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The Vatican Decrees in their Bearing on Civil Allegiance: A Political Expostulation. By

the Right Hon. W. E. GLADSTONE, M.P. To which are added : A History of the Vatican Council ; The Papal Syllabus of Errors (with English translation); and The Vatican Decrees Concerning the Catholic Faith and the Church of Christ (with English translation). By the Rev. PHILIP SCHAFF, D.D., from his forthcoming work, “The Creeds of Christen

dom.” Svo, Paper, 60 cents; Cloth, $1 oo. Gladstone's article simply calls atteution to certain | Mr. Gladstone's paper on the Vatican Decrees things already known, but not realized in all their arouses a storm; and the Papal world, from Pope to bearings by the public. It proves by the ex cathedra priest, is in a ferment of vexation. All the more so statements by that line of inen who, speaking thus, in tbat Gladstone proves, by clear and full citations. can not err, that "no one possibly can now become a all his damaging accusations. He has cleared the convert” of Rome " without renouncing his moral atmosphere, and Popery is, at least for the time. aud mental freedom, and placing his civil loyalty and weaker. Thauks are due the Harpers for putting this duty at the mercy of another,” that other being the second-named paper in large type and on an octavo Pope. The chief value of this volume-and it is one page, along with Dr. Schaft's elaborate and learned which every person who takes an interest in great To Äistory of the Vatican Council." Ultramontanism issues will need for reference-depends on the fact is literally compelled to bear witness against itself.that it contains, along with Mr. Gladstone's pamphlet, Universalist, Boston. the historical documents on which its propositions The great contest, in which princes and statesmen are all based. We have also a clear and masterly and cardinals and bishops, are engaged, may be fully history of the Vatican council, by Dr. Schaff, in which understood by studying the documents published in he shows the crafty way in which the minority were this volume, and Mr. Gladstone's powerful analysis overpowered and silenced, and in which the doctrine of the whole will shed light on every part.-Presof Infallibility is proved to be destitute of any sanc byterian, Phila. tion in either Scripture or the teachings of the early Most unprejudiced readers will be able to judge the Church. * * * We take it for granted that every body full merits of the question for themselves after a will wish to keep posted in regard to the controversy perusal of the Syllabus, which shows the exact ground now raised in England, and destined to spread to taken by the Roman Church upon progress and modnearly every country where Romanism has gained a

whara Romaniam has gained a lern scientific research. Dr. Schaft's paper on the foothold. The contents of this volume will become Council is a calm and dignified document, fortified at more and more valuable as that controversy increases; every step by his authorities.-Boston Saturday Evenhistory is the worst enemy Rome has to contend with. | ing Gazette. Churchman.

Whatever differences of religious opinion there may Every reader is enabled to examine the evidence on be among educated men, there can be no question which Mr. Gladstone has founded his indictment that the pamphlet of Mr. Gladstone was both tentaagainst the Papacy. Nothing can be fairer than this. tive and symptomatic, and that the questions which it -Press, Phila.

discusses are living issues, and must continue to be Gladstone's bombshell explosion has shaken the so in European politics. It is necessary, therefore, Christian world. It is not likely that any other for every student of current history to learn, not from pamphlet has created a greater sensation since the the ex parte and overdrawn statements of religions art of printing was invented. Dr. Schaff has happily controversialists, but from the ipsissima verba of the added to it a history of the Vatican Council and the new dogmas themselves, exactly how much or how Papal Syllabus and Vatican Decrees. Harper & little of doctrine that has any bearing on citizenship Brothers have published them together, and we coun- the Roman Catholic of the present day is required to sel every man who can read, to read, mark, and in-1 believe. For an intelligent understanding of this wardly digest them if he can.- Observer.

subject, the volume before us offers, in small comGladstone's political firebrand.-Louisville Courier- pass, every needed facility. Brooklyn Eagle. Journal.

This volume appends a very complete history of the It has been said that no work since the Reformation Vatican Council, prepared by Rev. Dr. Schaff: the has stirred the public mind throughout England like Papal Syllabus and Decrees themselves in Latin and the opening paper in this book from the pen of Mr. English. The reader is thns enabled to judge the Gladstone. ***It ought to be widely read. The work correctness of the arguments based upon these acts as published by the Harpers is really in four parts. by their own phraseology, and to form his owu opinBesides Mr. Gladstone's article, there is a valuable Jions independently.-American and Gazette, Phila. History by Dr. Schaff, one of the first of historical It contains Mr. Gladstone's famous essay on the writers, of the so-called Ecumenical or Vatican Coun- Vatican Decrees, a History of the Vatican Council, by cil; and then, first, the Papal Syllabus of Errors, and the compiler, and the Latin and English text of the second, the Vatican Decrees; and, as a whole, is a | Papal Syllabus and the Vatican Decrees. Dr. Schaff's work which ought to be scattered every where historical sketch is taken from his forthcoming history throughout our land, and thoughtfully read and cou of the Creeds of Christendom. It is a full and clear sidered by all the people. It has most pregnant sig. statement, and helps the reader to understand what nificancy.-The Christian Instructor, Phila.

goes before and what comes afterit.-N.Y. Independent.

Sent by mail, postage prepaid, to any part of the United States, on receipt of the price.

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