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Corck, and Limbricke be repaired by the several bishops,
deans, &c., of the several churches; and that the cathedral
churches which are ruined and not standing be re-edified
at the charge both of the clergy and laity of every
diocese, the charge or contribution to be rated by this Act.
The cathedral churches now ruined to be re-edified are those
of—Kildare, to be erected at Kildare; Ferns, at Wexford,
either in the priory there or in the church of Lelskar; Lis-
more, at Lismore; Emley, at Emly; Clone, at Clone; Ros-
carbery, at Roscarbery; Ardfert in Kerry at Dingly Chuse;
Killalowe, at Killalowe; Cathedral Church of the Archbishop
of Tuam, to be erected at Galwaye in the church of the college
there; Clonfert, at Clonfert; Elphin, at Elphin; Killmacow,
at Kilmacowe; Killala, at Killala; Ardconnorath, at Ardcon-
norath; Armagh, at Armagh; Elmore, at the Cavan, in the
priory there; Ardagh, at Ardagh; Clogher, at Clogher;
Derry, at Derry; Rapho, at Dunegall, in the priory thereof;
Downe, at Downe Patrick; Connor, at Carigfergus; Dromore,
at the Newry House. If it shall be thought fit that two or
more of the said bishoprics shall be united in perpetuity, it
shall be sufficient to provide that one cathedral only be
erected within the bishoprics so united, and that for re-
pairing parish churches every bishop with their commis-
sioners may inquire, by the oaths of 12 men or otherwise,
what lands or stock belong to every church for the re-
paration thereof, and that it may be forthwith employed
to that use, and if that may not suffice, so as there shall
remain a greater charge, the same to be imposed by an equal
tax upon the parson or vicar for repairing the chancel, and
upon the parishioners and lands within the parish for the
body of the church.
An Act to restrain all ecclesiastical persons from alienating
the lands of their charge, to be extracted and framed out of
the statutes of 1 and 13 Eliz., c. 11, and 18 Eliz., c. 10 and
c. 20, enacted in England, with a proviso that the bishop
whose diocese lies within the late escheated lands of Ulster
may demise them of the King's new endowment for longer
terms, according to the instructions sent over to the Com-
missioners of Plantation.
An Act against non-residence, absence out of the realm,
pluralities, and Simoniacal contracts, containing the effects of
the statute of 21 H. 8, cap. 13; 13 Eliz., c. 20; and 31 Eliz.,
cap. 6, enacted in England.
An Act against receivers and harbourers of Jesuits, Seminary
priests, and other Popish priests and schoolmasters, and
sending children beyond seas, according to the tenor of this
Act made the last session of Parliament in England.
An Act against idle holidays and holding fairs and mar-
kets upon Sundays, or within the precincts of the church-
yard, according to the statute of 27 H. 8, c. 5, and 5 Ed. 6.
cap. 3, enacted in England.


An Act that all friars and monks and nuns shall be expelled out of their dissolved houses where, for the most part, they still keep and hover; and if those persons to whom the King has given or let those houses or lands, with intent they should convert them to better uses, by planting and peopling the same, shall, by negligence or otherwise, suffer them to continue there contrary to his law, or shall participate in their abominable lures of supposed offerings or oblations, as many do, they shall forfeit their estate therein to the King, and endure fine and imprisonment.

Touching the increase of the King's Revenues.

