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« Omar !” exclaimed Mirza (the abandoned, Zulima, a youth of tho youth was on his knees), " when name of Ismael, the son of a jeweldid you arrive ?"

ler at Bagnagar, the capital of Gol. « Past the midnight hour !” said conda, where our army once was Omar, rising. « The officer who stationed !” guards the postern, to whom I am “I know the place well,” said well known, offered to admit me, Omar. and my eagerness to receive the “This," cried Nadir, " is too blessing of my father induced me to much.” avail myself of his friendly indul. « Too much, villain !" continued gence. But what do I see? What Mirza; “it is, indeed, too much! is the meaning of these emotions ? My heart, oh Omar! was suspend. My sister! is she well? If any one ed by two chords, yourself and sishas injured the person or family of ter. One of these is broken ; for Mirza, my scymitar is ready to know, my son! that this Ismael ! revenge it !"

(what torture shall he not endure !). « Let all the slaves leave the this wretch is now with Zulima ! room!” cried Mirza ; which or. he has passed the whole night in her der was instantly obeyed. He apartment!" then continued: “I have, my son, - “ Can this be possible?” said received an injury which absorbs Omar. every other sensation, and hinders “No!" returned Nadir, “it canme even from feeling as I ought the not be possible ! it is not true! I re. blessing of your return in safety. verence and honour the noble Mir, Every emotion of joy and thankful. za! I have for him the most lively ness which this indulgence of our sensations of gratitude ! sensations prophet ought to excite, is sunk in which even his violence this night my bosom, is repressed by reflection cannot efface ! I feel also for my upon the horror of the present mo- own honour for the honour of my ment. Behold that man! that apo profession ; and I do aver and prothecary! that indigent wretch! claim, that all he has said of me is whom, in opposition to the faculty of false! I have never but once, and Ispahan, I have made a doctor !” then in the ebullition of grief and

is What of him?” said Omar. passion, mentioned to Ismael the

« Every thing that is vile and name of Zulima. Nay, more, exwicked! Zulima! the lovely Zuli- cept to him, upon that one interest. ma! your sister, was distracted, ing occasion, I have never suffered and he administered to her. I pla- the name of my lovely patient to esced the greatest confidence in him, cape my lips at home; nor have I but he abused it. How? you are ever, till this moment, acquainted prepared to ask. Horrid as the you, her father, with my suspicions accusation is, I will inform you. of the source of her disorder, which, This caitiff, forgetful of the obliga- from the transactions of this night, tions which he had to me, and in de. I should judge to be a family malafiance of the decrees of our holy dy. However, I have, oh Mirza ! prophet, and the customs of our but one course to pursue. The idea country, has introduced a man into of Ismael being with Zulima is too my haram !"

absurd and extravagant to deserve Who did this?"«exclaimed Na. an answer. But I must acquaint dir, in the utmost astonishment. you, and I am glad that Omar is

« Bold and detestable wretch !” present to hear me, that although exclaimed Mirza, “thou didst this! neither so high-born nor rich, I am Oh, noble Omar! this vile mis- as tenacious of my honour as any creant! (I blush even when I in- omrah or prince ir Persia; as form my son), this contemner and proud, if exquisite sensibility be contaminator of virtue ! has intro. pride, as yourself. To-morrow I duced to the lovely, but lost and shall, as far as it is in my power, re. turn the favours I have received let contention cease. The hour will from you, and descend into that hum. soon arrive when it will be allowa. ble station of life from which I have ble for us to visit the apartments of emerged, and for which, perhaps, Zulima. In the mean time we will my talents only are calculated.” sit together ; because, as I under.

What is the name of the father stand we mutually suspect, we shall of Ismael ?" said Omar.

be a mutual guard upon each other. “ I have never been informed," I take it for granted, that if this Is. returned Nadir.

mael is in the haram he cannot es. “ Lives he in the kingdom of Gol. cape.” conda?"

No! that I have taken care of, “ At Bagnagar, the capital.” unless he sinks into the earth,” said

“And is this youth now with Zu. Mirza. lima ?

