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the City of London instructed by their Constituents to oppose the Minister upon this Subject. A Vote of Censure proposed and negatived. Account of the second Budget. Supplies, and Ways and Means, according to the two Budgets, for the Year 1797. Terms of the second Loan of Eighteen Millions. Summary of the new Taxes. Debates upon the second Budget. Substitutes for some proposed Taxes. Sums proposed to be sent to Ireland and to the Emperor. Debates upon that Subject. The House informed that no further Sums were to be sent to the Emperor on Account of the Preli. minaries of Peace, &c. Loan Bill read a second Time in the House of Lords., Portion given with the Princess Royal: Relief proposed to the Subscribers to the Loyalty Loan. Navyand Exchequer Bills. India Budget



Review of the Negotiation at Paris in 1796His Majesty's Declaration

on that Subject. - Debates in Parliament on the Negotiation. In the House of Lords. In the House of Commons.-Endeavoars of the Opposition Party to remove the Obstacles to Peace.--Motion to that Effect in the House of Lords.--- Further Discussion on the Subject of Peace in the same House. --Motion for Peace in the House of Commons



Alarining Mutiny at Portsmouth. Delegares chosen by the Fleet. The

Sailors refuse to weigh Anchor. Lord Howe arrives with the Act for an Increase of Pay. The Sailors return to their Duty. A Mutiny at the Nore. The Flag of the Sandwich struck. Delegates chosen. Deputation of the Admiralty proceed to Sheerness. Part of ad. Duncan's Fleet join the Mutiny. Proclamation of Pardon The Earl of Northesk arrives in London with Proposals from the Sailors. Prepurations made to attack the Mutineers. Several of the mutinous Ships return to their Duty. The Delegates seized. Court-martial held upon Parker and other Mutineers. Parker's Trial, Conviction, and Execution. Mutiny on board the Pompée off Brest. Parliamentary Proceedings upon the Mutiny in the House of Lords--in the Commons. Bill passed for the Augmentation of the Seamen's Wages. Bill passed to prevent Excitations to Mutiny and Sedition. Bill for preventing an Intercourse with the Ships in Mutiny 108

CH A P. V.

Critical Situation of the Bank of England. Extraordinary Demand for

Specie. Order of Council prohibiting the Issue of any more Specie from 'the Bank. Supposed Causes of the Run on the Bank, and of its Incapacity for answering the Demauds. Message from his Majesty to both Houses of Parliament, relative to the Order of Council. Debates in the House of Lords on that Communication. Debates in the same House or his Majesty's Message. Committee appeinted to inquire into the Affair's of the Bank. Committee to inquire into the Necessity for the Order of Council. Report of the Committee. Debates on the Subject. Resolutions proposed by the Duke of Bedford negatived. Debates in the House of Commons on his Majesty's Message. Committee appointed by the Com. mons for an Inquiry into the Affairs of the Bank. Motion by Mr. Fox to

inquire inquire into the Causes of the Order of Council negatived. Bill to enable the Bank to issue small Notes Report of the Secret Committee on the Bank. Committee revived. Small-Note Bill, for accommodating Traders and Manufacturers. Motion by Mr. Sheridan on the Affairs of the Bank. Bank Indemnity Bill. Reflections on the present State of the Bank



State of Ireland with respect to France. Observations on the abortive At

tempt of General Hoche.-Becomes the Subject of Debate in the British Parliament.--Debate in the House of Commons on Mr. Whitbread's Motion relative to the Invasion of Ireland.--Debate in the House of Lords on the same Subject. -- Earl of Moira's Motion on the State of Ireland negatived.-Mr. Fox's Motion in the House of Commons on the same Subject-also negatived



Popular Meetings for the purpose of petitioning for the Dismission of Mi.

nisters. Motion to that Effect in the House of Lords in the House of Commons. The Duke of Bedford's Motion on the State of the Nation. Mr. Grey's Motion on a Parliamentary Reform



The War. French land a Body of Troops on the coast of Pembrokeshire.

Surrender as Prisoners without Resistance. Conjectures as to the Object of this Expedition. The Spanish Fleet defeated by Admiral Sir John Jervis, of Cape St. Vincent, and four Ships of the Line captured. The Dutch Fleet completely defeated off Camperdown, by Admiral Duncan. The British Forces under Admiral Nelson, defeated at Teneriffe. French Vessels captured and destroyed by the Squadron under Sir J. B. Warren, West Indies. Trinadad taken by the British Forces under Sir Ralph Abercrombie and Admiral Harvey. Unsuccessful Attack at Porto Rico. Proposal for raising Black Regiments in the West Indies-negatived 244