An Act to give to the King all chauntries and other lands given to superstitious uses as obits, lamps, anniversaries, and the like, having respect to the statutes of 37 H. 8, cap. 4, and 1 Ed. 6, cap. 14, made in England. An Act to establish for ever the several compositions which are made already or shall be hereafter made with the inhabitants of Mounster, Conoth, or Ulster, together with the compositions of the Pale and of sundry shires in Leinster which are out of the limits of the English Pale, with a proviso that the King, upon urgent occasions or great rebellions, may set the compositions at liberty for a time. An Act for the attainder of Hugh Roe O'Donnill, Hugh McGwire, Philip O'Reely, or others, slain or dead in actual rebellion, and also of Hugh, late Earl of Tirone; Rory, late Earl of Tirconnell; Conconnoght McGwire O'Doghorty; Hugh O'Neale, late Baron of Dunganon; Hery O'Neale, second son of Hugh, late Earl of Tirone, and others. An Act to revive and make perpetual the impost of wines, according to the rates imposed in the last Parliament, and that there be a perpetual impost of all aqua vitae which shall be brought into this realm or carried out to be sold, which impost shall be double the rate imposed upon any sacks or sweet wines, and that the rates of customs and poundage be answered here as h England, and not otherwise. An Act that all linen, woollen, and worsted weavers, and all makers of Turkey carpets and other stuffs, linen and woollen, being born in any country that is in amity with the King, shall be made free denizen of this kingdom, and enjoy divers liberties and immunities, according to the form of the statute made 11 Edw. 3, cap. 5, in England.

An Act to resume all grants made to corporations to be free from the King's customs.

An Act that all such as have in their hands any of the King's records shall, by a certain day, bring in and deliver them to such officers of the King's Courts of Record as ought to keep the same, otherwise such as detain the same, knowing them to be records, after the day specified, to be adjudged felons, and that not only such as embezzle records, but such


as procure them to do, and such as receive them, being embezzled, be also adjudged felons.

An Act to repeal certain statutes heretofore made, prohibiting the exportation of sundry commodities out of this realm, with a grant of such customs paid for the like commodities to the King, his heirs and successors, as shall be thought meet.

An Act that any person or persons who have been or hereafter shall be attainted of high treason, either in England, Wales, or other part of the King's dominions, shall forfeit all his lands, tenements, or hereditaments whereof he or any other to his use was seized in this realm at the time of the treason committed.

Concerning the Civil Policy and Justice of the Realm.

An Act of recognition of the King's undoubted right to the crown of Ireland, with a thankful acknowledgement of his grace and clemency in granting the many free pardons and remissions to the rebellious people of this land. An Act for the abolishing of the Brehon law, and to make the common laws current in all parts of this kingdom. An Act to extinguish the custom of tanistry, and to make all lands descendable according to the course of the common laws of this realm; and that, if such as hold their lands in tanistry, or being mere Irish, have not their titles derived from the Crown, do not, within one year after the first sessions of Parliament, surrender their said lands to the King, to the end the same may be re-granted to them to hold of him, that the said lands shall be seized into the King's hands, and that the Lo. Deputy for the time being, with the advice of the Council, shall have full power to accept such surrenders and to re-grant the said lands, without other instruction or warrant out of England. An Act to abolish the uncertain cuttings and cosherings usurped by divers lords and gentlemen upon their tenants and dependants. An Act that divers artificers and handicraftsmen that have served as apprentices and been made freemen in any corporate town in England, viz., weavers, clothworkers, masons, carpenters, &c., may dwell and inhabit, and be free of the several trades which they profess in any city or town corporate within this realm, notwithstanding any liberty or privilege granted to any corporation; and that all handicraftsmen and bakers dwelling in any country shall freely come into any city or town corporate, and sell their wares and commodities upon the market days. An Act against all such as calling themselves gentlemen, hrosemen, or kerne, live loosely and freely, without any certain means or trade of life, as also against rhymers, gamesters, stokeaghes, vagabonds, and beggars, and for the relief of the