The apartments of Persian wo* Yes !” said Mirza, « he is !" men of the higher class are always « No!” cried Nadir, “ he is not !” approached, even by their nearest

I affirm the charge !” cried the relations, with deference and reformer.

spect. “ And I, more jealous of the ho. The triumvirate (whom we stated nour of Zulima than her parent, to above as determined to pay a visit tally deny the accusation," said the to the lovely Zulima) could scarce. latter.

ly agreo upon the mode in which it “ These contradictions," observ. should be conducted Dr. Nadir ed Omar, “ are only to be recon- wished first to feel the pulse of his ciled by our having an interview patient : to this her father (for rea. with Zulima. Her father, brother, sons before stated) strongly objected. and physician, are privileged per- Omar, then, had a desire to have sons, and may enter the haram.” some private conversation with her:

" Let us go instantly !" cried but to this the learned physician, Mirza.

who conceived himself injured by “ By no means !” said Nadir : Mirza's suspicions, would not con. “I know the state of my patient's sent. The father then desired that health, and am fearful that the sure he might be announced : but this prize of seeing her brother, and the the son and the doctor, who dreaded shock of the accusation her father the effect of his violence upon the seems ready to urge against her, tender frame of the invalid, also should produce a permanent de- strongly objected to. At last it was rangement."

determined that they should all visit " This is all a subterfuge, my her together; and the venerable dear Omar !" said Mirza. “ This Tamas was employed to intimate wretch knows his guilt, and only the same. wants to amuse us until the youth “ We shall soon see that the escapes !"

'blushing culprit will either sink to “As little accustomed to subter the ground, or into the arms of her fuge as yourself, oh Mirza !” said paramour," said Mirza. Nadir," while I despise, I retort. At this instant they entered the the accusation. My conduct is, I apartment. Zulima, seated on a hope, guided by more exalted mo. sofa of white satin, appeared per. tives than you have attributed to it; fectly composed, until her eyes enand I conceive, that the inind which countered those of Omar, who had could be influenced by such mean lingered behind. She flew into his suspicions, must be equally warped arms in an instant, saying, “ My and contracted.”

dear, dear brother, returned in safe“ My noble father ! and you, oh ty! What a happiness is this! learned doctor !” cried Omar, “ as When did you arrive?this is a case capable of being prov. “Since midnight, my lovely Zuli. ed by acular demonstration, here ma!" replied Omar.

« My father too !" cried Zulima, urge an answer to a question in attempting to take the hand of Mir- which, it seems, my honour is imza. « But why, my lord ! do you, plicated, I shall answer it with the for the first time, shrink from my same candour and veracity that I touch, or avert your eyes from me?" have observed through life.”

« Because," replied Mirza, « Ah! it is easily answered !" 66 they are too honest to look upon cried Nadir : “ Ismael, I have no vice and disobedience without emo- doubt, is at my house !” tions of disgust, however it may, “ You are mistaken!” rejoined with respect to the object, be blend. Mirza; “ for he has not been at ed with pity."

home all night !” " This to me !!' cried Zulima, « Then," added Nadir, « he has 66 who never, except in my moments set out for Golconda !”. of indisposition, have given occasion “ You are again mistaken with for the smallest uneasiness! What respect to the person you call Isdoes my noble father mean? Oh, mael !” continued Zulima with Omar ! Oh, my more than physi great animation : “ that person, oh cian, my friend Nadir ! why do you brother! is in the next room !" all look so strange upon me? Per “I knew that !” cried Mirza : fectly innocent, even in thought, I take away this hardened, this imcannot bear suspicion ! Inform me, penetrable wretch ! this dog ! this while the little reason which I have doctor! this pander to the vices of remains, in what I have erred, and a disolute child! this villain ! who I will love and venerate the moni introduced Ismael into the haram ! tor!”

" You are mistaken, oh noble fa. “ Lovely, interesting Zulima !!! ther!" exclaimed Zulima, throwing exclaimed Omar, embracing her. herself betwixt them: “ Nadir is

" This must go no further !" as innocent as he is honourable ! he cried Nadir: “ I will not answer knew nothing of my meeting with for the sanity of my patient if she is Ismael!" so harassed."

