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may have been rendered from the which you have recommended for state of public credit, you have its extinction, I shall not relax. li wisely attended to the fuperior con- will be my ftudy to temper the nefideration of national safety. Such ceffary acts of severity and rigour an exertion is tbe surest proof that by conciliatory offers of clemency you are truly sensible of the inva- and pardon, to exhort the infatuated luable blessings which we are con- and deluded to abandon their de. tending to preserve; and that the ceivers, and to summon the guilty best means of effecting an honour. to repentance; but, at the same able peace, and of restoring all the time, it is, and will be my fixed comforts of tranquillity, are by dif- purpose, to proceed with vigour playing at once your determination against those who,, regardless of and your power, and by convin- every warning and admonition, cing your enemies of the extent of fhall continue their desperate efyour resources as well as of the forts to involve this Aourishing Iteadiness of your courage.

country in all the horrors of iofur. The ready aihftance which has rection and invasion, of bloodshed been received from the fifter king- and of anarchy. dom in facilitating the loan of the I have already the satisfaction to year, while it is a sure demonftra- acquaint you, that great numbers tion of her friendly cordiality, can- who had been unfortunately se. not fail to show how inseparable duced, have returned to a sense of are the mutual interests of the two their duty, and have been admitted kingdoms, and how necessary their to his majesty's clemency; and I connection is for their mutual pro- trust that, by 'perseverance and fperity.

energy, every reftige of disaffecYour humanity in directing your tion will be effaced, and univerattention to the present diitress fally give way to the return of that among the manufacturers, does not spirit of loyalty which has so long less command my approbation been the distinguished characteristic than your prudence in the mode of of this kingdom. conveying relief, by increasing the I cannot omit to congratulate means of their employment. with you on the unimpaired luftre

My lords and gentlemen, of that fpirit wbich lo conspicu. The powers with which you en- ously shone forth when the enemy's trusted me by the suspension of the fleet appeared on our coasts, nor Habeas Corpus act, have enabled can I too often repeat my full me to bring to light, and to discon- sense of your wisdom in the estacert the secret conspiracy which blishment of district corps: I have had been formed for the total over the most satisfactory accounts of throw of your establishments, the their improvement in discipline, as destruction of property, and the well as of their exertions in quello diffolutioo of government. This ing and preventing insurrection, conspiracy has been fo fully un. and I have myfelf witnessed the un folded by your wisdom, that it can exampled exertions, good conduct, no longer ipread itself under the in- and military appearance of the fidimus preience which it had art. corps of the metropolis, whole un. fuils afimed, of invproving the cealing and unwearied vigilance, constitution In the measures, at a most important crisis, checked whether of vigilance or coercion, every attempt to produce contusion


by riot and tumult, at the fame time am confident they will be moft that it destroyed the hopes of our conspicuously displayed. A conenemies, and restored confidence stant intercourse with your immeto the country in general.

diate neighbourhoods, must give Your judicious augmentation of you the opportunity of affording to pay to his majesty's regular and nii- the people both assistance and exlitia forces, which must render their ample, of reclaiming thereby the fituation so highly comfortable, is deluded and ill-disposed, and con. at once a seasonable and honourable firming the well-affected in their acknowledgment of their steadiness fidelity and allegiance. A forward and loyalty.

spirit of loyalty, which in most The traitorous efforts which have parts of the kingdom has succesrbeen made to entice them from fully checked the progress of treatheir allegiance, have had a fatal ef- son, will be strengthened and dife fect in a few lamentable examples. fused by your presence and exerI trust, however, that they have ex. tions. It will be my ambition to cited in the minds of others fo second your activity and zeal, and timely a repentance, and in the rest to co-operate with your efforts for such indignation and abhorrence, restoring the tranquillity and prothat no future danger can be appre- fperity of the kingdom. hended.

