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broaghs, 6d. 28. The best plough iron shall be sold for 4s. 29. For making a plough iron, the owner making finding iron, 18d, 30. For the best mending of a plough iron as before, 8d, 31. Every smith shall bring axes, spades, shovels and such necessaries to the common markets. 32. A weaver shall have for every weavers slatt containing 3 market slatts, 4d. and 8 quarts of meal, of 1,000 or 1,600 a medder of meal, and 1d. 33. For every such like slatt of 8 or 9 hundred 4d, and 8 quarts of meal. 34. For every like slatt of 6 or 7 hundred 2d., and 4 quarters of meal. 35. For the best “brakan” weaving after the rate of the best linen cloth. 36. All other coarse plodding after the rate of 8 or 9 hundred. 37. For weaving a mantle, a medder or 2 gallons of meal, and 3d. 38. For weaving the best caddowe, a medder of meal, and 4d. 39. For weaving of a jerkin cloth, 2d, 40. For weaving of a trous cloth, 1d. 41. A cottener for the best mantle, cottened of the best fashion, his dinner, and 6d. 42. For cottening of a second, being coarser, his dinner, and 4d. 43. For cottening the best mantle with cards, his dinner, and 4d. 44. For cottening the best caddow with cards, his dinner, and 6d. 45. For cottening the best caddow with shears, being the best fashion, 8d. 46. For cottening a jerkin cloth, 2d. 47. For a trouse cloth, 1d. 48. Everyone leaving or refusing to work because of these rates is to be fined, or imprisoned until he be content, 40s. 49. Every tradesman working at these rates is to have servants to follow his other business.

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12. A BRIEF of some Things which I observed in the several

Baronies of the county of Tyrone during the time that I was High Sheriff of that county in Anno 1608, vizt.

(“In Carew's handwriting.” The High Sheriff's name was John Teighe, Esq.)

First, I observed that there are certain kindreds or septs of the Neales in divers parts of Tyrone, which ever did, and still do as much as in them lieth, oppose both against Tyrone and all those of his proper (sept and party, namely, in the Barony of Strabane, Tyrloghe Oge O'Neale, son to Sir Arthur O'Neale and all his followers and dependants, as well of the Neales as of the Quinnes, and likewise of divers other septs on that side of Slewe Sheese. Also in the Barony of O'Meaghe all that sept of the Neales called the Slughte Arts, do deadly hate Tyrrones sept. And likewise in the Barony of Clougher, are two other distinct septs of the Neales who hate Tyrrone and his sept, one of which septs are the sons of Shan O'Neale and their followers. In the Barony of the Glynnes, called Loughinisolyn, the inhabitants consisting chiefly of the Neales, the Haggans, the Mullhallans with the McCahirs and the Quines are wholly those which had their absolute depen

dance upon Tyrrone and his sept, and in this place especially
about that part of the Barony called Killytraghe, being a strong
fastness, do inhabit the chief nest of those that upon any
sudden occasion offered them would first show themselves in
action for Tyrones party, they being able out of this one quarter
to draw together at least 200 able men, and well armed within
24 hours warning. Also I have observed that under colour
of having liberty to wear arms in the time of O'Dogherties
rebellion for their own defence, the country is now every-
where full of pikes and other weapons which their Irish smiths
daily make. Another matter of note is that the permitting
of some of the naturals in every quarter of that county to
bear the title of officials, for the Bishop, is a great inconvenience
and hurt to the establishment of the King's laws and courses
of justice amongst that barbarous people, for these kind of
fellows, under colour of their authority from the Bishop,
take upon them to decide all private controversies and wrongs
committed between party and party, in the nature of Breghans
or Judges, according to the rules of the old Popish canons,
and do extort from the people at least 38 or 48, in the pound
for every matter that they give order in; and, withal,
enjoin and persuade them as much as they possibly can, that
they shall not commit these matters of controversy to trial by
the King's laws, and, therefore, it were necessary this abuse
were reformed.
I likewise observed a great defect of schools in those parts
for the instruction of their youth, which, upon conference on
that point with the best gentlemen of every quarter of the
country, I find them very willing and desirous to have schools
for that purposesettled amongst them.

Copy. Pp. 2.

Vol. 600, p. 136. 13. The GRAND PANEL of the county of Wexford, as it was returned in the general sessions holden before Sir James Ley, Knight, Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench, in Ireland, and Robert Oglethorpe, Esq.; Second Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland, justices of assize and jail delivery in the county of Wexford, the 25th of July 1608.

Justices of the Peace.

