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The professional tourist, who from Peregrinus, who has been so much a sense of stern necessity, and even abroad, is moved by the engaging asdecency, must, every year, become pect of the young creatures in the a sort of travelling Wandering Jew scarlet cloaks and hoods, and is moved will soon have no more worlds to with an instinctive wish to open up conquer. He has “done" every city, these new and picturesque huntingchurch, palace, lake, river, and statue, grounds. A ticket from English Dan from Dan to Beersheba, and the to Irish Beersheba is moderate. Hark annual Tour de rigueur begins to to the Wild Irishman already kicking pall.

and lunging, and with difficulty held Yet the true Briton can travel with in by his two grooms. Peregrinusequal safety and convenience within or shall we say simply, Peregrinethe measure of the British Islands. hesitates, and like the woman who There are Scotch lakes equal to Mag, hesitates, is lost. A little paste, deftly giore, and there are “bits” of local applied by a ministering porter angel, colouring at home equal to what are of wonderful skill in adhesive work, to be only attained by weary days and the irrevocable label, “ London and nights in steamer, and diligence, to Eblana,” is already attached. Anand railway carriage; and as he stands other instant, and the Irishman has debating whether he shall, after all, broken loose—has his steam head, drive away to the old, faithful so to speak, and is away. Peregrino South-Eastern, and take the familiar cannot now draw back. He is astride, coupon for the eternal Beersheba, a so to speak, on the back of the Wild fairy close beside, with a voice, earthly, Irishman. It is fully eighty-two yet musical, and attuned to that sort miles, and barely two hours gone, of hill and valley cadence, which before his groom_can pull him in mortals outside might ignorantly somewhere about Rugby. He is even christen “brogue,” whispers, in rich then only prevailed on to stop by the accent, something concerning a Green allurement of a inash dexterously Island--an epithet secured to it by a compounded of coke and water. sort of patent--and lying very close to When the Wild Irishiman reaches the old-established original “ Tight the end of his tether, and has flung little Island.”

himself down exhausted at Holyhead, The fairy who gives this invitation Peregrine finds a monster of another should properly be an engaging young description waiting patiently to take lady, in a scarlet Red Riding-hood him across the straits. Huge precloak, with a blue petticoat

, çut very Adamite creatures-wild elephants, short, and a little hood, which serves whales, or steam Megatheria possiconveniently enough for a bonnet. bly, not by any means wild, but docile VOL. LXIII.-NO. CCCLXXIII.


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