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and let all the people say: “ Amen !”.

Praise Jehovah !

NOTES. Ver. 7. While marching toward the Red-fea. The present text has 6 at the sea, even at the Red sea,” as our translators render: but a word has been badly divided into two in the Hebrew; and the true reading is preserved in Sep. See C. R.–Ver. 26. So be raised bis band. This may have been, he swore: and in that sense it is generally taken by interpreters. I think it means here, as in some other places : be set ċinis self against them.

PSALM CVII. This psalm, which is the first of the fifth division, appears to bave been composed soon after the return from the Babylonisb captivity.

GIVE thanks to Jehovah; for good is he: for his bounty endureth for ever! So should say, the redeemed by JEHOVAH; whom he hath redeemed from their oppreffors, and gathered out of the various countries; from the east, the west, the north and the south.

They were wandering in solitary deserts : they could find no city to dwell in. From hunger and thirst, their souls fainted in them. But, in their distress, they invoked JEHOVAH: and from their distresses he delivered them. By a direct path he conducted them, until they came to an habitable city: Let them, then, praise JEHOVAH, for his goodness, 8 and his wonderful deeds to mankind: since the thirsty soul he hath fully satisfied; and the hungry foul he hath filled with plenty:

10 those who fat in darkness, and in the shade of death,

bound fast in the irons of affliction.
11 Becaufe they had disobeyed the commands of

and contemned the counsel of the Most-High,
12 he humbled their hearts with hardship;

they fell down, and there was none to help up! '13 But, in their distress they invoked JEHOVAH;

and from their distresses he delivered them :
brought them out of darkness and the shade of death,
and their bands he broke alunder.
Let them praise JEHOVAH, for his goodness;
for his wonderful deeds to mankind !
For the gates of brass he hath broken,
and the bars of iron he hath cut asunder.
Fools, because of their transgressions,
and because of their iniquities, were amicted :
all sorts of food their fouls abhorred;

and they were touching on the gates of death!
19 But, in their distress, they invoked JEHOVAH;

and from their distresses he delivered them.
He sent his word—and healed them :
and rescued them from their destruction.
Let them praise Jehovah, for his goodness;
for his wonderful deeds to mankind :
let them sacrifice facrifices of thanksgiving,
and with joy rehearse his doings.

Those, who traverse the sea in ships,

who negotiate on the mighty waters 24 Those see the works of Jehovah;

and his wonders on the great deep!



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He biddeth—and the tempest ariseth,
and swelleth high its billows !
they mount up to the heavens !
they fink down into the deep!
The fouls of the mariners
are melted with misery;
they reel and stagger, like one drunk :
and all their skill faileth them.
But in their distress they invoke Jehovah;
and from their distresses he delivereth them.
The storm he turneth into a calm :
and the waves are hushed into silence !
At their stillness, the mariners rejoice:
for he bringeth them to their wished-for port!
Let them praise Jehovah for his goodness;
for his wonderful deeds to mankind.
Let them extol him in the national congregation;
and praise him in the assembly of elders.

He turneth rivers into wildernesses; and water-springs into dry deserts ! a fruitful foil into sterility, for the wickedness of its inhabitants ! Again, he turneth the wilderness into ponds of water; 35 and the thirsty foil into water-fprings : which to the familhed he giveth for a dwelling-place, 36 where they may rear an habitable city: where they may low fields, and plant vineyards; 37 which shall yield a fruitful produce : for he blesseth, and greatly increaseth them; and permitteth not their cattle to diminish.

Others, again, decrease, and are humbled,


through oppression, affli&ion and forrow.
He poureth out contempt on princes,
and maketh them wander in a pathless desert:
while the destitute he raiseth from affliction,
and augmenteth his family, like a flock!
The righteous shall see this, and rejoice:
while all iniquity shall be tongue-tied !

Let him who is wise, attend to these things;
and learn the loving-kindnesses of JEHOVAH !


NOTES. The beauties of this psalm are many and striking; and need not be pointed out to the least intelligent. Ver. 8, 15, 21, 31, are the burden, or bob, of the song; and correspond with ver, 6, 13, 19, 28. Both may have been choruses.-Ver. 23. This transition to ships and the dangers of mariners is admirable. I doubt if all antiquity can produce a better picture. Ver. 42. All iniquity. Iniquity is here personified, and denotes the iniquitous: but the abstract is more poetical. Ib. tongue-tied, lit. moutb.fout: which, perhaps, might be not improperly verriaculized.

PSALM CVIII.-al. CVII. This psalm is composed of parts of two otber psalms ; namely, psalm 57. 8–12, and psalm 60. 7--14. Venema thinks, not improbably, that it was occasionally compiled in the time of the Machabees : it bas for title, I

MINE heart is ready, O GOD! (+ mine heart is

ready :)
to thee I will sing and psalmodize.
Awake, my glory! awake, my lyre and harp!
I will awake the early morning !


I will praise thee, JEHOVAH! among the peoples : 4 I will psalmodize to thee among the nations. For magnified is thy bounty, unto the heavens ; thy veracity, unto the ethereal skies. Exalt thyself, O GOD! above the heavens ; manifest thy glory over all the earth :

That thy beloved may yet be rescued, * hear-and by thy right hand save us. God answereth, in his fanctuary ! joyful am I! I shall yet divide Sichem into lots ; and measure out the vale of Suchoth: mine shall be Gilead, and mine Manasseh : Ephraim shall be the helmet of mine head : Judah shall be my chieftain: Moab shall be my washing-pot: at Edom I shall throw my slipper : . over the Philistints I shall triumph !

Who will conduct me to that strong city? who will conduct me to Edom? Wilt thou, O God, still reject us? and not go out with our hosts? Grant thine aid, after our distress : for vain is the aslistance of man. Through God we shall act valiantly: for he will tread down our enemies.

NOTES. Ver. 2. + This addition is in Sep. and Syr. and in 5 mss. and also in p.p. Pf. 57.8.- For the rest, see the notes on that psalın and on Psalm 60.

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