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1611. Ruishe, Fr. Barckly, Rich. Morison, Garret Moore, Rich. Cooke, John Jephson, Adam Loftus, John King.

Printed at Dublin by John Franckton, King's printer for Ireland.

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July 29. 58. A RELATION of Works done by Scottish Undertakers of Vol. 630, p. 96. Land in the Escheated Counties of Ulster, certified by the Governors, Sheriffs, and others; and some seen and

surveyed by usin onejourney into that Province, begun the 29th July 1611.

Precinct of Portlogh-Duke of Lenox chief undertaker of 2,000 acres. Sir Aulant Aula, Knt., his agent, resident, with some British families; no preparation for building save some timber trees felled and squared. Sir Walter Stewart, Knt., Laird of Mynto, 1,000 acres; hath taken possession in person, the summer 1610; returned into Scotland, done nothing. John Crawford, La. Kilberry, 1,000 acres; not appeared nor any for him, and nothing done. Alexander McAula of Durlinge, 1,000 acres; appeared not, nothing done. Sir James Cunningham, Knt., La. Glangarnoth, 2,000 acres; took possession, but returned into Scotland; his agent Robert Younge, resident, built one Irish barn of coples, he hath 44 head of cattle, one plow of garrons, and some tillage last harvest. Three families of British resident on his portion, preparing to build, as yet no estate passed to them. John Cunningham of Cranfield, 1,000 acres; resident with one family of British; is building a bawn and preparing materials; hath a plow of garrons, and 30 head of cattle. Cuthbert Cunningham, 1,000 acres; resident with two families of British; built an Irish house of coples, and prepared materials to re-edify the castle of Coole McEtrean; hath a plow of garrons, and 80 head of cattle in stock. William Stewart, La. Dunduffe, 1,000 acres. His brother was here for him the summer 1610, and returned into Scotland; left a servant to keep stock, being two mares and 30 head of cattle. James Cunningham of Horomilne, 1,000 acres; was here the summer 1610, returned into Scotland; left six servants to keep cows, done nothing, nor made preparation for building.

Precinct of Boylagh.—Sir Kobert Maclellan, Knt., La. Bombey, chief undertaker of Rosses, 2,000 acres; took possession in the summer 1610, returned into Scotland; his agent Andrew Johnson resident, hath prepared no materials for building. George Murrye, La. Broughton, 1,500 acres; took possession summer 1610, returned into Scotland. His brother came with two or three others and 30 or 40 cows, no preparation for building. William Steward, brother to Gartlesse, 1,500 acres, precinct of Boylagh; took possession in the summer 1610, returned into Scotland; six families of British upon his proportion. He is building a mill and other houses; agent


John Stewart, resident, materials provided for building. Si
Patricke McKee, Knt., 1,000 acres; not appeared; agent, resi
dent, done nothing. Alexander Cunningham of Ponton Elder
1,000 acres; not appeared; agent, resident, making winte
provisions, no materials for building James McCullogh, 1.00
acres; not appeared; agent, resident, doing as before. Alex
ander Downbar, 1,000 acres; resident in person; done nothing
Patrick Waus, 1,000 acres; has not appeared. Six quarter
of his land let to English and Scotch men for four years
Nothing done.
Precinct of Knockinny.-Lo. Burley, 3,000 acres, in th
county of Fermanagh; took possession in person in the summel
1610, returned into Scotland, left as agent, Captain Meldrame
who is non-resident. Lo Burley hath sent over 24 persons
freeholders, tenants, and servants, resident. One large house
built of 14 rooms; oaks felled and squared, and preparation:
for building; 60 barrels of barley and oats sown, and reaped
last harvest; 70 cows brought out of Scotland, which belong
to the tenants; and a boat of eight tons built for his lord-
ship's use. Sir John Wyhard, La. Pittarro, 1,500 acres,
possession taken; returned into Scotland; done nothing. He
is, since our return from the north, arrived and brought with
him 15 persons well armed, he hath set up two ploughs sowing
wheat, and intends to go forward with building. Mr. Balfore,
La Mount whany, 1,500 acres; appeared in person, brought
over eight freeholders and leaseholders, with four women ser-
vants. He felled 200 oaks, provided lime, and brought over
a dozen horses and mares for work, with household stuff. La,
Kinalle, 1,000 acres; not appeared and none for him; nothing
done. James Trayle, 1,000 acres; took possession, returned
into Scotland. Sent over four persons to make freeholders,
&c. Some timber and other materials provided, and six
horses and mares out of Scotland. George Smolhome, 1,000
acres; taken possession, returned into Scotland; no agent,
done nothing.
The Precinct of Maghery Boy.—Sir John Home, Knt.,
2,000 acres; in the precinct and county aforesaid, taken
possession, returned into Scotland, nothing done nor any agent
present. Robert Hamylton, 1,500 acres; been here to see
the land, not taken possession, done nothing. But since our
return he is arrived in Fermanagh (as we are informed), with
18 tenants and artificers for planting, with sixty head of
cattle, 10 horses and mares for labour; is felling timber
and providing materials for building. William Fouler,
1,500 acres; taken possession, returned into Scotland, done
nothing. James Gybb, 1,000 acres; the like. Jerhome
Lindsey, 1,000; took possession by attorney, did nothing else,
Alexander Home, 1,000 acres; the like. John Downebarr,
1,000 acres; taken possession, returned into Scotland, and
sent over six persons, whereof two freeholders, one lease-
holder, one tenant for years, and two tenants at will: some


