubling,
And the weary are at rest.

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1 IVfOW rests her soul in Jesu's arms,
W Her body in the grave sleeps well;
No foe her spirit's home alarms,

And peace more calm than tongue can tell,—
Her few brief hours of conflict passed—
She finds with Christ, her Lord, at last.

2 She hath escaped all danger now,

Her pain and sighing all are fled,
The crown of joy is on her brow,

Eternal glories o'er her shed,
In golden robes,—a queen, a bride,—
- She standeth at her Sovereign's side.

3 The child hath now its Father seen,

And feels what kindling love may be, And knoweth what those words may mean,

"Himself, the Father, loveth thee." A shoreless ocean, an abyss Unfathomed, of repose and bliss.

4 We, who yet wander through the waste,

Sister, long after thee on high;
While here the bread of tears we taste,

We think upon thy home of joy,
Where we, who knows how soon? shall meet,
With all the saints at Jesu's feet.


1 rFHOU art gone to the grave but we will not t deplore thee,

Though sorrows and darkness encompass the

tomb; The Saviour hath passed through its portal before

thee, And the lamp of His love is thy guide through

the gloom.

2 Thou art gone to the grave we no longer be

hold thee,

Nor tread the rough path of the world by thy side;

But the wide arms of mercy are spread to enfold thee,

And sinners may hope, for the Sinless hath died.

3 Thou art gone to the grave—and, its mansion

forsaking, Perchance thy tried spirit in fear lingered long;

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