Thomas Lord Bishop of Fernes and Leighline; Sir Thomas Colcloigh, Knight; Sir Dudley Loftus, Knight; Sir Richard Mastersonne, Knight; Sir Laurance Esmond, Knight; Sir Willlam Sinot, Knight; James Butler of Bellabow, Esq.; Philip Devroux, of Balinagir, Esq.; Morgan Kavannagh, Esq.; Nicholas Kennay, Escheator, Esq.; Donull Kavannagh, Esq.; William Brown, of Malranckan, Esq.; Arthur Kavannaigh, Esq.; Marcus FitzHarvie, Esq.; Edward FitzHarvie Esq.; Dermott Kavannaigh, Esq.; John Broune, sovereign of Wex; James


Duff, of Cosse, Esq.; Robert Dode, Esquire; Patrick Furlonge, Esq.; Richard Witty, of Balleteg, Esq.; John Itchinghane; Nicholas Dormer, Esq.; Dennes Dale, Esq.; Nicholas Mastersonne, Esq.; James Furlonge, Esq.; John Alene, Esq.; John Devroux of Dipper, Esq.; Walter Talbot, Esq.; Richard Talbot, Esq.

His Majesty's Coroners.

Hammond Stafford of Baleconnor, Robert Rowsetor of Brigbargye, Hugh Ballaigh, McDonaigh Oge of Killconky, Philip Roche, of Brianstoun, Michael Sinot of the Rahen.

The Constables of the Barony of Forte.

Thomas Wadinge of Balleroghy, Joseph Elyot of Rathshillane.

Constables of Baigre.
Walter Witty of Nimestoune, James Devroux of Newcastle

Barony of Shilbirne.

Alexander Redmond of the Hall, Thomas FitzHavie of Witchurch.

Barony of Bantry.

James Hoar of Bellaborow, James Sutone and Thomas Scurlok.

The Portreves of Towns.

John Furlong of portrief of Banno, Morgan McRory portreve Taman, James Ketinge portreve of Federt, Nicholas Hea portreve of Clomem.

The Gentlemen of Fotherde.

George Chevers of Killiane, Gent. ; Robert Esmond of Johnestone, Gent.; Hugh Rochford of Tagomane, Gent.; Manton Synot of Ballebrennan; Robert Synot of Balehorran, Gent. ; Marten Cod of Castletowne; James Cod of Baleenfane, Gent. ; Jasper Codd of Cloess; John Stafford of Fursetime, Gent. ; John Walshe of Polranctan, Gent.; William Hane of the Hill, Gent.; William Hane of the Sladde, Gent.; Nicholas Walshe of the Buss; John Turner of Belleushen, Gent.; Simon Synott of Ballegerce; Jesper Synot of Rathdownny, Gent.; John Devroux of Maglas, Gent.; Patrick Witty of Balmacussen; James Butler of Butlerstoune; Edward Ketinge of Balemakeyan; Mathew Sigen of Sigenstoune, Gent.; Richard Hare of Redestoune, Gent.: Walter Frinss of Baletorie, Gent.; William Symotte of the Growgane, Gent.; John Esmonde of Rathlonnane, Gent. ; Walter Hare of Harestoune; Patrick FitzNicoll of Balecowanne; Richard Rochford of Petettestoune; John Hoar of Ionoclestoune; Paul Ketinge of Balebeg Philip Wadinge of Asoalye; Henry Synot of Gracekyrock


Derraigh O'Drycane of Remotestoun; Nicholas White of
Crommer; Nicholas Synot of Ballohell; James Synot of the
Berlagh; Nicholas Codd of Balmakeyrie; James Stafford of
the Gragene.

The Gentlemen of the Barony of Bargie.

Maurice FitzHarvie of Kilkevan; John FitzNicholl of Baleharthie; James Ketinge of Baldenestoune; Hamond Chevers of Balesestene; William Rowseter of Tomger; Alexander Ketinge of Rosselletoune; Walter Nevell of Tallokenaye; John Barrie of Bariestoune; Alexander Devroux of the Woodgrage; Walter Devrox of Caregeschurche; Richard Broune of the Holdhall; Nicholas Broune of Rathronnarie; Walter Broune of Gragrobben; Tibald Roche of Killmannane; Nicholas Wittie of Gentestoune; Patrick Prendergast of Sanshill; Michael Hare of the Blackhall; Marcus Devroux of Coskayll.

The Gentlemen of the Barony of Shilmalyce.

Nicholas Synnot of Fawleston; James Synnot of Rosgarlande; Nicholas Hoar of Ballesweillan; Walter Rowseter of Slevey; Walter Hare of Cronwall; Nicholas Hoar of the Poill; Patrick Meyler of the Dirr; John Hoar of Muchwodd;

Thomas Furlong of Cargmannan; Thomas Furlonge of the


The Barony of Bantrye.

