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and progress of cotton manufac-
tures, 274; machines for spining,
275; persons employed, 276; in-
vention of, and successive improve-
ments in, 'spining engines, 277,
278 ; Sir Richard Arkwright's ma-
chines, their great effect, and ex-
tensive adoption, 278; his patent
contested, the trade laid open,
279; beneficial consequences, 280;
mode of carding and roaving cot-
ton, 281; abridgement of labour
in, and the magnitude of, cotton
manufactures, 282; Manchester
commercial building, population,
283; eminent natives, 284.
Mancunium, a Roman station,
Manchester, Bolton, and Bury canal,
description of 35.
Manley, wapentake, Lin. 675-680.
Markland, Jeremiah, anecdotes of,
Marlborough, Sarah, duchess of, 702.
Martin-Meer, Lan. mode of draining,
&c. 224, 225.
Meadows, seat, Lan. 238.
JIedbourn, village, Lei. Roman sta-
tion, pavement, 450. o
Melton, De, Abp. memoirs of 494.
MELto NMowbray, town, Lei. 490;
ancient and recent possessors of
the lordship,491; battle at, trades-
men's tokens, manor oven, 492;
church, 492, 493; schools, 494;
eminent natives, viz. Bp. de Kirk-
by, Abp. De Melton, 494; Orator
Henley, 494-498. -
Milliary, or Roman mile-stone, in-
scriptions on, 333-335.
Mint, at Leicester, succession of
coinage at, 345.
Misterton Hall, seat, Lei. 469.
MiDeleton, town, Lan. church,
school, 290, 291. -
Mitton, Little, hamlet, Lan. manor-
house, sculptures, 164.
Mitton, Great, village, Lan. church,
monuments, singular inscription,
165, 166.
Monasteries, &c. in Lincolnshire :
mame, order, date of foundatioon,

grantees, and situation of, 536-

Monuments and ToMBs: of Bi-
shop Remigius, Bishop Bloet, 636;
Catherine Duchess of Lancaster,
Joan Countess of Westmoreland,

Elinor, Queen of Edward I. 637;
Batholomew Lord Burghersh, 638;
John Lord Welles, 639; Sir Tho..
mas Grantham, 644; Lady Mar-
garet Wylughby, 722; Sir John
Lockton, 734; Carr family, 759;
Chief Baron Bury, Chief Justice
Ryder, William Cust, 769; of the
Bertie family, 781; Richard Cecil;
Earl andCountess of Exeter, 806; of
the Huntingdon family,376; Hen
Lord Grey, 396; Sir William
Skipwith, 417; Kenelme Digby,
Esq. and lady, 438, 439; Sir Ar-
thur Hesilrige and two wives, Sir
Thomas Hesilrige and wife, 453;
Sir Richard Halford, 458; first
Earl of Harborough, 499; William
Lord Sherrard, 500; first eight
Earls of Rutland, 501-534.
Monson family, anecdotes of, 657,
Morecambe-bay, 71. -
Morleyes Hall, ancient seat, Lau.
remaius of 242, n. -
Moor Tower, Lin. 708.
MoUNTsor ELL, town, Lei. 365;
castle, ancient history of, 365,366;
Charley-forest stones, 367; cross,
chapels, ib." - -
Mule, a machine so called, 282.
Muslins, first made in England in
1781, 280.
Myerscough, forest, Lan. 13. -
Myerscough House, seat, Lan. 115.

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Palmer, John, singular circumstance
of his death, 207.
Panton House, seat, Lin. portraits,
Papillon Hall, seat, Lei. 449, 450.
Pendle Hill, Lam. peculiar soils of,
133, 134.
Penwortham, priory, Lan. 113.
Percival, Dr. anecdotes of, 249.
Pickwell, village, Lei. Rev. William
Cave, a native, 454.
Pictures: at Staunton Harold,382;
at Donnington Park, 400, 401 ; at
Skeffington Hall, 420; at Nose-
ley, 452; at Gopsal Hall, 485,
486; at Belvoir Castle, 515, 518;
at Holker Hall, 75, 76; at Ashton
Hall, 104; at Adlington Hall, 176;
at Knowsley, 229-235; at Ince
Blundel, 312.
Pilling-moss, Lan. phenomenon at,
Pinchbeck, village, Lin. mansion,
coin, 744.
Plate glass, manufactory of, 227.
Ponton, Great and Little, villages,
Lin. church, 778.
Poor of Leicestershire, mumber of,
maintenance of, and expenditure
on account of, 518-520.
PortRAIts: Duchess of Cleveland,
Admiral Penn, Sir Jaunes Lowther,
Thomas Wriothesly Earl of South-
ampton, 75; Vandyck, Lord Rich-
ard Cavendish, Sir Thomas Riston,
76; Duke of Hamilton and family,

