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I first read this book more than 8 years ago. I have since re-read it numerous times and have recommended it to many of my clients, friends and family members-even to strangers I got to talking with!
This book is a powerful discourse on connecting with your authentic self. A simple and beautifully written plan for how to keep God at the centre of your life. The tips, stories and references to biblical teachings round out this great masterpiece of a book. It is a book to be read slowly. Not because it is difficult to read-far from that- it is written in simple language and flows smoothly- no, it is because you need to pause and internalize every word Gordon MacDonald has written-because they are all relevant to your current state in some way.
I have just re-read the chapter on Living as a Called Person and still picked up on some powerful life altering nugget after all these years!
I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in operating from a place of purpose and joy to establish God's kingdom in the way we are all individually created to serve God. Thank you Gordon MacDonald for this great book!

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My father read this book when he was in college, and has returned to it multiple times since. As a college student myself now, he handed it down to me.I really think that I come across certain books purposefully at specific important places in my life. For me right now, this one just brought a lot of clarity to where I was, and showed me just how far I could grow. It is a diamond on a coal mine, and a wealth of wisdom. On a technical level, MacDonald is great with integrating varied and inspirational outside sources. I would urge readers to apply the thoughts he lays out to their specific situations; though they may differ greatly with MacDonald's life, the principles are universal.  

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