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3 Ten thousand voices praise Thy name

In earth and sea and sky;
But fallen man by sin has marred
The blissful harmony.

4 Come, Lord, create his heart anew;

His heart of stone remove:
Then hymns of praise again shall rise,
The fruits of holy love.

5 Oh, for the songs that Thou wilt bless,

Where heart and voice agree!
Oh, for the prayers that plead aright
With Thy dread majesty!

6 All praise to God, the Three in One,

Who high in glory reigns;
Who by His word hath all things made,
And by His word sustains.

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1 rest, my Rest!
Thou ever Blest!
Thy grave with sinners making:
By Thy precious death, from sin
My dead soul awaking.
Here hast Thou lain,
After much pain,
Life of my life, reposing:
Round Thee now a rock-hewn grave,
Rock of Ages, closing.

Breath of all breath!
I know from death
Thou wilt my dust awaken:
Wherefore should I dread the grave,
Or my faith be shaken?

4 To me the tomb
is but a room

Where I lie down on roses;
Who by death hath conquered death,
Sweetly there reposes.

5 The body dies
(Naught else), and lies

In dust, until victorious
From the grave it shall arise
Beautiful and glorious.

6 Meantime I will,
My Jesus, still

Deep in remembrance lay Thee,
Musing on Thy death ; in death
Be with me, I pray Thee.

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1 "nESTING from His work to-day
It In the tomb the Saviour lay;
Still He slept, from head to feet
Shrouded in the winding-sheet,
Lying in the rock alone,
Hidden by the sealed stone.

2 Late at even there was seen
Watching long the Magdalene:
Early, ere the break of day,
Sorrowful she took her way
To the holy garden glade,
Where her buried Lord was laid.

3 So with Thee, till life shall end,
I would solemn vigil spend;
Let me hew Thee, Lord, a shrine
In this rocky heart of mine,
Where in pure embalmed cell

Myrrh and spices will I bring,

True affection's offering;

Close the door from sight and sound

Of the busy world around;

And in patient watch remain

Till my Lord appear again.

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1 l NOTHEE six days' work is done,
XI Another Sabbath is begun;
Return, my soul, enjoy thy rest,
Improve the day thy God hath blest.

2 Oh, that our thoughts and thanks may rise, As grateful incense to the skies!

And draw from heaven that sweet repose
Which none but he that feels it knows.

3 This heavenly calm within the breast
Is the dear pledge of glorious rest,
Which for the Church of God remains,
The end of cares, the end of pains.

4 In holy duties let the day,
In holy pleasures, pass away;
How sweet a Sabbath thus to spend,
In hope of one that ne'er shall end!

25 s. M.

1 T ORD, in this sacred hour

L Within Thy courts we bend, And bless Thy love, and own Thy power, Our Father and our Friend, j

2 But Thou art not alone
In courts by mortals trod;

Nor only is this day Thine own,
When men draw near to God.

3 Thy temple is the arch
Of yon unmeasured sky;

Thy Sabbath the stupendous march
Of Thine eternity.

4 Lord, may that holier day
Dawn on Thy servants' sight;

There may we all our worship pay
In pure unclouded light.
M L. M.

1 T ORD of the Sabbath, hear us pray, L In this Thy house, on this Thy day; And own, as grateful sacrifice,

The songs which from the desert rise.

2 Thy day of rest, O Lord, we love,
But there 's a nobler rest above;
To that our labouring souls aspire
With ardent hope and strong desire.

3 In Thy blest kingdom we shall be
From every mortal trouble free;
No sighs shall mingle with the songs
Resounding from immortal tongues.

4 No rude alarms of raging foes;
No cares to break the long repose;
No midnight shade, no waning moon,
But sacred, high, eternal noon.

5 O long-expected day, begin,

Dawn on these realms of woe and sin;
Fain would we leave this weary road,
And sleep in death to rest with God.

27 7. 7. 7. 7.

1 AN this day, the first of days,

O God the Father's name we praise,
Who, creation's Fount and Spring,
Did the world from darkness bring.

2 On this day th' eternal Son
Over death His triumph won;
On this day the Spirit came,
With His gifts of living flame.

3 Oh, that fervent love to-day
May in every heart have sway,
Teaching us to praise aright
God, the Source of life and light.

4 Father, who didst fashion me
Image of Thyself to be,

Fill me with Thy love Divine,
Let my every thought be Thine.

5 Holy Jesus, may I be

Dead and buried here with Thee;
And, by love inflamed, arise
Unto Thee a sacrifice.

6 Thou, who dost all gifts impart,
Shine, sweet Spirit, in my heart;
Best of gifts Thyself bestow;
Make me burn Thy love to know.

7 God, the blessed Three in One,
Dwell within my heart alone;
Thou dost give Thyself to me,
May I give myself to Thee.

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