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Roades, Rich. Hubbard, Rich. Lobbe, John Barnes, John
Clemens, Tho. Smallredge, Pet. Turner, Tho. Taylor, Tho.
Clearcke, John Wanse, Will. Forde, Mathew Lewys, Rich.
Kayse, Rob. Drewe, Geo. Farmer, Tho. Lewys, John Hard-
wiche, Will. Prater, Morgan Williams, John Lake, Tho. Gal-
liard, Fran. Bagnell, Tristram Trawle, Will. Richards, Rob.
Darknell, Hen. Tottendell, Raphe Rennalls, Edw. Ottery,
Geo. Dawson, Hen. Frenche, John Harding, Will. Wyndsor,
Edw. Ironmonger, John Orten, John Laurence, Walt. Phillips,
Ric Farmer, John Heyward, Ric. Kent, Edmond Brewer, John
Athande, Rog. Barlowe, John Hollowaye, Hen. Hollowaye,
John Champion, Leonard Joanes, Will. Knight, John Joyle,
Barbany Fudg, Hen. Williams, Will. Hardwiche, Ja. Godson,
Tristram Langley, Will. Wall, John Gray, Gilbert Frost, John
Helgrove, Will. George, Philip Gryffyn, Hen. Lea, Hen. Gaye,
Pet. Baker, John Williams, Ambrose Marsfeild, Will. Whalley,
Tho. Denham, Ric. Denham, John Lawrence, James Purling,
John Hill, Hen. Elliott, John Hyde, Ric. Weast, Rob. Stee-
phens, Tho. Lyne, senr., Edw. Wilshier, Rob. Shyle, Ja.
Whitelock, John Furnes, Moyses Piers, John Templar, John
Lobbe, Tho. Wood, Dan. Reynolds, Will. Blewett, Ric. Cappe,
Mich. Banister, Tho. Williams, Ric. Northe, Will. Shea, John
Piers, Tim. Marwood, John Bowden, Rob. Taylor, Tho. Scott,
Tho. Hutchins, John Horwood, John Brustrode, John Pope,
Ric Bulmer, Hen. Longe, Oliver Willard, Tho. Bonde, Ric.
Ap Hughe, Nich. Kelley, Ric, Phillips, Pet. Wallyes, Will.
Aylwyn, Hen. Randall, Will. Gothier, Rob. Frenche, John
Burbedge, Rob. Adams, Will. Barker, Hen. Whiting, Tho.
Rice, Andrew Grymston, Ric. Jellett, John Lande, Tho. Yar-
combe, John Tutstall, John Mayse, Will. Chishull, junr. The
whole number of pikemen armed is 186. -

Shot furnished:—

Will. Hollywell, gent, Alex. Newton, gent, Philip Frauncis Hugh Progers, Geo. Irishe, Rob. Coats, Tho. Allen, John Beedle, Edw. Sheppard, Tho. Michell, Philip Lyttle, William Monday, Rob. Parker, Ant. Gryffyn, John Tucker, Will. Moore, John Mills, Philip Gyles, Ja. Lowbe, Tho. Diston, John Gyze, John Boobyer, Will. Whitehead, David Allen, Will. Plummer, Jos. Lock, Will. Serjeant, Sampson Buswarva, Rob. Merrick, Tho. Hopkins, Arthur O’Kelye, John Fewell, Rob. Fuller, Will. Jenkins, John Peachie, John Smithe, Francis Hill, John Lambert, Edm. Attwood, Will. Armstrong, Stephen Hanis, Jasper Wheeler, Nich. Browne, Lewys Turner, Rob. Clappe, Chr. Tompson, Morris Roche, Tho. Cox, Edw. Croker, Gregory Kaye, Edw. Lock, Gregory Watkins, Gregory Dorringatt, Rich. Fabian, Will. Kelley, Chr. Gould, Will. Fowler, John George, James Gould, Nich. Eskin, Derby Dowan, Rich. Miller, Tho. Marrowcott, Edw. Dungett, Vincent Chubb, John Gwyn, Philip Earle, John Clearke, John Jenkin, Ant. Dillon, Will. Smithe, Will. Croker, John Beare, Henry Goughe,