poor and impotent. The Act to be compounded and framed
out of the several Acts in 39 Eliz, in England, and since.
An Act that any whole barony into which any stolen cattle
shall be tracked upon fresh pursuit, if the inhabitants of the
said barony cannot make out the track into some other
barony, they shall answer the value of the stealth of the party
s' Act that bastards shall not be called, known, or dis-
tinguished by the name or sirname of their reputed fathers,
but by the Christian name of their mothers only; and that
every woman that shall father her child upon any other
than her known husband shall be adjudged a felon; and that
the child who takes upon him the name of such a supposed
father after he is 16 years of age, shall be adjudged a traitor.
An Act that none shall take or keep a woman to his wife,
and after put her away at his pleasure, upon pain of imprison-
ment for one whole year, and fine; and if any priest, not
thereunto lawfully authorised, do separate and divorce man
and wife, he shall be judged a felon.
An Act for clearing the passes and mending the highways
over bogs and fords, and for destroying all fortified islands
in loughs.
An Act to extinguish uses, and to abolish all fraudulent
feofments and conveyances, according to the statute of 27 H.8,
in England.
An Act for the preservation of deer, hawks, and wild fowl.
An Act that no sale in fair or market overt shall alter the
property of the goods stolen, according to the statute of
An Act that all bargains and sales shall be by deed enrolled,
according to the statute of 27 H. 8, in England.
An Act for conveyance of lands by will, according to the
statute of 32 and 34 H. 8, in England.
An Act that the justices of assize, in their several circuits,
shall have power and authority to tax the inhabitants of
every county for erecting and maintaining a public sessions
house and a common gaol within the said county.
An Act that information and examination of all persons
committed for felony or treason be taken in writing by such
as commit them, and the said information or examination to
be returned at the next general sessions; and that no felon
be bailed but by two justices of peace, whereof one shall be
of the quorum, according to the statute 2 Eliz. 6, c. 24, and
3 M, c. 10, in England, and the same to be done by the
consent or privity of him who commits the felony.
An Act for trial of accessories in foreign counties, according
to the statute 2 Ed. 6, cap. 21, in England.
An Act that such as shall be accused of any high treason
(wilful murder, burning of houses and stacks of corn excepted)
may be indicted and tried either in the King's Bench or by
commission of oyer and terminer, by juries of the several


counties of Dublin, Kildare, Meath, and Lowth; and that the
peremptory challenge of all cases of treason and felony be
reduced to the number of 20, as it is in England.
An Act that a several custos rotulorum be appointed in
every shire, according to the statute of England, and the
penalty imposed upon the justices of peace if they hold not
their quarter sessions; and that none shall be a justice of
peace of any county unless he be either resident in the same
or in the borders of the next adjoining, in which respect
many times he may do better service than if he dwelt in the
county itself, the privy counsel, judges, and learned counsel
only excepted. -
An Act that the statute 32 H. 8, c. 6, made in England,
that the reognizances taken before a chief justice of the King's
Bench or of the Common Pleas shall be in nature of a statute
staple, and may be in force in this kingdom.
That the statute of 3 H. 8, cap 12, for passing and altering
pannels for the King be enacted in this kingdom
That the statute of jeofailes made in England may be
enacted here.
That the statute of 22 H. 8, enacted in England, concerning
leases made by tenants in tail for three lives or 21 years,
may be made law in this kingdom.
An Act for juries de circumstantibus to be according to
the statute of 37 H. 8, 4 and 5 P. and Mary, 14 Eliz.
An Act to take away clergy for burglary and robbing of
houses, booths, and tents, and rape, and being accessory to
murder; and an order delivering clerks convict without
purgation, according to the statute of 3 and 6 Edw. 6, 4 and
5 P. and Mary, and 18 Eliz.
An Act for punishing vagabonds calling themselves Egypt-
ians, according to the Act of 5 Eliz.
An Act for the due execution of the statute de excom-
municato capiendo, 5 Eliz.
An Act against fraudulent conveyances, according to the
statutes 13 Eliz., 18 Eliz, and 27 Eliz.
An Act to repeal the Act against the entertainment of
An Act against usury.
An Act against fastness men and compounding of felonies.
An Act for sowing hemp and flax and for making linen

An Act to confirm the grants and estates of the undertakers of Ulster.

An Act for trial of pirates.

Signed: Roger Wilbrüm, Anthony Sentleger, James Fulerton, Tho. Ridgwaye, James Ley, John Davis.

Copy. Pp. 10.

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