We have a facred cause to deYour wife institution of a fink fend, the independence and conftiing fund, in the midst of financial tution of Great Britain and Ireland, difficulties, cannot be too much from which both kingdoms have applauded, and will prevent any derived innumerable blessings under ruinous depreciation of funded stock, his majesty's auspicious reignand being established before the They were purchased by the dearnational, debt had accumulated to est blood of your ancestors, in a any oppressive magnitude, will tend crisis not less” formidable than the to prevent its becoming dangerous. prelent. I trust we shall not fail A measure so truly calculated for to imitate their great example, and preserving the resources of the state, that we shall be enabled, by fimilar and supporting public credit, must courage and continued firmness, to secure to you the gratitude of an transmit to our poiterity, inviolate, enlightened people.

that invaluable inheritance which His majesty is exerting every pro- their valour rescued, and their perper effort to produce a speedy and severance preserved. Tecure peace. It will be our duty After which the lord chancellor, to allist those efforts by convincing by his excellency's command, said, our enemies, from the state of our My lords and gentlemen, preparation, and the unanimity, of It is his excellency the lord our spirit, that they can hope for lieutenant's pleasure, that this parno advantage by prolonging the ca- liament be prorogued to Thursday, lamities of war.

the roth day of August next, to be Wherever your abilities, your in- then here holden : and the parliafluence, and exertions, can be most ment is accordingly prorogued to advantageously employed on your Thursday, the 10th day of August return to the several counties, I next.

(U2) Pro Proclamation of General Lake, Cam. in acts of nofitive rebellion; let

mander in Chief of the Nortbern them inftantly, by restoring thote Diftri& in Ireland,

traitorously taken from the king's

forces, rescue themsilves from the Belfast, March 13, 1797. severity of military authority.-Let Whereas the daring and horrid all the loyal and well-intentioned outrages in many parts of this pro- act together with energy and spirit, vince, evidently perpetrated with a in enforcing fubordination to the view to supersede the laws and the laws and restoring tranquillity in adminiftration of justice, by an or their respective neighbourhoode, ganized system of murder and rob. and they may be affured of protecbery, have increased to such an tion and support from me.--And I alarming degree, as from their atro. du hereby invite all persons who city and extent to bid defiance to are enabled to give information the civil power, and to endanger 'touching arms oranımunition which the lives and properties of his may be concealed, immediately to majesty's faithful subjects : And communicate the same to the fevewhereas, the better to effect their ral officers commanding his majef. traitorous purposes, several persons ty's forces in their respective dif. who have been enrolled under the triets; and for their encouragement authority of his majesty's commif- and reward, I do hereby promise foners, and others, have been for- and engage that strict and inviolacibly and traitorvusly deprived of ble secrecy shall be observed, with their arms; it is cherefore become respect to all persons who shall indispensably necessary, for the make such communications ; and safety and protection of the well. that every person who shall make it dispofed, to interpose the king's fhall receive as a reward the full troops under my command; and I value of all such arms and ammunido hereby give notice that I have tion as shall be seized in consequence received authority and directions to thereof. act in such a manner as the public Signed by G. LAKI, lieut. gen. safety may require. I do therefore commanding the northern dittrict. hereby enjoin and require all persons in this district (peace officers, o and those serving in a military capacity, excepted) forthwith to bring Melage from bis Excellency the Lord. in and surrender up all arms and Lieutenant to the House of Com ammunition which they may have mons. in their poleffion, to the officer commanding the king's troops in CAMDEN. their neighbourhood. I trust that The dangerous and the daring an immediate compliance with this outrages committed in many parts order may render any act of mine of the province of Ultter, evidently to enforce it unnecessary. Let the perpetrated with a view to fuperpeople seriously reflect, before it is lede the law and prevent the admi. too late, on the ruin into which niftration of justice by an organized they are ruling; let them reflect lystem of murder and robbery, have upon their present prosperity, and lately increased to fo alarming a the mileries in which they will in• degree in some parts of that proevitably be involved by perlifting vince, as to bid defiance to the ex


ertions of the civil power, and to had been traitorously taken from his endanger the lives and properties majesty's troops and others, and of his majesty's subjects in that part more effectually to defeat the evil of the kingdom.

designs of those who had endan· These outrages are encouraged gered the public fafety. and supported by treasonable affo. I have the satisfaction of informciations to overturn our happy con- ing yoni, that by the firm and temftitution.

