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and that the bishops had only certain pensions and some other duties issuing out of the same, contain 304 balliboes or 19,000 acres, which the King may be pleased to bestow upon the said archbishopric and bishoprics, for the better maintenance of them and their dignitaries, and in lieu of their Tertia Episcopalis or third part of the tithes of the county.

Incumbent's Glebes, 2.—That out of the residue the King may likewise grant to every parsonage a new endowment of certain lands for the glebe thereof according to the general point before set down, which in this county will extend to 98 balliboes or 6,125 acres.

Monastery lands contain only 21 balliboes or 1,312 acres, whereof 4 balliboes or 250 acres are in lease for 21 years, and so many more granted in fee farm; the other 13 balliboes or 813 acres in possession, and the reversion of the four balliboes are in lease, may be disposed of to the College of Dublin, to fill up part of their book granted by Queen Eliz., for which they shall pay only half as much rent as the English and Scottish undertakers are to pay by the articles expressed in the printed conditions.

The Undertakers’ portion.

The church being provided for, there will remain 1,148 balliboes or 71,750 acres to be distributed among the undertakers who shall yield rents and other services to the King. Out of which there will rise 35 proportions of the least quantity of 16 balliboes or 1,000 acres apiece, 12 proportions of the middle sort of 24 balliboes or 1,500 acres apiece, and 9 of the greatest of 32 balliboes or 2,000 acres apiece, and 12 balliboes or 750 acres over. The whole number of proportions being 56, we think it fit that 2 of the small proportions be assigned to uses hereafter specified, and 54 to be left for undertakers, which may be thus disposed. 35 may be allotted to the English and Scottish undertakers who are to plant with English and Scottish tenants; 11 to the servitors who may receive Irish tenants; 8 to the natives who are to be made freeholders. Again, to the English and Scottish undertakers who are to make a plantation with English or inland Scottish tenants may be allotted 6 of the greatest proportions, 8 of the middle sorts, and 21 of the least. To the servitors who may take Irish tenants, 2 of the greatest, 2 of the middle, and 7 of the least. To the natives who are to be made freeholders, I of the greatest, 2 of the middle, and 5 of the least proportions. The church and undertakers being thus provided for, we hold it convenient that there be 5 corporate towns or boroughs erected in that county, with markets and fairs and other reasonable liberties, and with power to send burgesses to the parliament, viz., 1 at Dongannon, 2 at Clocher, the 3rd at


Omagh, 4th, at Loughinsolin, the 5th at Mountjoy. And that
there be a levy or press of tradesmen or artificers out of
England to people these towns—
And whereas the odd balliboes or acres above mentioned,
with the two small proportions abated from the undertakers,
amount to 44 balliboes or 2,750 acres, there may be 32
balliboes or 2,000 acres allotted to the same towns, viz., 8
balliboes or 500 acres to Dungannon, and 6 balliboes or
375 acres apiece to the other towns, which they are to hold
in fee farm, and pay such rent as the English or Scottish
undertakers. The other 12 balliboes or 750 acres may be
aasigned to the maintenance of a free school to be erected at
Touching the disposing of the natives, some may be planted
upon the bishops’ lands and the glebes of the parsons, others
upon the lands of Sir Art. Oneal and Sir Henry Oge Oneal
sons, and of such other Irish as shall be thought fit to have any
freeholds there; some others may be placed upon the portions
of such servitors as are not able to inhabit their lands with
Irish or Scottish tenants, especially of such as know best how
to rule the Irish.
But the swordsmen are to be transplanted into such other
parts of the kingdom as by reason of waste lands herein are
fittest to receive them, namely, into Connagh and some parts
of Mounster, where they are to be dispersed, and not planted
together in one place; and such as have no followers or cattle
of their own to be disposed of in the King's service.

The county of Colrane.

Colrane, otherwise called the Ocanes county, is divided as
Tirone by balliboes, and contains 547 balliboes or 34,187
Out of which arise 27 proportions, and 3 balliboes or 187
acres over to be added to the next parish, viz.: Of the one
moiety there arise 17 of the least proportions, and of the one
half of the other arise 17 of the least proportions; and of
the one half of the other moiety, 6 of the middle sort, and of
the other half of this moiety 4 of the greatest, every of which
proportions is to be made a parish, and every incumbent to
have his tithes, glebe, and other duties as is before set down.

