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warmth intended by nature for the fice in the economy of the human circulation of the animal fluid ; it mind, Confusion, with Insanity in was warm as the Egyptian sun, but her train, will unavoidably pursue. her mind was chaste as the snow of While the heart turns on an eartli. Nova Zembla : wrapt in enthusiasm ly axis, it must be variously affected, she became the hapless victim of as all terrestrial objects on which it credulity.

relies for happiness are liable to de. Could rivers of tears have atoned cay. Hence, my beloved Leonora, for her fall from virtue, long ere she the superiority of that religion your departed from life would they have excellent deceased mother took such been obliterated from the page of pains to instil into your infant mind. memory; but the world, my beloved That immoveable anchor of the soul Leonora, loves to record the frailties is the best safeguard against the imof their neighbours, especially where pulses of the passions, against the the object is not a favourite one, with delusions and miseries of life. But a pen of adamant: a melancholy even in Religion beware of enthusitruth, which evinces the necessity asm on one hand, and a dull conforthere exists for the youthful female mity on the other; for that religion to chuse Wisdom for her moni- which springs not from a regenetress, and banish the fervor of Ima- rated heart, can never be acceptagination. 'The enthusiastic Laura, ble to an all-wise and perfect Creator, by one unguarded moment, lulled to sleep by confidence, awoke to despair, and secured to herself a bitterness that continued to flourish, For the Literary Magazine. even until the latest moment of her existence. Sensible of having erred, OMAR AND FATIMA; OR, THE the big pang of agony laboured at her heart; her friends spoke of pardon and peace, but delicacy,

A Persian Tale. wounded delicacy, admitted not the latter.

THERE are few persons in the It is not, said she, a little time be- least acquainted with Ispahan, but fore her decease, it is not the con what will recollect, that as you enter tempt of my own sex, wounding as the city by the gate Haly, when you it may be, that I find the most mor have passed the two dwarf columns tifying, among whom are many which are inscribed with Arabic classes : some striving to raise up characters, you find yourself in a the fallen ; others to destroy, by street that leads directly to the Baslander, those whom they believe zar, which you naturally hurry more praise-worthy than them. through as fast as possible, because selves : no, the barb that gores the whole of it is inhabited by Ardeepest, next to the conscious. menians, who are either tanners, ness of having offended Him who curriers, or the manufacturers of a made me, is the look and manner great variety of leathern articles. with which, since my fall, I have You then turn the corner on the been generally regarded by the other. right hand, which introduces you A shower of tears falling over her into another street, equally spacious pale face stopped her utterance, and and gay, being inhabited by bowerthe grave in a few days hid her from fletchers, armourers, feather-dres. the look of Licentiousness. In the sers, and, ascending a fight of steps, enthusiastic mind, Leonora, Reason, arrive at a gallery, in which, stuck triumphed over by the imagination, by the side of each other, like the retires to the back ground, and be- boxes upon their shelves, live all the comes an idle spectator. But if not druggists and apothecaries. ordered back to her standard, as

Whether this

mode of building was she bears a high and important of anciently practised, or of modern


invention, is too curious a disquisi- having such a prospect without the tion, and too useful a speculation, to means to gratify our desires, he be entered upon without more consi. found his inward man so affected deration, more time, more paper, with a gastric sensation, that he call. and more patience, than can, in the ed to a venerable matron, ancient present instance, be devoted to it. as the arch upon which his shop In fact it contains the germ from rested, and ordered her to bring which one day may spring a folio; him some refreshment, exclaiming and I, alas! am at present confined at the same time, “ Wretch that I to a few pages in a magazine. am! with taste and sensibility to

This exordium was begun, conti.. enjoy the good things of this world, nued, and ended, at the door of the yet, in the present instance, they shop of Nadir, the apothecary, vanish from before me, like the vi. which, it is well known, was situated sionary banquets of the promised in ihat part of the gallery which paradise from the grasp of sceptical overlooks the Bazar, and, in an ob. Heb, and I am condemned, by the lique direction, glances at the fa- unfortunate salubrity of the place mous fountain of sha Abbas, which wherein I have settled, to live upon stands at the north corner.