Lord Widdrington, 145;

Jean de Paresa, Edward Parker,
Esq. 170; Archbishop Laud, Nell
Gwyn 176; Margaret Countess
of Richmond, 230; Charlotte
Countess of Derby, 234; first
eight Earls of Derby, 229-234;
Sir Robert Shirley, King Charles
II. King Charles's beauties, Mr.
Burdett, 882; James I. and his
Queen, 395; King Edward IV.
Duke of Clarenee, 399; Cardinal
Pole, Duke of Suffolk, Earl of
Leicester, Jane Shore, Duchess of
Hainault, nine Earls of Hunting-
don, Henry Lord Loughborough,
Dr. Harvey, Sir Daniel Hinsius,
Sir Thomas Wyatt, Sir John Char-
din, Sir Godfrey Kneller, W.
Prynne, Alexander Pope, Edmund
Waller, Samuel Butler, Duke of
Berwick, Robert Boyle, Dean
Swift, Duke of Buckingham, Earl
of Northumberland, Earl of Der-
by, Earl of Warwick, Earl of
Leicester, 400; Jane Shore, Sir
Christopher Packe, Sir Gervas
Clifton, Sir James Houblon, 417;
Earl of Holland, Pope Paul III.
Charles II. General Monck,
Charles I. Henry VIII. James I.
William III. Queen Anne, 420;
Sir Geoffrey Palmer, 434; Peter
the Great, Sir Arthur Hesilrige,
Duke of Buckingham, Earl of
Holland, King Charles I. and his
Queen, Oliver Cromwell, 45?;
Charles I. and II. 457; Handel,
485; John Marquis of Granby,
516; Earl of Mansfield, Lord Ro-
bert Manners, Sir Joshua Rey-
nolds, General Oglethorpe, Earls
of Chatham, Kitty Fisher, Dukes
of Rutland, Henry VIII. Lord
Chaworth, Sir Isaac Newton.
Duke of Monmouth, Charles I.
Lord George Cavendish, 517; Sir
Thomas Heneage, 704; Sir Ro-
bert Cecil, Sir C. Turner, 705.
Poulton, small town, Lan. 116.
PREscot, town, Lan. situation of,
collieries, manufactories, 226.
PREston, borough town, Lan, situa-
tion, 106; representation, corpora-
tion, 107; church, chapels, mili-
tary history, rebellion, 108; cere-
monial of the guild-merchant, 109-
111; buildings, markets, town.
hall, 112.
Prestwich, parish, Lan. 288.

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Radcliffe on the Wreke, village, Lei.
Shipley hill, a tumulus, observa-
tions on, 417, 418.
Rakedale, village, Lei. mansion, 418.
Rakedale Hall, seat, Lei. cross, 419.
Rampside, village, Lan. bathing-
place, adjacent islands, 91.
Ravenhead, plate glass works at,
. .227.
RAs.IN MARKET, town, Lin. church,
meetings, 693.
JRasin Middle, village, Lim. churches,
priory, dragon slayers defined, 693,
• 694.
flatby, village, Lei. entrenchment,
, 487.
Rennie, Mr. his mode of drainage,
Revesby Abbey, Lin. foundation,
endowment, seat, encampment,
722, 723.
Ribble, river, Lan. 21 ; beautiful
scenery on its banks, 126.
Ribchester, village, Lan, onee a mili-
tary Roman station, 150; Roman
antiquities, 151,152; course of the
Watling-street Road, 152.
‘Richard of Cirencester, remarks on
the authority of, 7, m.
-Richard III's. Bedstead, preserved
at Lei. 361.
Richmond, Margaret Countess of,
portrait and anecdotes of 230.