For the portion of the Church.

1. The termon lands, claimed by the Bishop of Derry, contain 101' balliboes or 6,343; acres, and may be assigned, if it please the King, to the Bishop of Derry for the better maintenance of the bishop and dignitaries, and in lieu of his Tertia Episcopalis, &c.

2. The Dean of Derry's lands, containing 6 balliboes or 375 acres, to remain to himself.

3. Out of the residue 34 balliboes or 2,125 acres may be assigned to the glebes of the incumbents.


4. Out of the monastery lands balliboes or 1,125 acres may be passed to the college in Dublin, and the other 6 balliboes or 375 acres to be allotted towards the maintenance of a free school to be erected at Limevaddy.

The portions of the Undertakers.

All which being deducted there remaineth 382 balliboes or 23,875 acres to be divided amongst the undertakers, which will make, according to the form of the division made of the lands in Tirone, 18 proportions, viz.: Of the least 11, of the middle 4, and of the greater 3, and 14 balliboes or 875 acres over, whereof may be allotted to the English and Scottish undertakers 12 proportions, viz., 8 of the least, 2 of the middle and 2 of the great.

To the servitors 1 of the middle sort.

To the natives 5 proportions, viz., 3 of the least, 1 of the middle, and 1 of the greatest. The odd 14 balliboes or 875 acres may be equally allotted to two corporate towns or boroughs to be erected, one at Limevaddy and the other at Dungevin, which are to have reasonable liberties and to send burgesses to the parliament, and hold their lands in fee farm. The natives to be placed or transported as in Tirone. There are in this county divers fishings, touching the disposition whereof the King's pleasure is to be known. (1.) The moiety of the fishing of the Ban, unto which

: moiety, as likewise unto the other moiety, the assignees of

Sir William Godolphin make claim by a lease of 21 years,
made the 42° Eliz., which lease hath been in question and
allowed by the State in Ireland. And the assigns of John
Wakman claim the fee simple thereof by letters patent,
dated 3° Jacobi.
And the Lo. Bishop of Derry claimeth one day's fishing,
viz., the second Monday after Midsummer's Day, in the river
of the Bann, and likewise the fishing of the weir of Ballinass,
which was granted by letters patent to Thomas Irland,
and by him assigned to Sir Tho. Phillippes, who is now in
possession thereof.
(2.) A small salmon fishing in the river Rowe, which is in
the King's possession.
(3) A small salmon fishing in the creek of Toughan, falling
into Loughfoile, in the King's possession.
(4.) Certain small pools for fishing in the south side of
Loughfoile, in the King's possession; but the Lo. Bishop of
Derry doth claim a pool called Clony.

The County of Donnegall,

Commonly called Tirconnell, is divided into certain parcels of land called quarters, which quarters, because they are not of


equal quantities, some containing a greater number of acres
and some less, we are to make our division by acres.
The whole county doth contain 110,700 acres, which will
produce, according to the former division, 87 proportions,
viz., 55 of the least, of 1,000 acres apiece, and 18 of the
middle sort, of 1,500 acres apiece, and 14 of the greatest pro-
portions, of 2,000 acres apiece, and 700 acres over to be added
to some parish, every of which proportions is to make a
parish as aforesaid, wherein the several incumbents are to
have several glebes, and all the tithes and duties as aforesaid.

For the Church's portion.

(1.) The termon lands contain 9,168 acres, which may be assigned to the bishoprics as before. (2.) The bishops' mensal land or demesnes are 3,680 acres. (3) The incumbents of 87 parishes, according to the former division, may have 6,600 acres. (4.) The monastery lands are 9,224 acres, which are almost all either granted in fee farm or claimed by such as pretend title thereunto; but whatever shall remain to the King, the same to be allotted to the college of Dublin, to be passed in their book as aforesaid. There are, besides, three other parcels of land surveyed which cannot be distributed to undertakers; one of 300 acres, allotted to the fort of Culmore; another of 1,024 acres, called the Insh, passed in fee farm to Sir Ralph Bingley; and 1,000 acres, allotted to Balishanon.