rice and water like a bramin !” Nadir was a man of literature, of “ And you have so little of the science, and, which was still better, former left," said the old woman, as of honour and integrity ; but he she presented him with a plate of was a singular being, and would, in a the aliment and a glass of the menmetropolis less polite than Ispahan, struum, « that without we have have been denominated “ a queer speedily a fresh supply, I foresee fellow;" for he shrunk from society, that you will be reduced to live upon was devoted to contemplation and your own medicines.” study, and, which was much worse, “ You do not talk like an apothehe was poor.

cary,” said Nadir, “ if you expect The beauty of one of the finest that I could exist upon them in the days of a Persian autumn had indu- way you suggest.” ced Nadir to cease from his labours 6. It is a lamentable thing," she (or, rather, as he had no particular replied, “ that you can neither take occasion for them, his amusement), them yourself, nor get any one else in pounding a few coarse drugs in to do it." an old mortar with a broken pestle, At this instant a person in the and leaving his shop door wide open 'dress of Mahometan faquir without any fear of being robbed, (which, being a sect that aspires even had not the police of the city sometimes to the dignity of Moullah, been so good as it actually was, to are more regular in their apparel cross the gallery, and lean upon the than the other, who profess to be balustrade, from which he had the the disciples of Brumma) stood bepleasure of observing a most plenti- fore them; and, hearing this colloquy ful market in the most disinterested betwixt the old woman and her point of view, as he had not money master, said, “ You are mistaken, sufficient to enable him to become for I hope the whole world will take the purchaser of the smallest article. his medicines, if this is the learned

In this state of mind and pocket, apothecary Nadir, whose fame, the unfortunate apothecary was des. wafted on the wings of the four tined to behold baskets of the choj. winds, has reached me in my retreat cest fruit, of the most exquisite viands in the Diamond Mountains, which of every description, piles of the you know lie to the east, of Golfinest bread, cakes, and confection- conda." ary, pails of milk, and jars of honey, “ I know very little about the carried away, as the saying is, “ un- matter,” said Nadir; “ Diamond der his very nose;" and as nothing Mountains and Golconda are names is so likely to prodie an appetite as connected with riches; therefore I


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hope that my fame, which it ap 66 Then it seems to be your opi. pears from your statement is a far nion that I want nothing but food?” greater traveller than my person, “ Solid and liquid: you want nohas met with more success in the thing else, depend upon it." world.”

“ It is a pity to starve in the midst “ Son !” said the faquir, never of a market.” repine at the dispensations of Pro “ That was exactly my idea," said vidence !"

Nadir," when you entered the galAt the appellation son, the apo-lery." thecary looked earnestly in the face 6 Why then did you not avail of the faquir, and replied: "Father, yourself of this opportunity to purthough you are at least half a cené chase?” tury younger than myself, as you « Alas! venerable father," reappear in a religious habit, which I turned Nadir, “ I had not come from judge to be considerably older than Golconda.” the wearer, your phrase is correct. “ I understand you : you had not So, having adjusted this weighty the means," said the faquir. matter, I should enquire if, medi. have," he continued, and unbuckling cally or morally, I can afford you his girdle, produced a long leathern any assistance ?


« In this there are fifteen Medically,” cried the faquir," I tomans. I am under no restrictive think you may. I find myself tired vows; therefore let this ancient and faint.”

matron descend into the market be“Set out the arm-chair, Tami- fore it be too late, and purchase ra!” said Nadir. « Lean upon me, whatsoever you wish. I am weary ; most venerable father. So! now I shall tarry in this city some time ; let me look at your tongue.”

therefore, son, I mean to follow your “ My tongue !"

prescription, and, in order to fill up “ Yes !" returned the apothecary. the vacuum in my exhausted system, ~ Good! I am perfectly satisfied. to eat, drink, and enjoy myself.” This examination will be complete “ What is your name?” said Nawhen I have felt your pulse ; one, dir. two, three ; so! so ! so !"

