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1805. -

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To reader will observe, that this Volume, like each of the two preceding ones, contains thirty three sheets. This is to be the number of

sheets in every succeeding Volume; and the fixed annual cost of the

work is, of course, f2. 15. 0.—The PARLIAMENTARY DEBATEs, which formed a large part of the 2d, 3d, and 4th Volumes, now make a separate work. They begin with the Session of 1803-4; and, at the end of the present Session, will make five Volumes of about the same bulk, and printed in the same manner as the Register. For a description of The SPIRIT of THE Public Journals, another work of the same form, and printed in the same manner, and, which is closely connected with the other two, I beg leave to refer the reader to p. 117 of the present Volume.

Dule-Street, June 30th, 1805. WM. CoBBETT.


Order issued by the Court of Madrid for making Reprisals on English Property, dated November 27, 1804 - -

Declaration of War made by Spain against England, dated Madrid, December

12, 1804 - - - - - - Report of a Letter from the Empercr of Russia to Louis the XVIIIth, under his title of Count de Lille - - - - - - " - - Order of Council for issuing Letters of Marque against Spain, dated London, January 11, 1805 - - - Declaration of War made by England against Spain - - - Address of His Excellency the Prince of Peace to the Fleets, Armies, and People of Spain, relative to the War with England, dated Madrid, Dec. 10, 1804 Note remitted by Sir Arthur Paget, the British Minister at the Court of Vienna, upon the Subject of the Deportation of Sir G. Rumbold - - Letter from the Emperor Napoleon to the King of England, dated January 2, and communicated to the Legislative Body of France, on February 4, 1805 Answer given by Lord Mulgrave, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, to the above Letter, dated January 14, 180; - - - - - Letter from Lord Robert Fitzgerald to M. d'Aranjo d'Arevado, Minister of Foreign Affairs at Lisbon, relative to the insertion of the Manifesto of the Prince of

Peace in the Lisbon Gazette, dated January 25, 1805 - - - Abstract of a Convention concluded by the French Minister Sallicetti, with the Ligurian Republic, on the 20th October, 1804 • - -

Note of the Portuguese Minister to the English Minister at that Court, in Answer.

to the Note of the latter relative to the publication in the Lisbon Gazette, of
the Declaration of the Prince of Peace, dated February 14, 180; -

. Note delivered by the Swedish Chargé d'Affaires at Berlin to the Prussian Cabinet,

relative to the Note of Baron Hardenberg, of the 24th December, 1804 Intercepted Letter from Lord Harrowby to Lord Grenville Levison Gower at

Petersburgh, published in the Moniteur of the 20th of March, 1895 Notice respecting the Blockade of Cadiz, datcd Downing-street, April 25, 1895

Message delivered by the President of the United States of America to both Houses
of Congress, November 8, 1804 - - - - - - - -
French Annual Exposé, at the Opening of the Session of the Legislative Body at
Paris, on the 26th of December, 1804 - - - * - -
M. Talleyrand's Report made to the Conservative Senate of France, relative to
the Overtures of Peace made by the Emperor Napoleon to the King of En-

gland, dated 4th February, 1805 - - - - - - - - M. Segur's Speech in the Legislative Body of France, upon the Subject of the Overtures of Peace with England, dated 4th February, 1895 - M. Regnault's Speech in the Tributate of France, relative to the Overtures of . Peace with England, dated 4th February, 1805 - - - Dutch Finance. Opinion of M. de Langer Van Wyngaarden in the Dutch Legislative Body, 24th January, 1805 • * -

American Finance. Report (annually made) of the Secretary of the Treasury of
, the United States to the Two Houses of Congress, dated 19th Nov. 1 So:
Copy of the Orders of the Prefect of Guadaloupe to all American Captains, for-
, biolog to l;troduction of any Newspapers, &c. into the Colony -
iktorožo' Begrees of Jacques the First, Emperor of Hayti, dated 15th