Roman station, 313-330,

Riding the black lad, custom of
Rivington, village, Lan, hill, gram-
mar school, 174.
Rivers in Lan. 20-22.
Rivers in Lei. 321, 322.
Rivers in Lin. 560-562
Rochdale, canal, Lan. 36.
Rochdale, parish and town, Lan.
population of 298; vicarage of,
298; grammar-school, 299.
Ropsley, village, Lin. memoirs of
Bishop Fox, a native, 764,765.
Roman ANTIQUITIEs at Leicester,
332.337; at Rothley, 406; at
Wanlip, 408; at Harborough,
427; at Burrow,431-433; at Cat-
thorpe, 460.
Roman STAtions, RoAps, and
ANTIQUITIEs, in Lancashire, 7-9;
at Lancaster, 51-54; at Over-
borough, 101,102; at Colne, 139;
at Cliviger, 146; at Ribchester,
150, 151; at Warrington, 245;
at Manchester, 251-256.
RoMAN STATIons, RoAps, and
Antiquities, in Lincolnshire,
524–526; at Lincoln, 594-602-
640; at Scampton, 658, at Tork-
sey, 660; at Stow, 666; near
Gainsborough, 674; at Aukho-
rough, 677; at Winterton, 678,
679; at Horkstow, 681; at Cas-
tor, 683; at Horncastle, 713; at
Well, 716; at Gedney Hill, 740;
at Whaplode, 740; at Pinchbeck,
744; at Sleaford, 758; at Ancas-
ter, 761; at Little Ponton, 764;
at Denton, 773.
RoMAN RoAds and STATIons, in
Leicestershire, 313-316; in Lei-
cester, 330, 331; at Medbourn,
450; near Cat-thorpe, 460.
Roman Stations, remarks on, 55, n.
Romney, George, memoirs of, 83,84.
Rostall Hall, seat, Lan. 117.
Itothley, village, Lei. manor, pecu-
liar privileges, Roman pavement,
406; church, cross, 407.
Rufford Hall, seat, Lan. 225.
Royton Hall, seat, Lan. 289.

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Saddleworth, chapel, Lan. 299.
Sudington, village, Lei.minerals, 455.
Saints, isle of -England, why so

called, 641.

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Salford Hundred, Lan. 249 to 308;
extent and population, 250.
Salt Way, Roman road, 316-525.
Samlesbury, manor, Lam. house,
sculptures 171.
Sands Hestbank, Lan. description
of 69; distressing accident at, 70.
Sands Leven, scenery of 76, 77.
Sandys, Edwin, Archbishop, anec-
dotes of 95.
Scarisbrick Hall, seat, Lan. 224.
Scampton, village, Lin. 658; Ro-
man villa, 658; manor, church,
659. -
Scampton Hall, seat, Lin. 659.
Scraptoft, village, Lei. cross, 455.
Scraptoft Hall, seat, Lei. 455.
Scrivelsby, Lin. manor of the Dy-
mocks, 707.
Seats in Lincolnshire, with the names
of the owners, 542-545. -
Sefton, parish, Lam. church, monu-
ments, 217. -
Segh, a species of deer, formerly an
inhabitant of Furness Fells, 97.
Sempringham, village and priory of,
Lin. 786.
Sempringham, Sir Gilbert, memoirs
of 786.
Setantii, Segantii, or Sistuntii, an-
cient inhabitants of Lancashire, 5.
Shaw Hall, seat, Lan. 178.
Shearsby, village, Lei. salt spring,
- 466.
Sheep and Cattle, varieties of 324;
high prices of 325; Mr. Bake-
well's mode of breeding, 384-
Shepeshed, village, Lei. stocking ma-
nufactory, cross, 408.
Sherburne, Sir Nicholas, singular in-
scription in memory of 165.
Sidnacester, conjectures respecting
the ancient city of 337-662.
Sidnacester, See and Bishops of,534.
Sileby, village, Lei. mausions, schools,
church, 423.
Simpson, Thomas, mathematician,
memoirs of, 477, 478.
Sixhill Abbey, Lin. 704.
Skeffington, village, Lei. lands, woods,

Skeffington Hall, seat, Lei. 419;

pictures, church, painted glass,
420; Bishop Sheffington, a native,
421. -
Skirkbeck Wapentake, Lin. 726-

