The Easy First Reader

Front Cover
P.P. Simmons, 1905 - Readers - 128 pages

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Page 113 - What does little birdie say In her nest at peep of day ? Let me fly, says little birdie, Mother, let me fly away. Birdie, rest a little longer, Till the little wings are stronger. So she rests a little longer, Then she flies away. What does little baby say, In her bed at peep of day ? Baby says, like little birdie, Let me rise and fly away.
Page 53 - STAR. Twinkle, twinkle, little star; How I wonder what you are ! Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky. When the glorious sun is set, When the grass with dew is wet, Then you show your little light, Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.
Page 84 - Baa, baa, black sheep, Have you any wool? Yes, sir, Yes sir, Three bags full. One for my master. One for my dame, And one for the little boy Who lives down the lane.
Page 41 - JACK and Jill went up the hill, To fetch a pail of water; Jack fell down and broke his crown And Jill came tumbling after.
Page 74 - There was an old woman who lived In a shoe, She had so many children, she didn't know what to do.
Page 120 - Little Jack Horner Sat in a corner Eating a Christmas pie; He put in his thumb, And pulled out a plum, And said, "What a good boy am I!
Page 78 - IF all the seas were one sea, What a great sea that would be ! And if all the trees were one tree, What a great tree that would be ! And if all the axes...
Page 84 - Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep, And can't tell where to find them; Leave them alone, and they'll come home, And bring their tails behind them.
Page 61 - Then hurrah for the flag ! Our country's flag ! Its stripes and white stars, too ! There is no flag in any land Like our own Red, White and Blue!

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