Edward Butler of Clonkeraigh, Mathew Furlonge of Daviestoun, Thomas Scurloh of the Balgan, Severaigh O'Doyrane of the Chaple, Dowloun McMoigh of Ballegobbane, Dermot Ower McMoigh of the same, Edmond McArte of Bolebann, Arte McBren of Tample Wodekann, Teg McMorrishe Ley of Killovany, Caier McEdmond of Rathepadenboy.

The Barony of Shilbirne.

Oliver Ketinge of Dongavestoun, Nicholas Luffane of the Sladd, Nicholas Witye of Dougolpe, Richard Sutone of the Prisugard, James Prendergast of Balleforouh, Thomas Sutone of the Old Courte, John Sutone of Balesope, Gent., Walter Ketinge of Galleystone.

The High Constables of the Barony of Ballaighene.
Edmond Synot FitzJames of Ballevelle, Connell, McDonnell
Evallo of .*
The Gentlemen of the same Barony.

James Synot of the Owlorte, Donnill McArte of Tobberlomunaugh, Phelan McMahon of Balleshemes, Teg McMawen

* Blank in MS.


of Balerowane, Owen McArt of Tintubber, John Synott of Babbedargh, Morishe Lacy of Tomlaine, Teg McMiertargh of Lougherbege, James McBrann of Balevek, William Synot of Bailensar, John Synot of Cowledoynge, Donull Doyraneof Killensu, Lisurgh McTeg of Cloane, Cair McMoriertaigh of the same, Cormack McDonnell of Olortleigh, Edmond McArt of Balemute, William O'Doyran of the Dirr, Fardairaigh McDermott of Ballena, Sawle O'Doyran of Tentober, Mortaigh O'Doiran of Clondae, Shane O'Dyrane of the same, Caier O'Doyrane of Blemony, Edmond Synott of Garrevadden, Dermott O'Doyron of the Davanargh, Donull O'Doyran of the same, Donull McDonnaigh Tusker of Doudrom, Oyne McEnn of Rahendarg, Gerald McInnes of the same, Edmond Reaigh of Claranclariss, Dermot Reaigh of Ballemony, Terrelaigh Mc Oyn of the Courte, Nicholas Synot of Balemoigh, Eff McPhelim Art of Killmannaigh, Oron McBran of Ballegresaigh, Shane O'Doyrane of Rainduf, Moraigh McAdin of Baletrasine, Eff McDrt Bry of Monclough, Teg Reagh of the same, Moraigh Reaigh of Cloanatty, William McTeg of Ballegowan, Phelim McDonull of Garreden, Donnaigh McMoriertargh of Balegore, Gerald McMoraigh of Balevolo, Terrelaigh McMoriertagh of the same, Jasper Synot of Balemore, Moriertaigh Duf McMoraigh of Balera, Cair McDonaigh of Banickard, Caier McRosse of Ballenellok, Phelim McVnnes of Ballevodick, Brenn McVnnes of the same, Gerald Synot of Balenasky, Edmond Geer of Garrenusky, Griffin McMoreirtaigh of Teighm, Colloigh McMoriertaigh of Ballevalle, Ef £ of Balegrand, Patrick Peppard of Glaskarge, Patrick McPhelin of Monalstrum, Francis Waffer of Balemony, Caier McEf of Corranvredy, William McEdmonde of Remremond, Caier Row of the Rahine, Edmond McCarr of Tomduff, Thomas Boy of Ballegerall, James McOyn of Rathnetisky, Dermot Boy of Moumecloigh, David Mor Phelin of Ascongeray, Redmond McPhelin of Balemees, Thomas McShane of Moymmor, Mortie Nur of Ballencurre, Thomas Finne of Ballewollkin, Terrelaigh McPhelin of Ballelosk, William Broy of Killtynnen, Morraigh Mor of Kilbride, Shane Banne of Clow

rann, Teg McDavy of the Slaune, Brassell O'Bolger of Balle

valter, Dermot O'Bolger of the same, Donagh McGerot of Ballerah, Edmond McMoraighe of Balleheyne, Dermot McWilrem of Baleguffindowe.

The High Constables of the Barony of Gwery.
John Brassell of Balecargin, Teg McGerote Gill-Patrick
McThoms of Balehedin.
The Gentlemen of the Barony of Gwery.

Hugh Bellaigh McDermot of Balle, Edmond Duf Mc Dermot of Lunnaigh, Donnaigh Oge McDermot of Balleolouagh, Terrelaigh McCreen of Balebane, Calloigh McKeen of Collonok, Teg Ballaigh McDonnaigh of the Cloane, Art

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