Slave Trade, observations on, 197.
SLEAFORD, town, Lin. situation of,
Roman Antiquities at, 758; cas-
tle, church, monuments, school,
hospital, 760.
Smedley Hall, seat, Lan. 287.
Smithill's Hall, seat, Lan. chapel,
carvings, 296,297.
Soar, river, Lei. 321.
Somerton Castle, John, King of
France, imprisoned, dimensions
of 754.
South Carlton, village, Lin. 657.
South Croxton, village, Lei. 412.
South Ormsby, Lin. encampment,
seat, 714, 715.
Southport, Lan. bathing-place, 225.
SPALDING, town, Lin. situation,
740; ancient history, priory, cause:
way, 741; church, schools, court
house, 742; trade, literary socie-
ties, 743; Maurice Johnson, a
native, 744. -
SPARKENHOE, hundred, Lei.
470 to 488; townships and livings
in, 471, 472. - -
Speke Hall, seat, Lan. ancient carved
mantle piece at, 213. :
SPILSBY, town, Lin. buildings, cross,
720; town-hall, school, church,
721; monument, 722.
Spital in the Street, Lin. hospital,
chapel, inscriptions, 670. o
Staley Bridge, ian. 307.
STAMFoRD, town, Lin. ancient his-
history, castle, religious houses,
churches, St. Michael's, St. Mary's,
St. George's, All Saints, St. John's,
university, schools, hospitals, cor-
poration, charter, town-hall, popu-
lation, 793 to 808. .
Stamford Baron, parish, castle, nun-
nery, hospital, church, monuments,
law of Borough English, custom of
bull-running, 804 to 808.
Stapleford, village, Lei. mansion,
church, monuments, 499, 500.
Stapleford Hall, seat, Lei. curious
architecture, sculpture, 499, 500.
Stanford Hall, seat, Lei. 461; anec-
dotes of Sir Thomas Cave, man-
sion, monuments, 462. -
Standish, township, Lan.174; church,


monuments, Roman coins and an-
tiquities, population, 175.
Standish, family, memoirs of, 174.
Statues, at Ince-Blundel, 309, 310.
Staunton, village, Lei. Bishop Wy.
vile, a native, 455; church, monu-
ments, 456. - -
Staunton Harold, seat, Lei. mansion,
library, bugle-horn, 381; pictures,
portraits, park, church, monu-
ments, 382.
Staveley, Thomas,
Stede, ancient chapel of 153; mo-'.
nument, 154.
Stilton Cheese, process of making,
• 327. * ,
Stoke Rochford, village, Lin. church,
monuments, 778
Stonyhurst, seat, Lan. 154.
Stow, village, Lin. the ancient Sidna-
cester, 666; church. 607; inscrip-
tions, 667, 608; clock, font, 668;
ancient palace, 669.
Stretton Magna, hamlet, Lei. 435.
Stubbs, George, painter, anecdotes
of, 212.
Stubley, seat, Lan. old house, 301.

anecdotes of,


Stukeley, ir. William, antiquary, -

memoirs of 737-739.
Sudbrooke Holme, seat, Lin. 657.
Summer Castle, seat, Lin. 670.
Superstition, singular instance of,
Swartmoor-Hall, seat, Lan. anec-
dotes of Judge Fell and George
Fox, 79, 80.
Swat, a peculiar disease at Lough-
borough, Lei. 372.
Sweyne, King of Denmark, stabbed
at Gainsborough, 673.
Swinehead, town, Lin. 733; cir-

cumstances of King John's death,

abbey, seat, church, monument,
Swinford, village, Lei. church, font,
Syston, village, Lei. bridge, 421 ;
singular parish register, church,
422 ; tumulus, 423.


Tathwell, seat, Lin. Barrows, 702.

TATTERs HALL, town, Lin. ancient
history, 709; castle described,710;
church, paintings, 711.

Temple Belwood, seat, Lin. 677,
Temple Bruer, Lin. ruins of an an-
cient preceptory, church, cross,
757, 758.
Tesselated pavements, Lin. 678,679.
Trowulfingacaestre, site of determine.
ed, 661.
Thoresby, seat, Lin. 716.
Thornton Abbey, Lin. its ancient
history and magnificence, archi-
tecture, church, chapter-house,
684, 685.
Townley-Hall, seat, Lan. antiquity
of, woods, 144, 145.
Tooley Park, Lei. 486.
Thurcuston, village, Lei. Bp. Latimer
a native, 407. -
Thurgunby, seat, Lin. 694.
Thurnham-Hall, seat, Lan. 105.
Torksey, village, Lin. 660; Roman
villa, ib; castle, priories, churches,
charters, 661. -
Trafford-House, seat, Lan. 287. '
Trent, river, Lim. 560. - -
Triangular Bridge, Croyland, Lin.
749. -
Turton-Tower, Lan. chapel, 297.
Tyldesley, hamlet, Lan. 241; in-
creased population, 242.
Tyldesley, Sir Thomas, pillar and in-
scription to the memory of 242.

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