building in hand, eight horses for work brought over, with
money to provide materials.
The Precinct of Strabane.—The Earl of Abercorne, chief
undertaker in the precinct in the county of Tyrone, has taken
possession, resident with lady and family, and built for the
present near the town of Strabane some large timber houses,
with a court 116 foot in length and 87 foot in breadth, the
groundsells of oaken timber and the rest of “Allor” and birch,
which is well thatched with heath and finished. Has built a
great brew house without his court 46 foot long and 25 foot
wide. His followers and tenants have, since May last, built 28
houses of fair coples; and before May by his tenants, who are
all Scottishmen, the number of 32 houses of like goodness. Is
preparing materials for building a fair castle and a bawn
which he means to put in hand for the next spring. There
are 120 cows in stock for his own use. Sir Thomas Boyde,
Knt., has a proportion of land, is resident with his wife and
family, is providing materials for building. Sir George Hamil-
ton, Knt., a proportion of land, resident with wife and family.
Has built a good house of timber for the present 62 foot long
and 30 foot wide. He brought over some families of Scots
who have built them a bawn and good timber houses, 80 cows
and 16 garrons among them. Sir John Dumonde, Knt.,
1,000 acres; appeared in person; took possession and has
one Scottishman, 2 garrons, and a mare. James Clapham
1,000; acres resident, prepares to people his land, competent
store of arms in readiness. James Hayge 1,500 acres; has
not appeared nor any for him; nothing done. Sir Claude
Hamylton, Knt., a proportion 2,000 acres, has not appeared
nor any for him, and nothing done. George Hamilton, 1,000
acres; has taken possession, is resident, making provisions for
The precinct of Mountjoy.—The Lo., Uchelrie 3,000 acres
in the county of Tyrone, being stayed by contrary winds in
Scotland, arrived in Ireland at the time of our being in
Armagh, upon our return home, accompanied with 33 followers,
gent of sort, a minister, some tenants, freeholders, and arti-
ficers, unto whom he hath passed estates, and hath built for
his present use three houses of oak timber, one of 50 foot long
and 22 foot wide, and two of 40 foot long, within an old fort
about which he is building a bawn. He has sundry men at
work providing materials, and there are in readiness 240
great trees felled and some squared, and is preparing stone,
brick, and lime for building a castle which he means to
finish next spring. There are two ploughs going upon his
demesne with some 50 cows and 3 score young heifers landed
at Island Magy in Clandeboy, which are coming to his
proportion, and some 12, working mares, and he intends to
begin residence upon his land the next spring, as he in-
formeth us. Sir Robert Hepburne, Knt., 1,500 acres; sowed
oats and barley the last year upon his land, and reaped this