Henry Saunders, Robert Hatherlye, junr, Raph Marshall, John
Deane, Will. Games, Henry Drewett, Edw. Tasker, Jherom
Owten, Tho. Waynman, George Mager, Rich. Blatchford, junr,
Daniel Power, Sam. Bennett, Tho. Organ, John Kent, Hen.
Bushe, John Busted, Rich. Horsham, Hen. Barber, Edw. Dodd,
Hen. Harding, John Goodacre, Walt. Collings, Will. Steephens,
Philip Clark, John Rayse, Symon Wylshier, Rich. Austis,
Gregory Helgrove, Tho. Carter, John Blake, Tristram Piercy,
Rich. Bennett, Rob. Bullen, Will. Horne, Thomas Shayle,
Gylbert Daye, Rob. Bowden, Rich Horner, John Phillip, John
Lake, John Saunders, junr., Andrew Holton, Luke Summer,
Humfrey Darcknall, Tho. Cleyton, Rob. Gistlingham, John
Styles, Nich. Farre, John Norman, Tacharie Martin, Charles,
Robinson, Edmond Russell, Benjamin Hayward, John Bassett
Robert Leonard, Mich. Russell, Nich. Priddam, Nich. Pymnor,
Alex. Wealshe, Charles Paney, Isaack Jarrett, Will. Clements,
Will. Russell, Lewys Rogers, John Baker, Will. Artherley,
Tho. Lord, John Burbidge, Will. Gothier, Rob. Lee, Rob.
Rushall, Lewys Davy, Rich. Thrushe, John Gowt, John
Berry, And, Reynolds, Alex. Jordan, Will. Michell, Will.
Piercy, John Rowland, John Bonde, Tho. Hutchins, John
Kennett, And. Ollyver, Will. Hatheway, Tho. Morris, John
Hilton, Pet. Loring, Rob. Ford, Rob. Shoe, John Tett, Rob.
Drewe, Benj. Fudg, Will. Barnard, Dav. Hussey, Will. Lugger,
Pet. Brooke, John Owen, Will. Follen, Philip Hill, Ollyver
Howper, John Millard, Rob Michell, Will. Fowkes, Laurence
Lyne, Hen. Drewe, John Gould, Will. Lyne, Thomas Lyne, junr,
John Barham, Rob. Clouffe, James Drumme, Edw. Amflett, John
Pendlebery, John Johnsey, Edw. Davies, Rob. Potter, James
Penrose, Walter Thomas, John Lewys, John Merrifield, Tho.
Whitehead, Rich. Boys, Geo. Thorpe, John Gill, John St.
Leger, Rich. Reynolds, Rich. Sylvester, Rich. Carter, Lewys
Williams, George Mills, John Bartlett, Rog. Persivall, And.
Heyman, Hen. Bryverley, Edm. Bulmer, John Gardiner,
Will. Cleyke, Rob. Murten, Bryen Markendale, John Rice,
gent, And Colthurst, Will. Horne, John Garnesay, Tho.
Wallyes, John Bunstead, Rowland Smithe, Edw. Chancellor,
Tho. Elliott, Wallentine Everie, John Frenche, Howell
Gryffith, Rog. Whitewell, John Bastiane, Rob. Pearchie,
John Mercer, John Browne, Aron Evernden, Will. Adams,
Alex. Reynolds, Will. Blake, John Brothers, Alex. Worge,
Rog. Bodye, Isaac Melladge, Clement Skynner, Lyonell Jellett,
John Burredg, Tho. Michell, John Perran, Will. Frye, Tho.
Johnson, Rich. Hudson, Edw. Palfrey.

Halberts:—Rich. Nicholls, gent, Edw. George, Rich. Longe, Rob. Ap Humfrey, Rob. Wright, John Walcott.

Horsemen furnished, 80; pikemen armed, 186; shot furnished, 250; Halberts, 6.—Total 522.

Pp. 26. Endd.