« And passing the whole night · "I value her honour more than with him!” cried Mirza. “Oh, inher health," said Mirza, sternly : dignant Alla! What! does all this " therefore, Omar, disclose to this guilt devolve upon the head of my vile hypocrite the motive of our vi- once darling daughter? But," he sit!”

continued, catching her by the hair, “ One question,” added Omar, “I will take instant vengeance !* ** 66 will ease all our hearts; Where, " Not of my sister alone !" added my lovely sister ! is Ismael? Nay, Omar, interfering: 6 let me first start not! Where, I repeat, is Is. drag forth her paramour !" mael?”

" There is no occasion to drag « How should she know ?” cried him forth!” cried Ismael, advancing: Nadir.

« Zulima is innocent! Good Hea. “ Confederate, or rather princi. ven! what do I see? Omar * * *" pal in her guilt, I command you to Omar had drawn his scymitar, and be silent !” exclaimed Mirza. was advancing, when Ismael fainted

Zulima'had in the interim sunk in the arms of the doctor. The scyupon the sofa.

mitar dropped from his hand, when Oh, Alla !" cried Omar, Nadir, who had opened his bosom < must I once more to my sister re- to give him air, exclaimed, “ A wo. peat my question ?"

man !" “ They will drive her distracted!” “Fatima !” cried Omarsaid Nadir.

66 Is dead, for what I know to “ Silence, wretch !" exclaimed the contrary !" cried the doctor.

“ Dead ! cried Omar, “ impos“ Since,” said Zulima, “ my ve. sible !" nerable father and beloved brother. “ Dead !” said Zulima, running

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to her: “no! my lovely friend will and, above all these, one of the soon recover!"

proudest men upon the earth, gave “ She must, then, have more air the young soldier a peremptory than you are inclined to afford her!" refusal. He bad designed his daugh. said Nadir.

ter to become the bride of the grand “ What is all this?" cried Mirza. cheik of Mecca; a prince not more “ Is my daughter innocent."

than two years older than himself, « Did I not tell you she was ?" but at the same time infinitely richcontinued Nadir: none but a er. He therefore considered the madman could have thought other. Persian youth, who had spoken with wise. However, I will prescribe to modesty of his family, as greatly inyou presently : in the mean time, ferior to this venerable person ; and let the female attendants of Zulima that, as a son-in-law, there was no be summoned. How came you here comparison betwixt them. among them, Tamira? Had you Disappointed in this, his ardent heard of Ismael?”

hope, Omar endeavoured to obtain « Certainly! I introduced him a removal, just at the time when, into this haram : Tangra assisted. fortunately for him, the army was

“ How did you dare, Tangra ?" ordered to parch to another post, said Mirza.

but unfortunately for Fatima, who « Because Tamira informed me thus lost one lover before the other of her sex !"

made his appearance. However, he « Which," continued Tamira, soon after arrived with a retinue “ I discovered before I visited the which, as it verified the old proverb, faquir at the house of Abud! that large and heavy bodies move

I now," added Nadir, " under slow, may serve as an excuse for stand the whole of the scheme." that delay which might otherwise

“ This seems to be a good sensi- have been imputed, by those who ble old woman!" said Mirza. had never seen Fatima, to want of

“ Yes !” said Nadir ; "and I now ardour in her intended. will allow that, in this case, she has When Cupid borrowed the chaproved a better physician than my. riot of Psyche, to pay a few occaself!"

sional visits, he used to be drawn The attention of the learned doc, by her cattle, which were butter. tor, and still more that of Omar, fies. Venus sometimes had dolsoon restored the health of Fatima. phins, and sometimes doves, yoked

