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THE Writer of the following pages has long been a Parent; he thinks it of great importance to the happiness of youth, that they should be led early to see the hand of God, as it is displayed around them in the creation: he is confident, from his own experience, that such a view of things is a perpetual source of improvement and delight.

It is his design to awaken the minds of the young to correct thought, by presenting, in a familiar manner, some of the most entertaining and striking things which are to be gathered from the discoveries of science. He hopes that his pages will excite inquiry after larger treatises on the same interesting subjects.

The elementary works which the Author has seen, are either too diffuse or expensive, or the calculations are suited to mature age, or they have not been sufficiently simple or entertaining; or, whilst the pen of genius has been lavish in praise of the works of the adorable Creator, he has been studiously concealed from the view of the reader.

Should a single youth rise from the perusal of the following little work, with enlarged con


ceptions of the wisdom, goodness, and grandeur of God, the writer will rejoice that he has not employed a few of his leisure hours altogether in vain.



THE Directors of the WESTERN SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION feel assured that they are doing a grateful service, by presenting to the public an edition of the following work. It has ever been an object dear to their hearts, to contribute towards the refinement and elevation of the youthful mind, and in the performance of this pleasing duty, they have seldom felt higher pleasure or greater hopes of success, than they now feel in recommending these "CONVERSATIONS " to the young.

UTICA, MARCH 1, 1828.

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