" Ismael,” returned the faquir. “Well!" said the faquir, “ what “ Then, good Ismael,” he continu. do you think of my case ?”

ed, “ though you might probably “A very common one among my enjoy yourself with your fifteen topatients. I fear I have scarcely mans, a sum I hardly believed to enough of one sort of medicine left have been in the exchequer, what to furnish for it a single dose. How- must become of me? It is impossiever, though I am labouring under ble that I can partake.” the same disorder, hospitality oblig “ Why ?es me to relieve you. Here! swallow « For this reason: I am a man, this plate of rice !”.

most reverend father Ismael! that, “Rice !” said the faquir ; as you may perceive, has lived long not much used to feed upon rice !" in the world, devoted to study, fond

6 No!” he continued : " why of contemplating the works of art I thought your vows obliged you to and the wonders of nature. I have eat nothing else, except you were consequently, in my researches, not sensually inclined to ornament your suffered the human system to be undish with a garnish of herbs. The explored. In fact, I have examined conduit, over the way, of our once it both physically and ethically. sublime and immortal sultan, who With this propension of mind, you died at the age of thirty, will supply will not wonder that I am poor ; us with plenty of water. You need but you will wonder when I inform not use any discretion with respect you, that I still am the possessor of to drinking."

two geins more valuable than any

16 I am

that your mines of Golconda can may cover me in your house, but boast; these, I fear, would be sullied it would probably discover me there; if I were to accept your favours." therefore I hope you will comply “ What gems ?”

with my request.” “ I mean,"continued Nadir, “ my “ That,” said Nadir, “ is prepiety and my honour. You, Ismael, suming a good deal upon my credu. are, however you may have attempt- lity ; I am inclined to trust you ; cd to disguise that circumstance, a but, alas ! although I have rooms, very young man; therefore, when they are unfurnished, consequently you produce such immense riches, I have no accommodations ; how. and wish to apply them in favour ever, Abud my neighbour has, of so slight an acquaintance, I, who where I will be answerable for

your am apt to look below the surface of safety.” things, may very well doubt the cor Whether the appearance and rectness of their acquisition.” frankness of the faquir; whether

“ You think,” said Ismael, “ that the means of indulging his appetite, this paltry purse contains immense which the tomans, still lying on the riches ! I could very easily pro. counter, presented; or that curiosi. duce fifty times the sum ! Nay, ty which is natural to the Persians, start not, Nadir! I honour you for and was also professionally incident your delicacy as much as I do for to Nadir; whether one' or all these your sagacity. To piety and honour causes operated is uncertain. The I am as much devoted as yourself: sage of Zulpha, who first recorded I therefore know, that these virtues this story, was not, like many Europroduce in the human mind a gene- pean sages, gifted with that omnirosity of thinking and acting, which scient power

which enables them in frequently rises superior even to the a moment to pervade the recesses, general dictates of frigid caution, and develope the foldings of the hucontracted philosophy, or commer: man heart. He, therefore, has not cial calculation. I seek you as an stated more than he knew ; which adviser; I address you as a friend: was, that the apothecary placed the receive these tomans; as a loan if tomans in his till, which till that you please : let me place others in time had never inclosed the twentiyour hands for security; banish sus. eth part of so much wealth, and picion, and have the generosity to subtracting one from the heap, he believe me for the moment to be gave it to Tamira, telling her to what I appear. Let this evening be hasten to the market, and purchase devoted to rest on my part, to re- materials for entertainment laxation from the fatigues of study worthy of a guest who seemed poson yours ; a short time will proba. sessed of the riches of Golconda, and bly explain the motives that ed the generosity of Aurengzebe. me to seek this interview.'