It appears from the work so often to her carriage, according to the referred to, that the son of Mirza element upon which she meant to had (in consequence of a detach- make her excursion. How these ment from the Persian army being animals performed, or with what ordered to march to the relief of celerity they either swam or flew, the Indian princes, then pressed on it is not necessary to enquire. We all sides by the European powers) think their vehicles got over the been stationed with his regiment to ground, or through the sea, or the guard the capital of Golconda. In air, with more celerity than that of the mansion of her father, the rajah the grand cheik of Mecca, which, Gopal, he first saw the beautiful we understand, was drawn by Fatima : for the Indian were then dromedaries, while his out-riders far less secluded than the Persian were mounted upon elephants. women. A few interviews inspired Since the entry into Babylon, no these young persons with a mutual cavalcade had been more brilliant ; passion. Fatima agreed that Omar since the entry into Babylon, no cashould endeavour to obtain the con- valcade has moved slower. Howsent of her father ; but, alas! Go- ever, quick or slow, his eminence pal, the descendant of Jehan Guier, arrived at last. The equipage of the heir to the kingdom of Dulta. his intended son-in-law, which reabat, the lord of a diamond mine, lized even all the visionary schemes and ideas of Gopal respecting im. On the appointed morning, the portance and grandeur, was the ad- sun had scarcely begun to gild the miration of all Bagnagar, as it had tops of the pavilions of the great been of the countries through which pagod of Bagnagar, before the cheik it had passed. Nor was the person of Mecca, with an immense and of the grand cheik less so; for he splendid retinue, was at the gate of was reckoned one of the most solemn Gopal to demand his bride. A and gravest men in Arabia. He flourish of trumpets announced his also was supposed to be the happy arrival. The portals were thrown and distinguished possessor of the open, and he, with becoming gravi. longest beard which that country, ty marched through the alabaster famous for these excrescences, had hall to apartments which seemed, ever produced, since the days of their by their brilliancy, intended to exholy prophet.

i hibit specimens of the diamond Fatima, before her passion for mine of which their owner was Omar had affected her spirits, had lord. Here the well-bearded bridebeen esteemed one of the liveliest groom was greeted with a concert virgins in Golconda ; and since her of the finest music. Mirgamola, intimacy with that youth (whose the grand vizier, soon after arrived. chin was as smooth as that of the The happy Gopal had enough to emperor Adrian), had conceived a do to welcome his guests. When most unconquerable aversion to they were seated, a superb curtain beards of every description. How of green and gold flew up to a flouwere these contrarieties to be re- rish of trumpets, and discovered conciled?

the mufti upon a throne, attended The cheik, who had not deigned by the moullahs, and surrounded by to consult her upon the subject of the relations of both families. their nuptials, because that was not In fact, every thing was prepared an Arabian custom, pressed this for celebration and consummation, matter forward with her father. except the bride. The lovely FatiGopal, always inclined to think, up. ma (it was, after much investigaon account of his learning, his rich- tion, discovered) was missing ; and es, and other contingencies attached no search, though it was persevered to him, of which his beard was not in with much industry, could recothe least, that this was a most desi. ver her. rable match, was perfectly eager The confusion which this event for it when his genealogy arrived created will easily be suggested. from Mecca, as in this roll, which The cheik, the mufti, the grand viloaded a camel, he discovered that zier, and the lord of the diamond his intended son-in-law was of a bet. mine, all agreed that she had elopter family than even himself, being ed, but all differed as to the motives descended from Mahomet by a line which induced her to do so, the as straight as the golden chain which means by which she executed her depends from the first heaven to design, the time when she left the drag the souls of faithful mussulmans palace, and the place to which she up to the chrystal steps of Paradise. had retreated.

This, had stimulatives been want. The Arabians (who derive their ing, would have been an additional fondness for logic from the learned stimulus to the father of Fatima. Sergius, the associate of the ignoHe, that very evening, mentioned rant Mahomet) are prodigious disthis arrangement to the monarch, putants ; but the Golcondians (who and also to Mirgamola, the grand owe this useful science to the inspi. vizier. The consent of the former ration of Brumma himself) are still was obtained; and the latter promis- greater; consequently the arguments ed to attend the marriage ceremo- upon this interesting subject were py, the celebration of which was misconducted with a warmth which fixed at the distance of two days. caused the parties concerned to part

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