September 10. 65. The NAMEs of the CounselLoRs of STATE, in Ireland, (as

Vol. 619, p. 155.

they were) according to their antiquities, as they were sworn and are now living, the 10th of September 1611, and in the seventh year of the Government of St. Arthur Chichester, Knight, Lord Deputy.

The Earl of Ormond.t The Archbishop of Dublin, now

Lord Chancellor, 22nd of January 1584. Sir Ric. Walshe,

Kt.;t Sir Robert Gardner, Knight; Sir George Carew, now
Lord Carewe, the 17 of October, 1589; Sir Anth. St. Leger,
Kt.;t Sir Robert Napper, Knight, 24th May, 35 Eliz.; Sir
Wm. Russell;t Sir Edward Brabazon, Knight, 3rd August,
1594; Sir Hy. Harvington, Kt.;f Sir – Stafford, Kt.;t Sir
George Cary, Knight; Sir Henry Dockwra, Knight; Sir Ric-
hard Winfielde, Knight; Sir Arthur Chichester, Knight; Sir
Oliver Lambert, Knight; Sir Wm. Godolphin, Kt.;f Sir
Richard Morison, Kt.; Sir Oliver St. John, Kt.; Sir James
Ley, Kt.; the Earl of Thomond; the Earl of Clanrichard;
the Lord Bishop of Meath, Montgomery; Sir Gerrott Moore,
Kt; Sir Humphry Winche, Kt., Sir James Fullerton, Kt.;
Sir Richard Cooke, Kt.; Sir Thomas Ridgway, Kt., Lord
Davers; Sir Adam Loftus, Kt.; Sir Henry Power, Kt.; Sir
John Kinge, Kt., Sir John Denham, Kt.; Sir Francis
Aunger, Kt., Lord Audleley; the Bishop of Rapho;t Sir Fr.
Barckley, Kt.;t Sir John Jephson, Kt., Lo. Wiscount Butler;
Sir Francis Rushe, Kt. ; Archbishop of Tuam; Sir Arthur
Savage, Kt., Sir James Hamilton," Kt.; Sir Robert Motheley,
Kt.;" Sir Robert Digbie, Kt.;" Sir Tobie Callfield, Kt.;" the
Primate of Armaghe;" Sir Richard Boyle;" Sir Foulke Con-
way;" Sir Claude Hamilton, died 1614; Sir Charles Wilmott."

Copy. Pp. 2. Endd.

September 13. 66. ARTHUR INGRAM to the LoRD CAREY (CAREw).

Vol. 629, p. 80.

Excuse my not coming into Ireland as I promised. The business requiring my presence there was only the customs. I have understood by letters from my kinsman, Robert Cogan, that all the ports of that kingdom (excepting only Dublin, Waterford, Drogheda and Galway), do willingly agree to pay the King the subsidy of 12d. in the pound. It will remain as a thing of special importance for raising the King's revenue and setting a final conclusion of that business, that the like sum be levied by way of impost upon all the goods and merchandises of the freemen of the said four ports, to the end that the trade and commerce of all the ports of that kingdom may be equally balanced one with another, and the freemen of the ports who have conformed themselves be preserved from ruin, which they will suffer if those ports

f Added by Carew. Sir Claude Hamilton has been added and then struck out. * Struck out by Carew.


Vol. 619, p. 82.

be permitted to pass their merchandises free, for thereby
the whole trade of the realm will be drawn to those free
ports, and the King receive a great loss.
The merchants of England albeit they pay subsidy due by
the law, yet they also pay the King by the name of impost
12d. in the pound beside, upon almost all sorts of mer-
chandise, inwards and upwards, having only repay upon
shipping foreign merchandises outwards, as much as was paid
for the impost of the same inwards. By these means it will
be apparent that the freemen of those ports of Dublin, and
the rest, shipping foreign merchandises from England and
receiving there the repayment of impost being free in their
own port, do not yield or bring any benefit at all to the King,
but a loss by their traffic, in that the King payeth to them
in England such moneys as shall be brought into his coffers, if
the merchandise had not been transported from thence.

