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CAPTAIN MARRYATS BOOKS FOR BOYS. Poor Jack. With Sixtoon Illustrations after Designs by CLARKSON STANFIELD, R.A. Twenty-second Edition. Post 8vo., 38. 6d. Gilt, 43. 60.

People's Edition, Illustrated. Demy 4to., 6d.

Cheap Edition. Fcap. 8vo., 6d. The Mission; or, Seenes in African With Illustrations

by JOHN GILBERT. Post 8vo., 38. 60. Gilt, 48. 6d. The Settlers in Canada. With Illustrations by GILBERT

and DALZIEL. Post 870., 38. 6d. Gilt, 48. 60. The Privateers Man. Adventures by Sea and Land


with Eight Steel Engravings. Post 800., 38. 60. Gilt, 43. Bd. Masterman Ready; or, the Wreck of the Pacific. Embellished with Ninety-three Engravings on Wood. Post 8vo., 38. 60. Gilt, 46.60.

People's Edition, Illustrated. Demy 4to., 6d. .
Cheap Edition. Fcap. 8vo., 6d.

. The Pirate and Three Cutters. Illustrated with Eight

Steel Engravings from Drawings by CLARKSON STANFIELD, R.A. With a Memoir

of the Author. Post 8vo., 38. 6d. Ghilt, 48. 6d. A Boy's Locker. A Smaller Edition of the above Tales,

in 12 volumes, enclosed in a compact cloth box, 218. Hans Christian Andersen's Tales for Children. With

Forty-eight Full-page Ilustrations by Wehnert, and Fifty-seven Small Engravings

on Wood by W. THOMAS. A new Edition. Very handsomely bound. 68. Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales and Sketches.

Translated by C. C. PEACHEY, H. WARD, A. PLESNEB, &c. With 104 Illustrations by
OTTO SPECKTER and others. 68.

This volume contains several tales that are in no other Edition published in this

country, and with the above volume it forms the most complete English Edition. Mrs. Alfred Gatty's Presentation Box for Young

PEOPLE. Containing " Parables from Nature," " Aunt Judy's Tales," and other
Popular Books, 9 volumes in all, beautifully printed, neatly bound, and enclosed in

a cloth box. 315. 6d. Any single volume at 38. 6d. Anecdotes of Dogs. By EDWARD JESSE. With Illustra

tions. Post 8vo. Cloth. 38. With Thirty-four Steel Engravings after COOPER,

LANDSEER, &c. 73. Bd. The Natural History of Selborne. By GILBERT WHITE.

Edited by JESSE. Illustrated with Forty Engravings. Post 8vo. Bs.; or with the

Plates Coloured, 78. 6d. A Poetry Book for Schools. Illustrated with ThirtySOWERBY'S ENGLISH BOTANY: Containing a Description and Life-size coloured Drawing of every British Plant. Edited and brought up to the Present Standard of Scientific Knowledge by T. BOSWELL, LL.D., F.L.S., &c. With Popular Descriptions of the Uses, History, and Traditions of each Plant, by Mrs. LANKESTER, Author of "Wild Flowers Worth Notice,"

seven highly-finished Engravings by C. W. COPE, R.A., HELMSLEY, PALMER, SKILL,

THOMAS, and H. WEIK. Crown 8ve 18. Select_Parables from Nature. By Mrs. GATTY. For

the Use of Schools. Fcap. ls.

Besides being reprinted fra America, selections from Mrs. Gatty's Parables have been translated and published in the German, French, Italian, Russian, Danish, and

Swedish languages. LONDON: GEORGE BELL & SONS, YORK STREET COVENT GARDEN, “ Under the editorship of T. Boswell"Syme, F.L.S., assisted by Mrs. Lankester, “Sowerby's English Botany,' when finished, will be exhaustive of the subject, and worthy of the branch of science it illnstrates, In turning over the charmingly executed handcoloured plates of British plants which encumber these volumes with riches, the reader cannot help being struck with the beauty of many of the humblest flowering weeds we tread on with careless step. We cannot dwell upon 'many of the individuals grouped in the splendid bouquet of flowers presented in these pages, and it will be sufficient to stato that the work is pledged to contain a figure of every wild flower indigenous to these islos." Times.

,** * The British Ferns, &c. The Figures by J. E. SOWERBY, JAMES SOWERBY, F.L.S., J. DR. O. SOWERBY, F.L.S., and J. W. SALTER, A.L.S. In Eleven Volumes, super-royal 8vo.; or in 83 Parts 58. each.

“Will be the most complete Flora of Great Britain ever brought out. This great work will ind a place wherever botanical science is cultivated, and the study of our native plants, with all their fascinating associations, held dear."-Athenaeum.