Campaign in Italy. Vast Preparations of the Emperor. First Movea

ment of the Austrian Army. Advanced Guard of the French defeated. Buonaparte takes the Field Austrians defeated near Verona. French driven from Corona. Battle of St. Marco, where the Austrians were completely routed Advances of General Provera. French Retreat from Rouco. Battle of Rivoli. Rear guard of General Provera cut off by Augereau. Battle of St. George and La Favourite. Provera taken with his whole Army. Austrians dispersed and defeated in different Parts. French enter Roveredo. Trent taken by the French. surrender of Mantua. Invasion of the Papal Territories. French take possession of Loretto. Pope solicits a Negotiation. Treaty with the Pope. Aus. trian Army again recruited. The Archduke Charles assumes the Como mend. Austrians fall back on the Approach of Massena. Rear-guard

of of the Austrians taken by Massena. Austrians defeated on the Banks of the Tagliamento. Village of Gradiska taken. Palma-nuova and Town of Gradiska taken. Goritz taken, with all the Austrian Magazines. French enter Trieste. Battle of Tarvis. La Chinse taken, aud all the Austriun Baggage. Battle of Lavis. Botzen and Brixen taken. Battle of Clagenfort. Letter of Buonaparte to the Archduke. French driven from Botzen and Brixen. Battle of Newmark. Battle of Hunsmark. Movements on the Rhine. Armistice. Treaty. Prelimi. naries signed between the Emperor and France. Government of Venice overthrown by the French. Government of Genoa changed 255

'CH A P. X

France. Interior Administration of the Republic. Observations on the

Factions in France. Plan for the Election of a new third of the Councils. Royalist Conspiracy. Oath imposed npon Electors. General Election. New Members introduced. New Director chosen. Debate in the Council of Five Hundred concerning the Colonies. Debates concerning the Finances. New Plan of Finance. Breach between the Council of Five Hundred and the Directory. Conduct of the Directory censured. Private Correspondence protected from Violation and Inspection. Buonaparte's Conduct with respect to Venice censured. Laws of Divorce ordered to be revised. Report on religious Worship. Resolutions in favour of Emigrants-in favour of Priests. Power taken from the Directory of putting Districts in a State of Siege. Political Clubs instituted. Army discontented with the Proceedings of the Councils. Change of Ministers. Attempt to remove Barras from the Directory. Moderate Measures of the Council of Ancients. Factions prepare to decide the Contest by Force. March of Troops within the constitutional Limits. Violent Dissentions between the Councils and Directory on this Subject. Parties in the Directory. The Council surrounded by a military Force, and the Representatives in Opposition put under Arrest. Flight of Carnot, and Arrest of Barthelemi. Resolutions of the Councils. Banishment of the accused Members. Reflections on this Subject. Elec. tion of two new Members of the Directory. Negotiation at Lisle. Treaty with Portugal-annulled. Brief Remarks on the political Si. tuation of France and England




Transactions in Parliament relative to the Stoppage of Payment in Specie of the Bank of England,

(193) Copies of all Communications between the Directors of the Bank and the

Chancellor of the Exchequer, respecting Advances to Government since the first of November, 1994,

(ibid.) Report from the Committee of Secrecy, appointed by the House of Lords to

examine and state the total Amount of outstanding Demands on the Bank of England, and likewise of the Funds for discharging the same, and to report the Result thereof to the House, together with their Opinion on the Necessity of providing for the Confirmation and Continuance of Measures taken in pursuance of the Minute of Council on the 26th of February last,

(217) Copy of Resolutions moved by the Duke of Bedford, May 15, 1797, in Con

sequence of the above Report-The previous Question was carried on the whole Series,

(231) Protest entered on the Journals of the House of Lords, in consequence of the

Resolution of the House to reject the Motion of the Duke of Bedford for the Dismission of Ministers,

(234) His Majesty's Speech to both Houses of Parliament, Tuesday, July 20, 1797,

(237) His Majesty's Speech to both Houses of Parliament, Nov. 2, 1797, (238) Address of the House of Peers to the King,

(239) The

humble Address of the House of Commons to the King, moved by Mr. Wilbraham Bootle,

(241) Papers which passed in the late Negotiation for Peace at Lisle, between

Lord Malmesbury, Plenipotentiary from the King of Great Britain, and the Commissioners from the French Directory. Presented to the House

of Commons, by Command of his Majesiy, Nov. 3, 1797, (242) Declaration of the King of Great Britain to the People, respecting the Rupthe of the late Negotiation,

(290) Joint Address of both Houses of Parliament to his Majesty, presented Nov. 15, 1797,

(295) Treaty of Navigation and Commerce between his Britannic Majesty and the Emperor of Russia!, signed at St. Petersburgh, Feb. 10-21, 1997,

(296) Proceedings of a Meeting held in Palace Yard, Westminster, April 3,

(303) Speech of his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to both Houses of Parliament, July 3,

(305) Proclamation of General Lake, Commander in Chief of the Northern District in Ireland,

(308) Message from his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant to the House of Commons,

(ibid.) Rescript, published by Order of the King of Prussia, respecting the Prtisa sian Territories on the left Bank of the Rhine,

(309) Lette

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