London the 13th Sept. 1611. Signed. Add.

Endorsed in L. Carew's handwriting: Received the 3rd of October, 1611.

Pp. 2.


Finding a messenger ready to depart for Dublin, I have presumed to trouble you with a few lines to let you understand the success I have had in this troublesome business, in my tedious journey from Wexford to this port of Kinsall, where I am now come along the coast. I have found some small resistance in the town of Rosse, grounded on a promise they say you made them that they should be as free as Waterford; but this difference was soon reconciled by the serjeant-at-arms, who took them presently into his custody to have them brought up to Dublin, at which they were so amazed that they sent their recorder to me with a submission to obey his Majesty, whatsoever way required in the letter, acknowledging their fault.

Waterford stands out and will not make any resignation or composition with the King for their poundage, and for the imposition they answer that they will be as ready to pay it as Dublin, and until Dublin pay it they will not. So that whatsoever Dublin doth, all the rest will stand out until they be compelled to pay it; and if it be once levied this business is at an end, and I do not doubt to make a good revenue to the King in the present, and a greater in time to come. I was yesterday at Corke, where they entreat respite for two or three days. I expect no resistance, for they have no excuse. From there I intend to ride to Lymericke and so to Gallwey, and thence to Dublin, which I hope will be before Michaelmas.

Signed. Sealed. Add. Endorsed in Lo, Carew's handwriting. Mr. Cogan, in Sept. 1611.

1611. 22 Sept. Vol. 630, p. 113.

68. A NOTE how the Plantation goes forward in Farmanoch,

and what the Undertakers have done there, and their proceedings. (1) Barony of Lorge.—First, Sir Edward Blanerhasset, whose son as agent for his father is there, and with him six persons, of which two have their wives, but whether they are to be leaseholders or freeholders he knoweth not until his father's coming. They are all well armed. They have made one English house, with three rooms beneath, a chimney, and an oven, with a loft, and part of the house is already thatched; some boards are already sawed for the loft and about fifteen trees felled and squared. For cattle they have four mares and a horse, and have brought a dozen head of cattle or thereabout. For lime and stone, I see none. (2.) Thomas Blanerhasset has with him six persons, one a joiner, another a carpenter, and three other workmen, with one tenant. He has built a boat, and has broken stones for lime and some burnt; and thirty trees felled; some squared and sawed; a fair large Irish house built, with windows and rooms after the English manner, wherein is a new kitchen with a stove, chimney, and an oven. For cattle 3 horses, a mare, and some thirteen head of other cattle. (3) Barony of Clankelly.—Thomas Flowerdew, has with him six persons, one a carpenter, others freeholders or leaseholders; has built an Irish house with a chimney at the end, made of wattles, contrived in two rooms and a frame for a timber house of birch, most part of it to be set up within a Danes fort. He has a plough of mares and garrons, two English horses, an English mare, one cow, with some three or four bullocks for their provision, and some few arms. (4.) Sir Hugh Worral has his brother there taking up his rent, but, as yet, nothing else goes forward. (5) Mr. Sudborough has with him eight men well armed, including two sons and one Mr. Stookes, a leaseholder; he has contrived an Irish house into three rooms, and built a watteld chimney in it. He has one plough of mares and garrons, an English horse and mare, and 20 head of cows. (6.) Robert Culvert has with him six persons furnished well with peers and pikes, and one leaseholder; has built an Irish house, in three rooms and a watteld chimney in the end. He has a plough of garrons and three English horses, and about fifteen cows; twenty trees felled towards building (7.) Barony of Knockninny.—Lord Burleigh. His agent, Mr. Mildrom, has 20 men well furnished with pikes and pieces; has a house built with six couples, the ends with a double chimney in the middle; 108 trees felled, and two kilns of lime burnt of the stones of Castleske. Cattle: 40 cows, and two ploughs of garrons and horses. (8.) Sir John Wisherd, is newly come over with some 15 persons well armed; has two ploughs, is now sowing wheat; and likeliest to go forward of any of the undertakers.

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