Here let us pause a little, in or“ At which of the four caravansa- der, in the first instance, to mention ries in the Bazar do you lodge ?” that useful, but too much neglected, said Nadir.

part of the human species, who are « I have no lodging in Ispahan,” never courted except upon the stireplied Ismael ; as and as I will mulations of pain, or at the suggesfairly state to you, that from the tions of interest, and whom we chris, professional inquisitiveness of heir tians, at least out of their hearing, kepers, and the officers of the po- have agreed to term old women ; lice stationed at those places, with and in the second, to observe, that respect to strangers, it would be ex- this appellation has been known to tremely inconvenient to go to either take a wider range, and mount to of them, I hope you will suffer me to situations in which no female, old or lodge with you."

young, except Pope Joan or Joan of “ But your habit,” said Nadir. Arc, ever sat or acted. “ My habit,” continued Ismael, It has, to continue this specula


tion, been known to have been ap now gave a specimen ; for while we plied to the judicial bench of Persia, have been digressing, and Nadir, to the justice seat, nay to places still with the sage Ismael, were engaged more solemn and sacred, such as the in the discussion of general topics in heads of colleges of dervises, &c.; the shop, she had, under the influ. and here, also, we have heard ence of the toman we have menof old women at the heads of houses, tioned, furnished such an entertain. of courts, of armies, of administra- ment as never had before been seen tions, of municipalities, &c. : but in the house of Nadir, nor indeed of the Persian historian had heard his ancestors. nothing of this, he has therefore The honest apothecary, when he only mentioned the respect which is entered the eating-room, was thunpaid to the ancient part of the fair der-struck at the sight of the variety sex in their proper stations; and of viands spread before him, and the further, that Tamira, for integrity, taste that was displayed in their disfor fidelity, and affection to her position. “ Reverend father,” said master, for experience in doinestic he to the young faquir, " I fear that oncerns, and general sagacity, was these temptations to sensual indul. an excellent representative of all the gence will leave the stings of remorse, old women in Ispahan.

if not the consequences of intempeShe had, after an education in the rance, behind them.” "house of Abud, descended like an « Son !" cried Ismael, “ fear noheir-loom to honest Nadir from his thing, but, as our prophet ordains, father, a physician of great genius, eat and live !" little practice, and much humility, Hospitality is the virtue of the as appears by his only making his Persians. It came into the head of son an apothecary. We should Nadir, just as he was sitting down never have been able to ascertain to table, that as he had been obliged her age, had she not in the heat of a to his neighbour Abud for many a medical dispute, the only disputes dinner, he ought to send for him to which she ever had with her master, partake of this. said, she well remembered the erec The faquir, as Abud was to be his tion of the obelisk which they had landlord, had no objection. A slave every day before their eyes, to com- of his, who was in the shop at the memorate the recovery of sha Sefi time, was instantly dispatched for from intemperance. Nadir, there. his master, who soon after arrived ; fore, whom she had, by the shrewd. and this trio, attended by Tamira ness of her observations and the sa. and the youth, continued at table gacity of her interrogatories in his perhaps fifty times as long as the profession, both piqued and puzzled, Ari ysician to the grand lamaliciously calculated the period in ma, who wrote the gr'den book in which she had been acquiring this praise of abstinence, would have alexperience ; he found that forty-six lowed. years had passed since the event In this hour of conviviality, the which the obelisk recorded ; which, minds of all the parties expanded : added to the age she was when she Nadir discerned that his young friend came into the possession of his fa- had genius and learning sufficient to ther, fixed her's at near seventy. qualif, hton for any situation ; Abud

Tamira, however she might have wondered what could induce him to acquired her medical skill, must, appear as a faquir, and agreed that from the frugality of the board of he should become his inmate; Ta. Nadir, have certainly become a mira, while she was amazed at his cook by inspiration or intuition. temperance with all those good But, no matter to what or whom she things before him, admired him for was obliged for her culinary science, his beauty and generosity; and the it is certain that she was one of the young slave, who had busied himself, best cooks in Ispahan. Of this slie with the fruit and sweetmeats,

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