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by the inexorable logic of events to repudiate Champ Clark's candidacy and vote for Woodrow Wilson. Compromise was possible until it became apparent to every intelligent man that the Ryan-Murphy-Belmont-Hearst coalition had set out to strangle progressive Democracy, destroy Mr. Bryan politically and prevent the nomination of Woodrow Wilson at any cost.

Compromise is no longer possible. There can be no Democratic harmony, there can be no Democratic unity, there can be no Democratic integrity, until the convention overwhelms this shameful alliance between corrupt finance and corrupt politics.

It is the duty of Mr. Bryan to stand fast in his support of Gov. Wilson, and it is the duty of true Democrats to stand fast in their support of Mr. Bryan. Whatever their differences with him in the past, he is fighting today the battle of honest Democracy, he is fighting the battle of the American people, and he is fighting it manfully and magnificently.

The Ryan-Murphy coalition will now accept anybody except Wilson. If the convention yields to the plea for a compromise candidate, it will be a Ryan-Murphy victory.

A thousand Roosevelt orators will be thundering from the stump their denunciation of Democracy's surrender to Wall Street.

A thousand Taft orators will be thundering from the stump their denunciation of Democracy's surrender to Wall Street.

The issue that is vital to Roosevelt's campaign for a third term will come to his hand ready made. The Democratic party might as well retire from the contest as to go before the country with the Ryan-Murphy taint upon its ticket.

This is no longer a question of Woodrow Wilson's political strength, great as that is. It is no longer a ques

tion of his ability, undeniable as that is. It is no longer a question of his availability, self-evident as that is. Ryan and Murphy have left honest Democrats no choice. Ryan and Murphy have left honest Democrats no alternative. Ryan and Murphy have made Wilson's nomination the crucial test of the Democratic party's fitness to live.

As Stephen A. Douglas once said, "There can be no neutrals in this war-only patriots or traitors."


[July 3, 1912]

THE nomination of Woodrow Wilson for President means a new Democracy. It means a new epoch in American self-government.

The Democratic party at last has broken its shackles. It has emancipated itself. It has rehabilitated itself in power and principle. It has turned its face to the rising sun, to re-establish the faith of the American people in their own institutions.

Woodrow Wilson will be the next President of the United States. But he will be more than that. He will be the first President of the United States in a generation to go into office owing favors to nobody except the American people and under obligation to nothing except the general welfare.

No political boss brought about his nomination. No political machine carried his candidacy to victory. No coterie of Wall Street financiers provided the money to finance his campaign. He has no debt to pay to corrupt politics or to corrupt business. He was nominated by the irresistible force of public opinion, and by that alone. He stands before the country a free man.

The American people have set out to regain posses

sion of their government, and Woodrow Wilson was nominated for President because he embodies that issue. The bosses and the plutocrats who tried to prevent his nomination were beaten by the power of the people, and the power that nominated him is the power that will elect him.

With Woodrow Wilson as the Democratic candidate for President it makes no difference what Roosevelt does. It makes no difference how many third parties he organizes. Progressive Democrats and progressive Republicans now have a candidate of their own. The contest between Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Taft is now a contest for the control of the Republican organization, and nothing more. The menace of a third term no longer hangs over the country. The menace of personal government no longer threatens American institutions. The United States is not to be Mexicanized. It is to be re-Americanized.

It is because Gov. Wilson represents this vital principle that The World so persistently urged his nomination. It is because Gov. Wilson represents this principle that the opposition within the party was forced to surrender. It is because Gov. Wilson represents this principle that he will be triumphantly elected in November. Such a man is imperatively needed, and the American people, true to their traditions in every crisis, have again found him.

Gov. Wilson's nomination means that the rule of the boss is over. It means that the partnership between corrupt politics and corrupt business in national politics is forcibly dissolved. It means that the old régime of protection to Privilege and Plutocracy is on the scaffold. It means that the old gods are dead.

The United States is back to the benediction pronounced by Abraham Lincoln on the battlefield of Gettysburg-"that this Nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by

the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth."


[August 8, 1912]

WOODROW WILSON's speech of acceptance is the ablest, clearest, sanest statement of high public purpose this country has known in a generation.

Without passion, without invective, without abuse, without partisan bitterness, without denunciation, without egotism, without demagogy, he has driven straight to the heart of the supreme issue of American institutions-the partnership between Government and Privilege.

Every great conflict within the lifetime of the Republic has hinged upon this one question. Every great reform marking a milestone in the political progress of the 'American people has forced the dissolution of such a partnership.

Federalism was destroyed under the leadership of Jefferson because Federalism had become a partnership between the Government and a small class of property


The Democratic party swept into power under Jackson because the Government had entered into partnership with the United States Bank and its financial allies.

Under Lincoln the Republican party obliterated the partnership of Government and slave-owners in "the mightiest struggle and the most glorious victory as yet recorded in human annals."

It was the Government's partnership with a shameless plutocracy which rehabilitated the Democratic party under the leadership of Tilden. Because of the Government's long partnership with Privilege under the McKinley, Roosevelt and Taft Administrations we are face to

face with the old issue in a new form. Again we have what Gov. Wilson rightly describes as "an awakened Nation impatient of partisan make-believe."

Of all the candidates for President, Woodrow Wilson alone meets this issue frankly and sincerely. The Republican party under Mr. Taft still holds to its ancient partnership with the beneficiaries of extortionate tariffs. The Progressive party under Mr. Roosevelt frankly purpose to maintain a perpetual partnership between the Government and the trusts. But the Democratic party under Woodrow Wilson has set forth to re-establish a partnership between the Government and the People, and this is the one adequate solution of the whole problem.

It applies to every issue of the campaign, as Gov. Wilson shows in his speech of acceptance; to the tariff, to the trusts, to the high cost of living, to the money power, to campaign funds, to currency reform, to conservation, to representative government in all its forms. It can all be brought about without the change of a single syllable of the Organic Law, without the overturning of a single institution handed down to us by the Fathers for the perpetuation of a free Nation.

The tariff is not merely a political matter or an economic matter. It is also a question of morals. It is one thing when the Government maintains tariffs to encourage industry. It is quite another thing when industry maintains tariffs to debauch Government and oppress the people. As Gov. Wilson says: "Tariff schedules have been made up for the purpose of keeping as large a number as possible of rich and influential manufacturers in good humor with the Republican party, which desired their financial support." This is the beginning and the end of it. The Republican party for a generation has been selling tariff schedules for campaign contributions. and it is powerless to dissolve the partnership that it has created.

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