The Undertakers' portions.

There remaineth to be allotted to undertakers 79,704 acres, which, being divided into the foresaid proportions, will make 62 of all kinds, viz., 40 of the least, 13 of the middle proportions, and 9 of the greatest, which may be thus distributed:–38 proportions may be disposed to English and Scottish, viz., 25 of the least, 8 of the middle sort, and 5 of the greatest; 9 to servitors, viz., 5 of the least, 2 of the middle, and 2 of the greatest; 15 to natives, viz., 10 of the smallest, 3 of the middle, and 2 of the greatest. There resteth 2,204, acres which may be thus disposed to corporate towns, which are to have reasonable liberties and send burgesses to the parliament, and to hold their lands as aforesaid, viz., to Derry 800 acres, to Calbeg 200 acres, to Donnegall 200 acres, to Rapho 200 acres, to Rathmullen 200 acres. To the Liffer are already assigned 500 acres, and to Ballishannon 1,000 acres.

The residue, being 604 acres, to be equally allotted towards the maintenance of two free schools, the one at Derry, the other at Donnegall; and that the site of the monastery be allotted to the Bishop of Rapho for his habitation, reserving convenient rooms for the school and schoolmaster.

The natives to be disposed as in Tirone.


Fishings in this county, in the King's possession, touching the disposition whereof his pleasure is to be signified.

In the barony of Enishowen, fishings of salmon, herring, and ling:—1, near Culmore; 2, near Rinecaroughkilly; 3, in the bay of Cooldagh to this the Bip. of Derry maketh claim; 4, in the bay of Trebiggigh; 5, in the bay of Broncanagh; 6, in Loughs willie; 7, in the creek of Newcastle.

In the barony of Kilmaccrenan, fishings of salmon, herring, ling, and other sea fish:—1, in the creek of Sullaghmor; 2, in the creek of Lennan; 3, in the creek of Moynoy; 4, in the creek of Cownoghgerragh, otherwise Sheephaven; 5, in the creek of Cownekillibigh; 6, in Loughswilly, near Ramulen; 7, in the bay of Dunsmaghie; 8, in the bay of Cloydagh.

In the barony of Boyle and Bannagh, fishings of salmon and other sea fish:—l, in the bay of Bwoybarragh; 2, in the bay of Owen I-Guy; 3, in the bay of Portynychen, otherwise Donnegall; 4, in the bay of Inver; 5, in the haven of Calbeg. To this the Bisp. of Derry maketh claim for the moiety; 6, in the bay of Fellen; 7, in the isles of Arran.

In the barony of Fyreagh, fishing of salmon:–1, in the river of Ballishannon; 2, in Boudrois—in lease with Sir Hen. Foliot.

In the barony of Rapho, salmon pools between the Liffer and the Derry, on the west side of Loughfoile, claimed by James Hamilton and others; but the Bp. of Derry claimeth the pools of Clontroy.

The county of Fermanagh.

The county of Fermanagh, commonly called McGuire's country, is divided into small precincts of land called tathes, every tath containing, by estimation, 30 acres or thereabout, as it is found by the survey; and doth contain 1,070 tathes, or 33,437} acres, besides 46 islands, some of greater and some of lesser quantity; but what number of tathes or acres the said islands contain is not set down in the survey, because the country did not present the same.

The said 1,070 tathes, or 33,437} acres, make 26 proportions of all sorts, viz., of the least 16, of the middle 6, and of the greatest proportions 4; and 14 tathes or 437} acres over, to be added to some parish; in every of which proportions there may be a parish, and several incumbents with glebes and other duties, as is before set down.

The portion of the Church.

1, the termon lands to be deducted out of the said number of 1,070 tathes do contain 100% tathes, or 3,147} acres which may be granted, if it so please the King, to the bishoprics; 2, the bishops' mensal or demesne land containeth 60 acres; 3, further, the incumbents are to have 66 tathes or 2,060 acres for their glebes; 4, the monastery lands contain 44 tathes or 375 acres, passed already in fee farm.

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