harvest 40 hogsheads of corn; is resident; hath 140 cows,
young and old, in stock, and 8 mares. Hath 7 householders
being in number 20 persons, is building a stone house 40 foot
long and 20 wide, already a story high; and before the end of
this season he intends to have it three stories high and to cover
it, and the next spring to add another story to it; good store
of timber felled and squared, and providing materials to finish
the work. The Lo. Lochnorris 1,000 acres; being diseased him—
self as we were informed had his agent here Robert O’Rorke;
hath some timber felled and is preparing materials for building
against next spring. Barnard Lendseye, and Robert Lendsey,
1,000 acres apiece; have taken possession personally in the
summer 1610, returned into Scotland; agent Robert Cowties,
resident, a timber house is built upon Robert Lendsey's
portion, who hath 3 householders, being in number 12 persons.
Hath 8 mares and 8 cows with their calves, and 5 oxen, with
swine, and other small cattle, and a competent portion of
arms. Robert Stewarte of Haulton 1,000 acres; has appeared
in person, having brought some people. Timber felled and
providing materials for building. Robert Stewart of Rob-
stone, 1,000 acres; has appeared in person, with tenants and
cattle; timber felled and squared, and is preparing materials
for building.
The Precinct of Fewes.—Sir James Dowglasse, Knt., 2,000
acres in the county of Armagh; George Lawder is his deputy,
has done nothing. Claud Hamilton, 1,000 acres; is building
a stone bawn with round flankers 24 yards square, and a wall
8 foot high, has raised stone to finish the bawn and to make a
stone house, and drawn trees to the building; is now building
3 houses, one 48 foot long. Five families, 16 men and women
of British birth, are upon the land, whereof 6 masons, 80
cows, and 14 horses and mares in stock. William Lawder,
1,000 acres. Alexander Lawder, resident agent. Certain houses
built and repaired where are 10 families and 3 servants to the
number of 18 residing, 18 horses and mares, and 60 cows,
stone raised and timber felled. James Craige, 1,000 acres;
resident; has begun to build a mill, sown and reaped oats and
barley, built some tenements wherein are placed some families
of British. Henry Acheson, 1,000 acres; resident, has raised
stone and felled timber. Has 8 or 9 people, who have 30
cows, and 15 horses and mares, withsome arms.
The Precinct of Tullaghchinko—Sir Alexander Hamilton,
Knt., 2,000 acres in the county of Cavan; has not appeared, his
son Claude Hamilton took possession and brought two tenants,
three servants, and six artificers; is in hand with building a
mill, trees felled, hath a minister, but not yet allowed by the
bishop; has raised stones and hath competent arms in readi-
ness. Besides the above named there are arrived upon that
proportion since our return from the journey (as we are
informed) twelve tenants and artificers who intend to reside
there and to build and plant upon the same. John Auch-


mothy and Alexander Auchmothye, 1,000 acres; have not
appeared. James Craige is their deputy for five years who
has brought 4 artificers of divers sorts with their wives and
families, and 2 other servants. Stone raised for building a
mill and trees felled, a walled house with a smith's forge
built, 4 horses and mares upon the ground with competent
arms. Sir Claude Hamilton, Knt., 1,000 acres; has not
appeared, nor any for him, nothing done. John Browne,
1,000 acres; sent an agent to take possession, who set the
same to the Irish, returned into Scotland, and performed

The Precinct of Clanchie—The Lo. Obigny, 3,000 acres in
the county of Cavan; appeared not, nor any for him, nothing
done, the natives still remaining. William Downebarr, Wil-
liam Baylye, and John Rolestone, 1,000 acres apiece; the like.
Since our return from the north, one Mr. Tho. Chreghton
arrived here and presented himself as the agent for the Lo.
Obigney and William Downebarr, William Bayley, and John
Rolestone, who informed us that he brought with him sundry
artificers and tenants with cattle, horses, and household
provision, for the planting and inhabiting of that precinct, and
is gone thither with intent to provide materials; and it is said
that Downebarr, Bayley, and Rolestone are arrived them-
selves in the north and gone to their portions. Likewise, one
Mr. John Hamilton arrived and presented himself as agent for
Sir Claud Hamilton, undertaker, of 1,000 acres in the county of
Cavan; who informed us that he brought with him people to
plant, and is gone thither with resolution to provide materials
to go in hand with buildings upon that proportion. Likewise,
George Murey, Lo. Broughton, undertaker of 1,500 acres, in
the precinct of Boylagh, appeared before us here at Dublin
and returned to his land. Since our return one John Fullerton
hath arrived at Dublin, who presented himself before us as
agent for James Dowglasse who informed us that he brought
15 families with him to plant upon that land with artificers

and workmen.

Signed: Arthur Chichester, G. Carew, Th. Ridgeway,
R. Wingfelde, Ol. Lambart.

Pp. 18.

July. 59. The Lo. DEPUTY's INSTRUCTIONS sent into England to Vol. 629, p. 15. the Lords of the Privy Council by Sir John Boucer (Bourchier), with their Answers.

1. First, to acquaint the Lls. that for the year past we committed the collection of the customs to the corporate towns, as by them was thought fitting, who have not returned us an accompt of one penny. Whereupon we thought fit to license Chettom and Long to take the benefit of their lease, the better to bring it into use and charge. And, albeit, they make profer of the collection for this year to the corporations

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