perate conduct of the general and Threats have been held out the troops under him, and the zealagainst the lives of all persons who ous co-operation of the yeomanry fhall venture to discover such their corps, a very confiderable number treasonable jotentions. The fre- of arms has been taken, and I am quent treasonable assemblage of encouraged to hope that a continupersons, and their proceedings by ance of the same vigorous measures threats and force to disarm the will give confidence to the well-dispeaceable inhabitants, their endea. posed, and restore to the civil power Tour to collect great quantities of its constitutional authority, which arms in obfcure hiding places, it has ever been my wish and fhall their assembling by night to exer- be my ftrenuous endeavour to supe cise the practice of arms, their inti- port with energy ad effect. midations, accompanied by the most

CAMDEN. horrid murders, to prevent his ma: jesty's faithful subjects from joining the yeomanty corps established by law, their having fired on some of Refcript, published by Order of the his majesty's juslices of the peace, King of Prusia respecting the and threatened with murder any Prufian Territories on tbe Left who should have the spirit to stand Bank of the Rhine. forth in support of the laws, which threats have been recently exem- Frederic William II. &c. plified, their attacks on the military, We having been informed, that by firing on them in the execution an opinion has been propagated of their duty, have so totally bid through a part of our state of Westdefiance to the ordinary exertions phalia, situated on the left bank of of civil power, that I found myself the Rhine, to wit, the provinces obliged by every tie of duty to his of Cleves, Meurs, and Guelders, in majesty, and of regard to the wel- the actual posseffion of the French fare of his faithful subjects, to pro- troops, that sufficient remonstrances side for the public safety by the and proteftations had not been made most effectual and immediate appli- on our part against the various incation of the military force en- novations and oppressions which the trusted to me.

French commiffaries and agents I have accordingly ordered the exercise over our faithful subjects ; general commanding in that pro- we have therefore thought it good vince to dispose of and employ those to make this public declaration, by troops under his command with means of our regency, jointly with the 'affistance and co-operation of our chamber of war and of territhe yeomany, to suppress these out: tory; and we do publicly declare, rages, and by seizing upon all arms that we have never ceased, nor shall and ammunition, to recover such as we ever cease, to interelt ourselves in behalf of our faid subjects, by It has already in effect given our the intervention of our envoy to envoy at Paris the most positive afa the French republic; and that it is surance, that the measures taken far from our intention to depart with respect to the clergy mould from the basis of the treaty of be put an end to, and that the ec. Balle, respecting the civil or finan. clefiaftics should remain in quiet cial administration of those coup- enjoyment of their goods and retries.

venues. We therefore constantly In concluding the treaty by expect the revocation of the order which the war between our state for the sale of woods, and in ge. and the French republic was put an neral, a renunciation of all those end to, it was never our intention to destructive innovations relative to grant them more than a mere mili- our dominions. tary possession of our provinces on We shall not by any means rethe left side of the Rhine, till peace cognise as valid the sale of woods, should be concluded with the em- which have already taken place to peror; and this intention, which our great astonishment; and we has been taken as a basis in the ne- are positively determined to have gotiations, is sufficiently 'manifest recourse to the purchasers for restiby the tenor of the sth article, tution in kind, or for the value at which expressly declares, “that which the property sold shall be the troops of the republic shall. estimated by our agents, and for occupy these countries belonging to the damages which shall result to us."

from the waste committed on these The difference between

prou' woods. vinces conquered from an enemy,

In those cases where the pure and those which belong to a power chasers cannot be found, we thall in alliance, and which have been exercise our severity on all those merely corceded for a temporary who are employed by these lait for military occupation, is sufficiently cutting and carrying wood. We, evident , and it is obvious that they in consequence, exhort our faithful ought not to be treated in the same subjects of the said provinces to remanner.

main assured of our lasting and ef. It is therefore impossible for us ficacious protection, and to wait to believe that the French govern. with confidence for the return of ment, considering the amicable ties that ancient order of things, so fubfifting between us and it, will highly to be desired. still oppole such evident reasoning. Ai Wesel, in our chamber of war It cannot fail to conceive, that nei- and territory, 29th of December, ther sequestration nor confiscation 1796, in the name and on the of the goods of the clergy, nor the behalf of his majesty. projected sale of woods, nor the Baron De Stein, first president. enormous contribution of three Given at Emmeric, in our regency, millions impofed on the country the 29th December, 1796, in between the Meuse and the Rhine, the naine and on the behalf of his which would entirely ruin that majesty. country, can take place with any

ELBERS. regard to appearance of justice.


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