“A clear, bold, distinctive type enables the reader to take in at a glance the arrangement and divisions of every page. And Mrs. Lankester has added to the technical description by the editor an extremely interesting popular sketch, which follows in smaller type. The English, French, and German popular names are given, and, wherever that delicate and dificult step is at all practicable, their derivation also. Medical properties, superstitions, and fancies, and poetic tribntes and Illusions, follow. In short there is nothing morc loft to be desired." Griardian.

“Withoat question, this is the standard work on Botany, and indispensabia to every botanist. The plates are most accurate and beautiful, and the entire work cannot be too strongly recommended to all who are interested in botany."-Illustrated News.

Sold separately, prices as follows :

Bound cloth. Half Morocco. Morocco elegant.

£ 8. de £ 8. de £ 8. d. Vol. I. (Seven Parts)

1 18 0 2 2 0 2 8 6 II. ditto

1 18 0 20 2 8 6 III. (Eight Parts)

2 3 0 2 7 0 2 13 6 IV. (Nine Parts)

2 8 0 2 12 0 2 18 6 V. Eight Parts)

2 3 0 2 70 2 13 6 VI. (Seven Parts)

1 18 0 2 2 0 2 8 6 VII, ditto

1 18 0 2 2 0 2 8 6 VIII. (Ten Parte)

2 13 0 2 17 0 3 3 6
IX. (Seven Parts)

1 18 0 2 2 0 2 8 6

1 18 0 2 2 0 2 8 6
XI. (Six Parts)

1 13 0 1 17 0 2 3 6 Or, the Eleven Volumes, 221. 88. in cloth ; 241. 128. in half-morocco; and

281. 38, 6d. whole morocco, Volume XII., by Prof. BOSWELI, containing ferns and other cryptogamous

plants, with an Index to the whole work, is now being issued. Parts I.-IV., with coloured plates, now ready, price 5s. each.





"Each volume is elegantly printed in royal 8vo., and Illustrated with a very largo number of well-executed engravings, printed in colours. They form a complete library of reference on the several subjects to which they are devoted, and nothing more complete in their way has lately appeared.”—The Bookseller. BREE'S BIRDS OF EUROPE AND THEIR EGGS, not ob

served in the British Isles. With 252 beautifully coloured Plates. Five vols. 51. 55. COUCH'S HISTORY OF THE FISHES OF THE BRITISH

ISLANDS. With 252 carefully coloured Plates. Four vols. 41. 4s. GATTY'S (MRS. ALFRED) BRITISH SEAWEEDS. Nume.

rous coloured Illustrations. Two vols. 21, 1os. HIBBERD'S (SHIRLEY) NEW AND RARE BEAUTIFUL

LEAVED PLANTS. With 64 coloured Full-page Illustrations. Executed expressly for this work,


FERNS. With 479 finely coloured Plates. Eight vols. 61. 6s. LOWE'S OUR NATIVE FERNS. Illustrated with 79 coloured

Plates and goo Wood Engravings. Two vols. 21. 28. LOWE'S NATURAL HISTORY OF NEW AND RARE FERNS,

Containing Species and Varieties not included in "Ferns, British and Exotic."

72 coloured Plates and Woodcuts. One vol. 11. Is. LOWE'S NATURAL HISTORY OF BRITISH GRASSES. With

74 finely coloured Plates. One vol. Il. Is. LOWE'S BEAUTIFUL-LEAVED PLANTS: being a description

of the most beautiful-leaved Plants in cultivation in this country. With 60

coloured Illustrations. One vol. II. is. MAUNDS' BOTANIC GARDEN. New Edition. Edited by J. C. NIVEN,

Curator of the Botanic Gardens, Hull. With 250 coloured Plates, giving 1247

figures. Six vols. 121. 125. MORRIS' HISTORY OF BRITISH BIRDS. With 360 finely

coloured Engravings. Six vols. 61.65. MORRIS' NESTS AND EGGS OF BRITISH BIRDS. With

223 beautifully coloured Engravings. Three vols. 37. 38. MORRIS' BRITISH BUTTERFLIES. With 71 beautifully co.

loured Plates. One vol. Il. is. MORRIS' BRITISH MOTHS. With coloured Illustrations of

nearly 2000 specimens. Four vols. 61. 6s. TRIPP'S BRITISH MOSSES. With 39 coloured Plates, con:

taining a figure of each species. Two vols. 21. Ios. WOOSTER'S ALPINE PLANTS First Series. With 54 coloured

Plates. 258. WOOSTER'S ALPINE PLANTS. Second Series. With 54 coloured





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