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3 or - . . . . . . . . . . so the Emperor Napoleon and the different Public Bodies of Stated satis February ! I, 1892 - - - - o,

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Letter from the Emperor Napoleon to the Landamman of Switzerland, dated 4th
January, 1805 - - - - - - - - -
French Finances. Report of a Discussion and Statement in the Legislative Body,
21st February, 1805 - - - - - - - - -
Inaugural Speech of the President of the United States, March 4, 1805 - -
Proceedings relative to the Assumption of the Crown of Italy by Napoleon, Em
peror of the French - - - - - - - - -
Sketch of the Plan of the New Constitution of Holland, and an Account of the
successive Proceedings relative to the Adoption of that Plan ... - -
Proclamation of General Ferrand, Commander in Chief in the Island of St. Do-
mingo, dated St. Domingo, 5th February, 1805 - - - -
Letter from General Ernouf to His Majesty the Emperor Napoleon, dated
Guadaloupe, March 12, 1805 - - - - - - - - "
Account of the Proceedings of the French Fleet in the West-Indies, published at
Paris, 10th May, 1805 - - - - - - - -
Speech of M. Schimmelpennick, at the Opening of the Session of the States Ge-

neral, under the New Constitution, May 15th, 1805 - - Extracts from the French Official Paper, the Moniteur, relative to England, Russia, and France . - - - - - - - - * : *

DoMESTIC official PAPERs.

Letter from Lord Keith, dated on Board the Monarch, off Ramsgate, 11th December, 1804, containing an Account of the Attack on Fort Rouge

Circular Note from the Secretary of State, Lord Hawkesbury, to the Lords Lieutenant of Counties, relative to counterfeit Coin, dated December, 1864

Order of Council relative to the Detention of Spanish Ships, and Ships bound to

Spain, dated 19th December, 1804 - - - - Circular Leuer of the Commander in Chicf, relative to the Sale of Commissions, dated October 24, 1804 -

King's Speech to both Houses of Parliament, on Opening the Session, 15th Ja-

nuary, 1805 -

Petition of certain Electors of Middlesex, complaining of the Conduct of Sheriffs'

Leighton and Shaw, 25th January, 1805 - - - - Petition of certain Freeholders of Middlesex relative to the Qualification of Mr. Mainwaring, 28th January, 1805 - - -

Memorial presented to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, relative to the

Sequestration of British Ships and other Property in the Spanish Dominions, .

upon the breaking out of the War, 1796 - - - Letter to Lord Hawkesbury from the Agent of the Ship Owners, dated 22d De

cember, 1802 - - - - - - - - Resolution of the Governor and Council of Jamaica, dated 21st November, 1804 Address of the Assembly to the Governor of Jamaica, dated 8th December, 1864,

together with the Governor's Answer - - - - - Petition of the Assembly of Jamaica to His Majesty, dated 12th December, 1804 King's Proclamation relative to the Quarantine, dated 6th February, 1805


Circular Letter srom Lord Hawkesbury, Secretary of State, to the Lords Lieutenant

of Counties, relative to the Parish Army Fines, dated February 18, 1895 Antigua. Proclamation of Lord Lavington, Governor of the Leeward Islands,

dated 29th November, 1804 - - - - - - - * Resolutions adopted by the House of Assembly of Jamaica, relative to the G

vernor's Speech at the preceding Prorogation, dated 12th December, 1864 Extracts of a Letter from Lord Camden, dated 7th June, 1804, to the Lieutenant

Governor of Jamaica, relative to Preachers in the Island - - Message to the Jamaica Assembly, relative to the Intercourse with America,

dated 13th December, 1804 - - - - - - - Resolutions of the Jamaica Legislature, approving of the Conduct of Admiral

Duckworth, dated 17th December, 1604 - - - -

Resolution of the Jamaică Legislature, relative to the Interference of the Board of Trade, in the internal Concerus of the Colony, dated 17th December, isot

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