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a long list of expostulations and complaints, suddenly resolves the cause; namely, a change in the disposition of God, toward a guilty people : bứt consoles himself with future hopes; and rehearses the former mighty works of Jehovah in favour of his people. See C. R.

PSALM LXXVIII. al. LXXVII. I bave little doubt of this psalm's being a continuation of the preceding one. It is a beautiful recapitulation of all that Jebovab bad done for the Israelites ; and of their unaccountable ingratitude and frequent relapses. Its title is,

A DIDACTIC PSALM OF ASAPH. LISTEN, my people, to mine admonition : give ear to the words of my mouth. My mouth I will open with memorable instructions: 24 the documents of antiquity I will detail : such as we have heard, and such as we know; which our fathers have related to us. These we will not hide from their children : but rehearse, to the following generation, the praises and power of Jehovah; and the wonderful deeds which he hath done.

For he ordained a testimony for Jacob, a and established a law for Israel: o. which he gave in charge to our fathers to make known to their children : that the following generation might know them; the children to be born, and rise up: who should, again, relate them to their children : That in God they might place their trust, and never forget his doings : but ftri&ly observe his commandments : and might not be, like their forefathers,

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a froward and rebellious generation :
a generation, whose hearts were not upright;
nor their minds faithful to God.
The children of Ephraim were like armed bow-

who turn their back in the day of combat !
They kept not the covenant of God,
and refused to walk by his law.
They forgot his singular works,
and the wonders which he had shown them :
the miracles which he had done among their fathers,
in Egypt-in the region of Zoan.

He divided the sea, to let them pass through;
made the waters stand up like an heap !
By day he conducted them by a cloud,
and all night by a lucid fire!
He rent the rocks in the wilderness;
and gave them drink, as from a copious deep.
From the rock he brought flowing streams,
and made waters run down like rivers ! .

Yet still they finned against him,
and irritated the Most High, in the desert.
They tempted him deliberately,
by asking food for their appetites.
Nay, they spoke against God, and said:
“ Can God spread a table in the wilderness?
“ Although, when he struck the rock, waters flowed,
“ and torrents impetuously rushed forth :
“ Is he also able to give bread ?
o can he provide flesh for his people ?”

JEHOVAH heard this, and was wroth : fo a fire was kindled against Jacob;



and wrath was high against Israel ! because they believed not in God, nor relied on his faving power.

Yet, he had commanded the clouds from above, and the doors of the heavens he had opened; and rained down on them manna for food. Celestial corn he had given to them! every one ate a delicious food ! provision he had sent them to the full !

He now removed the east-wind from the heavens, and brought a fouth-wind in its full force; and rained down upon them flesh as dust, and feathered fowls, as the sand of the sea! In the midst of their camp he made them light, all around their habitations ! So they ate, and glutted themselves, for he brought them what they had longed for.

Their longing was hardly satisfied, and their meat was still in their mouths; when the wrath of God falling upon them made a Naughter among their chiefs, and smote down the select of Israel !

For all this, they still finned, and disbelieved his miracles. Therefore he consumed their days in disappointment, 33 and their years in consternation!

When he smote them, then they fought him; 34 and were instantly reconverted to God! calling to mind that God was their rock; and God the Most High, their redeemer. But they only flattered him with their mouths, and with their tongues they lied to him :

37 for their hearts were not sincere with him,

nor were they stedfast in his covenant.

Yet, full of compassion, he forgave their iniquity, and would not utterly destroy them. Often he restrained his indignation, and roused not all his anger : for he remembered, that they were but flesh; a breath, that passeth and returneth not.

How often did they provoke him in the wilderness! how often did they grieve him in the desert ! Again and again they provoked God, and irritated the Holy One of Israel. They remembered not-how his powerful hand had erst delivered them from their enemies ! what miracles he had wrought in Egypt !

what prodigies in the region of Zoan !
44 How he had turned their canals into blood,

and made their streams undrinkable !
had sent beetles, that ate them up,

and frogs that infested them !
46 had given their fruits to the cricket,

and their labours to the locust!
had with hail destroyed their vines,
and their sycamores with nipping frosts !-
had to the hail consigned their cattle,
and their flocks to the forky lightning !
had poured on them his ire, his wrath and fury,
through the medium of messengers of evils -
How he levelled a way for his wrath,
reserving not even themselves from death,

but giving up their lives to the pestilence ! 51 How he had flain all the first-born of Egypt; .

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the firstlings of their manhood, in the dwellings of Ham! while his own people he led out like sheep,

52 and like a flock conducted them in the wilderness ! So safely he conducted them, that they feared nought: 53 for the sea had overwhelmed their enemies. He brought them into his own hallowed lot, 54 that mountainous tract, by his right-hand acquired : which, having expelled the nations before them, he assigned to them for an inheritance : and made the tribes of Israel inbabit their tents. Yet they provoked and irritated God, the Most 56

High God; and did not observe his testimonies ! Like their forefathers, they relapsed and prevaricated : 57 they recoiled like a deceitful bow ! They provoked his wrath, by their hill-chapels, and excited his jealousy by their idols ! which when God saw, he was wroth, and so greatly abominated Israel, that he forsook the tabernacle at Shiloh, the tent of his abode among men. The ensign of his power he delivered into captivity, and the symbol of his glory into the hand of his enemy. His own people he gave up to the sword, and with his own heritage he was highly wroth. Their young men the fire of his wrath consumed, 63 and their virgins chanted no marriage-long. Their priests fell by the sword, and their widows made no lamentation.

But, at length, Jehovah waked, as from Neep; 65 like a hero, exulting from wine, and smote his foes in the hinder parts,

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